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Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.

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Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.

Whether or not you suffered from acne yourself (and suffered is very
definitely the right word), I am certain that you are familiar with the
In fact, as some experts suggest that 80% of teenagers
suffer from acne, it would be impossible not to be slightly familiar with
the condition, even of you are one of the fortunate few that did not
suffer acne yourself.
As there are for any medical condition that can scar and disfigure
(both physically and mentally), there are lots of acne treatments and
medicines on the market that are claimed to be ‘the cure’.
Unfortunately, while some treatments are certainly capable of
alleviating and offsetting the worst effects of the condition, there is no
one ‘cure’ for acne, simply because there is no one single root cause.
Indeed, there are even several different forms of acne, although some
would consider them all to be different stages of the same condition.
Nevertheless, the point is that with such a range of different acne
‘types’, the chances of there being one cure-all are extremely remote.
Not everything is bad news, however.
There are certainly things that can be done and changes that can be
made that will help reduce the severity of your acne if you are a
While it would not be fair to suggest that doing these things will
definitely get rid of your problem permanent basis, they will definitely
help, and that is undoubtedly going to be a step in the right direction
for any acne sufferer.
The best thing is that many of the things that you can do and the
steps that you can take to reduce the severity of your acne are entirely
natural and do not involve the use of invasive pharmaceuticals or
drugs, although creams, lotions and other medicines that are
prescribed by your medical attendant are also a help.
Let us begin our investigation into how you can best treat your acne
problem in a natural way by looking at the importance of your body’s
single largest organ – the skin.
Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.
What your skin does

Your skin is not just the ‘case’ that stops the rest of your body leaking
Indeed, the skin is in fact the largest organ of the human body. Of
course, everyone wants their skin to stay looking clear and healthy,
so the onset of acne can be a terrible shock.
The skin is a complex and highly dynamic ‘cover’ for your body, one
that is literally changing every second of the day as skin cells die, only
to be replaced by new ones in a permanently revolving cycle of old life
being rejuvenated by new.
Most importantly, your skin reflects your general state of health, and
protects you against the invasion of foreign infections and toxins.
It also allows the body to pass the toxins that inevitably congregate
inside it to be passed to the outside safely and efficiently. So, your
skin is definitely worthy of a great deal of care and attention.
However, no matter how much care and attention you lavish upon
your skin, it is virtually impossible to entirely prevent the onset of
acne if you are predisposed to the condition in some way.
That doesn’t mean that you are entirely powerless in the
fight against this debilitating and harmful medical condition.
Let’s take a closer look at the various types or stages of acne that
people suffer from, before addressing what they you do about fighting
back against it.
Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.
The five stages of acne

Acne vulgaris
This is the most common form of acne, can range in severity from mild
to relatively serious, and affect people of all ages. It is most commonly
seen in teenagers at the time of puberty, when the bodily and
hormonal changes that they are going through create imbalances that
are the root cause of acne.
However, it is important to distinguish between having a few spots or
pimples and acne vulgaris. The former is the kind of thing that will
happen to everybody from time to time throughout their lives as result
of the general stresses and strains of everyday life, whereas the latter
can involve several different types of sores, lesions or skin blemishes:
• Whiteheads – closed and clogged skin pores
• Blackheads – clogged pores that are open to dirt at the skin
• Papules – reddened areas that are prominent and raised above
the skin surface.
• Pustules – pimples or small bumps on the surface of the skin
that generally contain pus.
In more severe cases of acne vulgaris, the sufferer may develop cysts
or nodules that are both painful and filled with pus. These are the kind
of lesions that most commonly cause life time scarring if not treated
with care and attention.
Acne rosacea
This form of acne generally appears as red rashes that form between
the pimples and other blemishes that are most common to acne
vulgaris sufferers. This particular condition is more commonly seen in
men than in women, and can require specialized treatment and care if
it becomes too severe.
Acne conglobata
This is a more severe condition than the last one, as it generally
occurs as interconnected sores or lesions that are dotted with
blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and pimples. Once your acne
condition reaches this stage, it will almost certainly need medical
attention, because without it, scarring (which can be mild to severe)
will inevitably occur.
Acme fulminans
This is very similar in etymology to acne conglobata, except that the
onset of acne fulminans is generally very sudden. In this particular
scenario, which is again more common in males than females, it is
even possible for the muscles and joints of the body to ache at the
same time as the acne breaks out.
Generally speaking, medical attention is necessary once the acne
reaches this stage, most commonly with the drug Accutane.
This is a very effective drug that is widely used in the treatment of
acne, but it does have some fairly severe side effects of which you need to
be aware.
Pregnant women especially should be extremely careful when taking
Accutane (Isotretinoin) which is a naturally occurring Vitamin A
derivative that is present in the blood stream.
We will look at Accutane, its effectiveness and side effects in a little
more detail later.
Pyroderma faciale
This is a condition that is generally seen in women aged 20 to 40 years
old, and can be quite severe. It often involves the presence of painful
nodules, sores and pustules that will certainly lead to scarring in the
future if not dealt with in the correct way. The good news, however,
is that this condition will rarely last for more than a year.
Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.
What and why?
Common causes of acne

I always wanted to know why I had acne and other people do not.
Worldwide, 60 million people suffer like I did.
I did some research and talked to my doctor to find the most common causes
of acne.
• Hormones: The number one cause of acne is the production of sex
hormones, known as androgen, that begins at puberty. This is why majority
of acne sufferers are adolescents and teens. Hormones are responsible for
then acne flare-ups during menstruation and pregnancy.
• When the sebaceous gland is stimulated by androgens, it produces
extra sebum. In its journey up the follicle toward the surface, the sebum
mixes with common skin bacteria and dead skin cells that have been shed
from the lining of the follicle. While this process is normal, the presence of
extra sebum in the follicle increases the chances of clogging — and acne.
• Stress: can also cause the production of hormones, such as cortisol,
which can aggravate acne. Stress brings upon different hormone levels. With
hormone changes the body prompts the skins oil glands to enlarge, secreting
more oil. Which causes white heads, black heads and pimples.
• Oily or heavy make up: Heavy make-up clogs the pores and oily
make-ups add more oil, which only adds to the problem if oily skin already
exists. Cosmetics, especially certain moisturizers, foundations and pomades
contain lanolin, petrolatum, vegetable oils, butyl stearate, lauryl alcohol and
oleic acid.
• Certain medications and steroids: Vitamins are good for your body,
But an excess of vitamins B1, B6 and B12 can cause acne flare-ups. These
vitamins are good for the skin, but avoid overuse.
• Diets: For some people, a diet that is high in refined carbohydrates
and sugars can actually aggravate their acne.
• Over abrasive cleansing: Harsh exfoliators can damage skin and
spread infections.
• Picking and squeezing: This can actually send the infection deeper into
the skin and can cause scarring.
• Environmental irritants: such as high humidity and pollution. High
humidity actually causes swelling of skin. Pollution is of course is a big cause
for clogging your pores.
• Genes: Family members who are also acne sufferers. Acne is inherited
and severe cases known as cystic acne usually come from heredity.
Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.
What is your acne telling you?

Crazy as it may sound, some experts will tell you that your acne is a
good thing, and viewed in a certain way or from a particular angle,
they may have a point.
Acne is telling you that your body has a hormonal imbalance that
needs to be addressed, and that if it is not dealt with, this could lead
to other problems that will come back to haunt you later. For example,
hormonal imbalance can be the cause of premature hair loss and even
prostate problems, the latter of which can be a very serious condition.
Throughout your life, the glands of your body will produce a huge
number and range of different hormones, each of which has a specific
job within your body. Sometimes this job needs to be done, while at
other times it is not so important, and thus the hormones that were
produced to perform this particular bodily function are not actually
They are, in effect, excess hormones that your body produced ‘just in
case’ they are needed.
If, on the other hand, the hormones are ‘used’ or ‘spent’, they still
Leave behind some traces, and that residue needs to be cleared from the
body if
it is not to become toxic.
Under most normal circumstances, the liver
is more that capable of dealing with these excess hormones and the
residue left behind by these hormones.
But there are times when the body is under additional stress and strain,
And the liver is incapable of dealing effectively with these excess
Hormones. And this is PRECISELY the time we become more susceptible to
an Acne Flare Up.
A prime example of this is during adolescence, which is a time of tremendous
growth and change,
so the liver is too ‘busy’ doing other things to deal with the excess hormones
being produced. Thus, the acne flare up.
Pretty much the same thing happens to women during their monthly cycle or
…surprise, surprise during menopause. Even women who normally have
clear skins, complain of the odd zit during this time.
Of course, if this hormonal imbalance was the sole cause of acne, then
everyone would suffer from acne, and as that is clearly is not the case,
there must be something else going on as well.
This is where hereditary factors and a poor or imbalanced diet come
into the picture.
Another contributing factor to an Acne Flare Up are the ‘bad’ fats and oils
that most people
consume as part of their daily diet (to be discussed in more detail in a
later chapter).
At times when the body is most under strain, the liver simply isn’t
capable of processing and metabolizing all of the fats and oils that we
This creates the perfect internal condition for a flare up of acne. .
Before looking at diet, however, let us look at a few of the most
important general acne avoidance tips and suggestions.
Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.
Simple acne reduction tips

There are quite a few things that you can do on a daily basis that will
help you to avoid or at least reduce the severity of your acne.
Here is a short list of the most quick and easy acne
reduction suggestions:
• You must use only a chemical free skin cleansing solution, and
this is what you must clean your skin with every day. By doing
the job correctly in this way, you can effectively prevent new
skin lesions and blemishes from being formed in the first place.
In fact, cleansing your skin thoroughly but gently in this manner
is one of the most effective things you can do to move towards
having a healthy, acne free complexion. Clear Pores is a good choice.
• Do everything that you can to avoid either your hands touching
or your hair falling onto any acne affected areas of our skin. Both
your hands and your hair carry dirt and oils that can clog your pores and
encourage the bacteria that causes the acne blemishes to
develop and grow.
• I know this one is tough, but Do not scratch or pick at your acne! This will
encourage the
transfer of dirt and oils into the wounds that you have irritated
or opened, and cause deeper (and often more painful)
acne lesions which are far more likely to cause scarring.
Do not be tempted to squeeze blackheads or whiteheads that
have formed as a result of your acne for exactly the same
• Change your bedding, especially the pillow covers, every day.
There will be a residue of dirt, germs and bacteria left on your
pillow and sheets every morning, and if you do not change them,
you risk these being passed back onto your skin, blocking your
pores in the process.
• Avoid using make-up while suffering from acne. Most commercial
make-up is made using lots of waxes and oils, and these will
naturally block the pores of your skin, making your acne
considerably worse. Furthermore, make-up may contain a
chemical substance known as benzoyl peroxide, and this is
something that can further irritate your skin (although, curiously
enough, it is used in many commercial acne treatments as well).
Using make-up when suffering from acne is just asking for
trouble, so don’t do it.
Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.
Changing your diet

One of the first things that you should consider when attempting to
reduce or get rid of your acne is your diet, the things that you eat and
drink every day.
As the old cliché goes, you really are what you eat, and so if your diet
is poor, then you cannot expect to be entirely healthy either. Your
acne problem will certainly not be improved by a diet that is centered
around the consumption of the wrong foodstuffs and liquids.
Here is a list of dietary considerations that may help to alleviate your
acne problems in an entirely natural and healthy manner:
• Drink lots of water: Water is essential for healthy, supple and
young looking skin, and has long been known to be one of the
most effective treatments for any kind of adverse skin condition.
This is partially because of its slightly alkaline nature (pH 7.3)
and also the fact that it naturally prevents dehydration which can
be a cause of the sebaceous glands over-producing oil and
sebum. Basically, your skin needs plenty of water to function
most efficiently, and for this reason, most dermatologists and
other skin care specialists recommend a minimum water intake
of between six and eight glasses every day.
• Cut out the wrong fats: Everyone knows that the average
Western diet is far too rich in all the wrong types of fats and oils.
With the prevalence of deep fried and ‘fast’ food, the average
diet that the modern teenager consumes is a natural aid to any
acne problems that they may suffer.
That is not to say that all fats are necessarily acne-friendly (as
we will see) but those that contain trans-fatty acids such as milk
and milk products, shortening and margarine certainly are. In
addition, artificially hydrogenated vegetable oils (which are what
are most commonly used to cook fried and fats food) should be
avoided, if possible.
While eating such fats does not necessarily cause acne, there is
no doubt that the fats that are contained in such food items as
ice cream, cheese, bacon and milk make the skin more prone to
The bottom line is that pimples and skin blemishes are at least
partially caused by poor diet and improper hygiene, and
consuming a diet that is rich in the wrong kind of fat and sugar
is simply asking for trouble!
• Polyunsaturated essential oils: These oils are called essential
because that is exactly what they are – necessary for a long and
healthy life. The most important are the
Omega-6 and Omega-3 oils.
As far as the health of your skin is concerned, it is the
Omega-6 essential oils that are most important. Oil rich fish and
fish-oil based food supplements like cod liver oil and other fish
oils are the richest source of these essential oils.
So, eating a couple of portions of fatty fish like salmon every
week will almost certainly help reduce acne related problems,
principally because both of the Omega essential oils (present in
salmon and other fish) are known to have marked antiinflammatory
If that is not possible, a daily dose of cod liver oil would be an
effective alternative.
• Raw vegetables: A skin friendly diet is one that emphasizes
eating raw or lightly cooked vegetables, especially those of the
leafy green variety that are rich in fiber as well as containing
essential trace minerals. You should also include complex
carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, rice and whole-grain
bread because these also add additional fiber to your diet, which
is important for keeping your system clean and free of
accumulated toxins.
Try to eat three healthy meals a day and avoid snacking, as this
is inevitably when you will turn to fatty or sugary foods.
Foods that are rich in vitamin A such as broccoli and apricots will
help keep acne at bay, as will lean red meat and whole grains,
as they are rich in zinc. However, do not overdo the vitamin A,
because, as suggested previously, your body will expel it
extremely slowly, and a build up of too much in your body can
be harmful as well.

Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.

Like it or not, a fat laden diet is not good for your health in general,
and will certainly not help you to deal with your acne problems.
A healthy, balanced diet that is rich in the kind of foods highlighted
above (especially raw vegetables) will, however, certainly help you.
When you make the switch, however, be prepared for a few days of
‘diet backlash’ as your system gets used to the new regimen. You may
find that you are noticeably more irritable than usual, and that you
suffer bouts of nausea and headaches.
That is your body purging itself of all the toxins and other harmful
substances that you have accumulated as a result of your previously
poor diet, so, once you have got over the first couple of days, the bad
feelings will soon disappear.
However, once your system is cleaned out in this way, and you switch
to your new healthier diet, you may find your skin lookin better than ever
You will also find that you have far more energy than you ever had
before and a marked improvement in mental clarity, so that you
become a more effective and productive individual too.
In addition, eating a diet that is based on raw and lightly cooked
vegetables as well as plenty of fish helps to slow the aging process
down, and should lead to a marked improvement in the general quality
of both your skin and your life!
And doing all of this just needs a simple change of diet – what could
be more natural than that?
Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.
The vitamin B5 theory

There is no doubt that some vitamins, minerals and dietary
supplements can help your fight against acne, although it is unlikely
that any are going to enable you to ‘cure’ it completely!
For example, as mentioned earlier, vitamin A can help your anti-acne
fight, and zinc also appears to have a very positive effect.
There are also some theories that acne is a result of a deficiency in
vitamin B5, based on the idea that your body needs this to help
metabolize the harmful fats in your diet.
The supporters of this theory suggest that in order to metabolize fats
properly, your body needs Coenzyme-A, which is also necessary for
the synthesis of hormones. Coenzyme-A is created within the body
from a combination of cysteine, adenosine triphosphate, and vitamin
B5 or pantothenic acid as it is otherwise known.
Of these three, the one that is most commonly lacking is vitamin B5,
and from this it follows that your body cannot make enough
Coenzyme-A to satisfy all of its requirements.
In this case, the metabolization of fats takes precedence over the
synthesis of hormones, and in this way, too many hormones remain
unsynthesized. So, there is a need (according to this theory) for
additional vitamin B5 to be taken in as a way of redressing the
The problem with this theory is that most proponents recommend
extremely high dosages of B5 in order for the plan to be effective, with
between 10 and 20 grams a day (note, that is grams, not milligrams)
being the most widely recommended dose. There are many reports
that, if taken in the dosages suggested, B5 is actually more harmful
than beneficial.
For example, several (albeit non-scientific) studies have indicated that
excessively large doses of B5 can lead to chronic fatigue, constant
headaches and a general inability for the body to heal itself in the
normal way.
The proponents of the theory counter-claim that, since B5 is a water
soluble vitamin, any unused excess will be secreted by the body, so
there is no risk involved. While this is true to a certain extent, the fact
is that the doses recommended by the supporters of the B5 theory are
just too high for this to happen in reality.
Your body simply does not have the capability of processing such
massive amounts of any vitamin that quickly, and so the B5 will
remain in your body long enough to cause the kind of problems that
seem to be most commonly associated with it.
Most importantly, it is important to understand that everything that
happens inside your body is about maintaining a healthy balance, and
that the more balanced your system is, the more healthy you are.
For example, your body needs both calcium and phosphorus to stay
healthy, but it needs them in balance with one another. Get the
balance wrong, and it is every bit as bad for you as not having them at
Too much phosphorus, for example, and your body will start leeching
calcium from your skeleton as a way of topping up your calcium store
to maintain the correct balance between the two. This will obviously
weaken your bones, making them far more susceptible to damage and
It is a similar story with vitamin B5. If you try to take in excessively
high levels of any particular B vitamin, your body will react by
attempting to leech all the other B vitamins out of your body to
maintain the correct balance.
So, your body ‘sucks up’ vitamins B3 and B6 from wherever it can find
them, for example, and as these are key vitamins for controlling and
regulating the levels of energy in your body, hence you get the feeling
of being permanently tired. So, it appears that the vitamin B5 theory
is simply not correct and that, if anything, taking vitamin B5 in the
dosage that are most commonly recommended by the supporters of
the theory is likely to be more dangerous than beneficial.
A much better and safer alternative is the Clear Pores Herbal Skin
Supplements that contain everything your body needs to healthy, glowing
Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.
Acne and zinc

I suggested earlier that zinc is effective for countering the worst
effects of acne, and that is perfectly true. However, that is not the full
story, and there are other considerations that you need to be aware
Zinc is extremely important to your body because it plays a critical role
in more than 300 enzymatic reactions that take place naturally.
It also is extremely important for the effective functioning of your
immune system, because without the correct amounts of zinc in your
system, several things can start to go wrong. For instance, your white
blood cell count drops dramatically and the production of what are
known as T-killer cells falls away drastically as well.
Both of these damage the immune system of your body, seriously
reducing your ability to fight disease and sickness. That is why zinc
can be used so effectively to reduce the duration and severity of
several common sicknesses, including the common cold, as well as
In an ideal world, all of the zinc that you need would be taken in as
part of your normal daily diet from such apparently zinc-rich foods as
fish, red meat, legumes, egg yolks, soy products and whole grains.
However, modern farming methods have managed to dramatically
reduce the amount of zinc that is actually present in most of these
things nowadays.
Zinc is a mineral that comes from the ground, and so for zinc to be
present in your food, it must have been present in the ground where
that food was grown (or, in the case of eggs and meat, in the feed that
was given to the hens or the beef cattle).
Modern farming methods (or more correctly, the fact that most land is
over-farmed nowadays) mean that this is not the case, so it is less and
less likely that you can get all of the zinc that you need to help fight
your acne from your daily diet.
However, you should not be discouraged from trying zinc as part of
your anti-acne diet, as it is one of the most effective tools against
acne, and supplementing your diet with additional zinc is pretty cheap
According to the majority of experts, the two types of zinc
supplements that seem to be most effective in the battle against acne
are Zinc gluconate and Zinc monomethionine (sometimes known as
Of these, most recommend the latter over the former, as it seems to
be the most effective form of zinc when it comes to strengthening your
immune system in the way that it needs, if it is to help in your fight.
You should also understand that there are such things as zinc
inhibitors - other things that you take in that can drastically reduce the
effectiveness of the zinc that you do ingest.
For example, zinc and copper will fight against one another in your
system for absorption in the gut, and copper almost always wins the
fight! So, if there is excess copper in your body, it does not matter
how much zinc you take in, it is not going to work.
If you drink tap water that is delivered through copper pipes, then
there will be trace elements of copper dumped into your system by
every glass of water that you drink. Similarly, birth control pills are
often rich in copper as well, so if you are taking them, it is far less
likely that zinc is going to help you fight acne, no matter how much
you are taking in.
If, therefore, you are supplementing your diet with zinc and seeing no
beneficial effects, it may well be that copper is winning the battle
between the two minerals inside your body, so you should perhaps
test for copper toxicity. The most accurate method for doing this is a
24-hour urine copper level test that can be carried out by your normal
medical attendant.
Testing for the levels of copper in your red blood cells may also work,
but testing for copper levels in a hair sample is going to be far less
reliable, because of the potential for external contamination.
If you can find someone who is skilled in a relatively unknown muscle
testing process called applied kinesiology, they should also be capable
of testing for excess levels of copper. In fact, this particular method of
testing is something that you can learn to apply yourself, with a little
practice, so it might be worth finding someone who can help you.
Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.
Homeopathic acne treatment

The idea behind all homeopathic medical treatments is that no
condition can or should be viewed in isolation, and that curing people
of anything is dependent on attacking the root cause of the problem at
the source. It is all about treating the whole person, making them
completely well in every way, rather than just attacking one medical
condition on its own in the way that a normal medical attendant would.
Furthermore, homeopathic treatment methods generally rely on
encouraging the body to heal itself, rather than using invasive
practices (such as surgery) or aggressive medicines and potions.
Adopting a homeopathic approach to the treatment of acne is
therefore an extremely safe and effective treatment option.
For this reason, it is easy to understand why there is growing
popularity for homeopathic acne solutions. While this method of
attacking acne enjoys variable levels of success – it works for some
people, but not for others (usually those who are most severely
affected) - this growing popularity is largely based on the fact that
there are few or indeed no side effects.
Using homeopathic methods to treat acne is no more likely to generate
immediate results than it is for any other medical condition.
Homeopathy is a form of treatment that takes time to work, and there
is no getting around that fact.
The advantage of homeopathy, however, is that addresses all medical
problems as symptoms rather than causes in themselves, and thus
takes into account all aspects of an individual’s health and general
wellness before coming up with answers. This is as true of
homeopathic treatment for acne as it is of any other condition, as acne
treatment using homeopathic methods primarily focuses on the root
cause of the condition rather than trying to treat the complaint at ‘skin
This is the reason why it is likely that a good homeopath may seem
concerned about other aspects of your life that are apparently totally
unconnected to your acne. They may, for example, ask about whether
you suffer from stress as a part of your daily routine, and of course, as
we have already established that your family history is an important
contributory factor, they will most likely query you about that as well.
They will most probably want to know about your life in general and all
about the environment that you work, live or study in, before he
decides on the best form of treatment for you.
He may prescribe some form of homeopathic medicine comprised of
naturally occurring compounds such as:
• graphite;
• silicea;
• hepar sulfuricum;
• calendula;
• kali brichomicum; or
• sulphur.
One point that you will often see raised by companies that make
conventional drugs and medicines is that homeopathic medicines
comprised of compounds and elements such as these have generally
not been subjected to extensive clinical and scientific testing. And,
while this is to a large extent true, it is a fact that certain homeopathic
‘cures’ do seem to have beneficial effects for many sufferers from acne
without any adverse side effects.
Homeopathy addresses acne as an outward sign or a manifestation
that there is a deeper problem that needs dealing with. For that
reason, you will never hear a homeopath prescribe ointments or
creams, because this is only tackling the problem at the most
superficial surface level, which is definitely not what homeopathy is all
The secret of homeopathy is that it adopts an entirely holistic
approach, and views the whole person (the patient) both inside and
out when they are seeking a cure or appropriate treatment for any
condition that you have. It is all about discovering the root of your
problems, rather than scratching at the surface. That is why it is
extremely unlikely that a homeopath will treat what is, for you, a
debilitating and scarring condition (both mentally and physically) as
just another case of a few pimples!
So, taking advantage of the services of a homeopath is a great option
for treating your acne, although you should accept that it is not going
to be successful in every case. Nevertheless, because homeopathy
targets the root cause of your acne, even if it does not cure it
completely, it is extremely unlikely to do you any harm, and there is
likely to be a complete lack of unpleasant side effects as well.
Best Acne Treatment To Get Rid Of Acne And Acne Scar:Acne Natural Cure.
Ayurverda and acne

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science which focuses on
explaining hundreds of different diseases together with their symptoms
and solutions based on what is known as Dosha theory.
It also emphasizes the importance in the general ‘wellness picture’ of
making lifestyle changes in response to illnesses and maladies.
Acne is defined as ‘Youvana pitikas’ in the terminology of Ayurvedic
medicine, which literally translates as ‘breakouts of youth’. And, while
Ayurveda has a theory of why acne happens that is related to the
youth of the sufferer, we are far more concerned with the solution or
cures that it puts forward, rather than with the reasons that devotees
of Ayurveda believe that acne occurs.
The fact is that Ayurvedic medicine suggests that healthy, strong skin
not only protects the body, but beautifies it as well, and it is for the
purposes of keeping the skin strong and healthy that Ayurveda
proposes many solutions for acne. Some of these are herbal, while
others are related to specific aspects of diet that are believed to
contribute to the conditions that cause acne.
For example, it is believed that a combination of extracts from the
following plants will form a highly effective treatment for acne and
other conditions that might be associated with it:
• Ikshu (Saccharumofficinarum);
• Guduchi (Tinospora cardifolia);
• Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula);
• Lajjalu (Sensitive plant);
• Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris L);
• Kumari (Aloe Vera); and
• Amalaki (Embelica officinalis).
And, when it comes to dietary considerations, it is believed that the
following guidelines should be followed as well:
• Consuming what Ayurveda considers to be ‘opposite foods’ at
the same meal must be avoided. For instance, fish and milk are
considered to be ‘opposite’ foods, as are pork and honey as well
as milk and bananas.
• Taking strenuous exercise followed by eating a heavy meal is to
be avoided, as is eating heavy foods that might cause
• Excessive consumption of sour and salty foods, plus those that
are relatively indigestible like radish or sesame is not good for
your acne either, according to Ayurveda.
In addition, devotees of Ayurvedic medicine believe that there are
additional steps that can be taken to lessen the severity of ‘breakouts
of youth’. These steps include:
• Regularly massaging the face using herbal oils that contain Aloe
Vera and gokshura;
• Creating a face pack containing other beneficial herbs and
applying it immediately after every massage.
It is widely claimed by the followers of Ayurvea that applying the
regimen of massage followed by a natural herbal face pack for seven
days will rid your skin of the pimples, pustules and lesions that are
endemic to acne, and also removes dark circles around the eyes.
The final belief of those that follow Ayurveda that you can use to help
your acne relies on the fact that they believe that your emotions play a
part in your acne problem as well. So, it is recommended that you
learn to control your emotions and feelings using both meditation and
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Chinese medicine for acne

Before looking at the specific way that traditional Chinese medicine
considers acne, it is probably worth looking in a little more detail at
Chine medicine and the theories behind it.
Doing so will enable you to better understand exactly where the
Chinese way of treating acne comes from.
The first thing to understand about traditional Chinese medicine is that
it is primarily focused on treating or curing patients with natural herbal
medicines and other techniques such as acupuncture.
The theory is that there are two indispensable forces that affect the
health and wellness of people, these being the Yin (female) and Yang
(male). With reference to these two points of focus, all diseases,
sicknesses and maladies are considered to be an external
manifestation of an unhealthy imbalance between the two forces.
Therefore, it is the job of a doctor who practices traditional Chinese
medicine to restore the necessary balance using medicines that are
created from different traditional herbs and plant matter.
Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine further believe that there
are they call the ‘six external environmental forces’ and that a
imbalance between these is what causes most sicknesses and disease,
including acne. These six environmental forces are:
• Heat and summer heat;
• Wind;
• Cold;
• Dryness;
• Fire;
• Dampness.
It is suggested that an imbalance between these six forces is what
causes acne, and so different herbal remedies are recommended for
different types of imbalances.
The herbs that are used in traditional Chinese medicine are then
divided into four herb ‘groups’, each of which is believed to have a
specific bodily benefit. The particular benefits of each of these four
herb ‘groups’ are:
• Supplementing the strength, or strengthening the body;
• Consolidating or redistributing qi (vitality or energy) as well as
vital liquids such as blood around the body;
• Dispersing or circulating qi and fluids, to relieve the
accumulation of heat, cold, or dampness from various bodily
• Purging harmful waste matter from the body to relieve
conditions caused by congestion in the body or an excess, and
sometimes to eliminate toxins as well.
As far as acne is concerned, Chinese medicine usually considers it to
be a result of the environmental force of heat and an excess build up
of it inside the body of the acne sufferer.
In other words, it is believed that too much heat in various parts of the
body is directly responsible for the outbreak or acne. So, it follows that
potions made from herbs that can dissipate what is considered to be
an unhealthy build up of internal heat, at the same time as purging
toxins from the body, are those that are usually given to acne
Building a little further on the notion of acne being caused by heat
inside the body, it is suggested by traditional Chinese herbalists that
there are two different parts of the body where the heat forms that
produce acne.
These are:
• Heat within the lungs;
• Heat that builds up in the stomach and large intestine (known as
Yang Ming).
It is believed that an excess of heat that is in the lungs pushes the
toxins from that area of the body onto the skin surface, and it is build
up of surface toxins that eventually causes acne.
Alternatively, the second heat build up is in the stomach and intestine,
caused by too much rich, fatty of spicy foods. This again generates
toxins that are passed to the skin surface causing acne to break out as
a direct result.
Chinese herbal acne ‘recipes’
Many traditional Chinese doctors recommend the following three
formulas for the acne removal. In all three cases, combine the
ingredients together and boil until all of the ingredients have been
Loquat leaf extract
15g Loquat leaf;
15g Dried rehmannia root;
15g Scrophularia root;
9g Mulberry bark;
9g Scutellaria root;
9g Coptis root;
9g Capejasmine fruit;
9g Red peony root;
9g Moutan bark;
9g Forsythia fruit;
9g Prunella spike;
9g White chrysanthemum flower.
Six drugs with additional ingredients
15g Honeysuckle flower;
15g Dandelion flower;
15g Chinese violet;
15g Chrysanthemum flower;
15g Forsythia fruit;
15g Dried rehmannia root;
9g Scutellaria root;
9g Moutan bark;
9g Tangerine seed;
9g Loquat leaf;
9g Platycodon root;
6g Licorice root.
Iangerines, oranges and safflower
9g Tangerine peel;
9g Pinellia tuber;
9g Poria;
9g Nutgrass flatsedge;
9g Zhejiang fritillaria bulb;
9g Orange kernel;
9g Safflower;
9g Red sage root;
9g Chinese angelica root;
9g Scutellaria root;
9g Forsythia fruit;
9g Loquat leaf;
6g Licorice root.
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Garlic, lemons and potatoes

Although some people may find it hard to believe, there are many
everyday foods that can help with your acne in addition to
those that you include in your new healthier diet.
For example, one of
the best home remedies that you can adapt to combat your acne is
fresh garlic. All that needs to be done is to rub it four times a day on
the areas of your skin that are most badly affected by your acne. Sure,
it might not make you smell too good, but you are hardly likely to go
out in public with garlic essence spread on your face, are you?
However, if you do this each and every day for a couple of weeks, then
you are likely to see a significant improvement in the severity of the
acne that you are suffering.
In a similar manner, a combination of lemon juice and rose water can
be very effective. Mix equal quantities of the two ingredients together
and apply the mix to the infected areas. Leave the mix in place for
around half an hour, and then simply wash it off using only warm
water. Do this a few times a day for two weeks or so and you should
start noticing that your acne will die down considerably.
You can try to use lemon juice on its own to attack your acne in a
slightly different way. You take the freshly squeezed lemon (or orange)
juice and apply it to a cotton pad. Leave it on the affected skin areas
for 20-30 minutes and then wash the juice off with warm water.
In all of these examples, the vitamins in the food stuff being applied to
the acne affected area are good for your skin. They also dry the skin
out, which helps to remove the sebum that is a necessary for the
formation of the whiteheads, blackheads and lesions that are the bane
of the life of every acne sufferer.
Believe it or not, even the humble potato can help keep your acne
problem at bay! Cut a raw potato in half and apply the flat, cut portion
onto your skin. The potato is rich in vitamins, and these help to
improve the overall condition of your skin. In addition, the alkaline
nature of potatoes helps by breaking down the bacteria which have
congregated in your pores, thus making it less likely that new acne
blemishes will form later.
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Herbal remedies to be applied

Not all natural herbal remedies are to be taken internally, although all
of the Chinese medicines that we looked at earlier are. Another one
that is taken by mouth is one which can help pre-empt the skin
inflammation that is most commonly associated with acne. This is
made up of equal proportions of herbal extracts taken from
sarsaparilla, cleavers, yellow dock and burdock root.
These herbs are thought to be strong blood and lymph cleansing
agents, and half a teaspoon of this blend three times every day should
have a beneficial effect, especially when it is combined with a healthy
diet such as that we looked at in a previous chapter.
Other natural herbal treatments can be used as creams and potions
that are applied to the effected areas of the skin as a way of reducing
the acne-induced inflammation.
This is a particularly effective tactic when combined with the
application of a warm compress to the skin beforehand, as this serves
to open the skin pores, which gives the herbal remedy the best chance
of working its healing powers on the affected skin area.
We have already suggested that garlic, lemon juice and potatoes
applied to the skin can help in reducing the worst effects of acne.
There are a few more commonly used herbal acne remedies, although
it should be noted that the effectiveness of using these treatments
varies from person to person, and will depend to at least some extent
on the severity of the acne that the sufferer has.
The worse the condition is, the more draconian and aggressive the
method of treatment adopted is probably going to have to be. Using
herbal remedies could never be described as aggressive, and so, while
they all merit trying (there is nothing to lose, after all, as there are no
side effects), there is no guarantee that they will work in any
individual case.
Red clover root can be applied to infected skin areas because it
exhibits certain steroidal properties, which means that it is very
effective for reducing swelling and inflammation. In a similar fashion,
poke root and echinacea are sought after because of their antiinflammatory
characteristics, as are raw papaya and fresh mint.
All of these are effective antidotes to the inflammation and swellings
caused by acne.
Other combinations of herbs that can be externally applied to affected
areas after the application of a warm compress which are known to
work well for some people are:
• ground orange peel in water;
• nutmeg powder with fresh (unboiled) milk;
• ground ginger with milk;
• lemon juice with cinnamon;
• honey and cinnamon;
• boiled neem leaves;
• salt and vinegar; and
• turmeric and vinegar paste.
Herbs like chamomile, bergamot, juniper, dandelion root and witch
hazel are all known to possess excellent astringent qualities too.
This means that they can be applied to the skin with a little water in
order to thoroughly clean the skin, thereby reducing the surface dirt
and toxicity, which then improves the general condition of the
sufferers skin in turn.
Herbal ‘tea’ paste
Combine the following ingredients together into a paste and apply to
the infected areas of the skin:
• 2 parts Dandelion Root;
• 2 parts Red Clover;
• 1 part Alfalfa leaf;
• 1 part Echinacea root;
• 1/2 part Capsicum.
It is known to work wonders for some people, so give it a go, because
there is nothing to lose by doing so – obviously there are no sideeffects
– and everything to potentially gain by doing so.
Green tea and acne
Across the world, the consumption of green tea is second only to
water, and, over the past few years, the benefits of drinking it have
become far more widely known, partially as a direct result of its ever
increasing popularity.
Several of the more prominent characteristics of green tea make it an
ideal resource in your fight against the worst ravages of your acne.
Originating from China (where the sheer size of the population is one
of the reasons for its popularity) green tea is high in antioxidants, and
these are famed for their ability to ward off diseases and keep the
body’s cell structure healthy.
Research has also indicated that antioxidants are an effective
protection against cancer as well as being able to reduce the risk of
heart disease and strokes. In some cases, they have even been known
to reduce the levels of the ‘bad’ cholesterol blood levels in test
In the past few years, however, it has become increasingly apparent
that the antioxidant qualities of green tea may help to prevent or
reduce the severity of acne as well. This may come as no great
surprise, as it has long been suspected that placing a cold (or
lukewarm) teabag on an acne blemish or lesion can help, by drawing
out the toxins from the skin, thus promoting far faster healing times.
However, research into using green tea (from which most of the
nutrients have not been removed) currently suggests that it can go
much further than sticking a used teabag on your face. This research
has indicated that green tea has an inherent ability to reduce swelling,
redness and inflammation, fight bacteria and may even prevent
excessive hormone activity as well.
This is all very encouraging news for acne sufferers, as these are all
present in the most severe cases of acne.
According to the results of tests that were reported to the American
Academy of Dermatology, when a lotion is made up of 3% extract of
green tea and applied to the skin, the test results were directly
comparable to those seen using a commercial acne treatment cream
that contained 4% benzoyl peroxide. In these tests (which were
conducted using 100 test subjects over a period of twelve weeks) the
cream that was made using green tea extract cream was seen to offer
exactly the same level of effectiveness as a treatment for acne as
benzoyl peroxide, but with far fewer unpleasant side effects.
While the latter is a common constituent of many leading brands of
acne treatments, it is also used in the construction of tires and in
plastic production as well as being a constituent of many proprietary
brands of cosmetics.
However, benzoyl peroxide is also known to be capable of irritating
human skin, eyes and the respiratory tracts, and for this reason, it is
even on the dangerous substance list of the Occupational Safety and
Health Administration in the USA with a caution against the dangers of
prolonged or long term exposure to it.
Of course, there are no such worries using green tea, as it is 100%
natural, and has as yet no known side effects whatsoever.
At the moment, it is widely believed that Western medical science is
only scratching at the surface of all the medicinal benefits that using
green tea might offer.
One thing is for certain, however. If you want to avoid the irritation,
the dry skin and unpleasant redness that often accompanies using
commercial acne products based on benzoyl peroxide, there is now a
safer but equally effective alternative in a cream or lotion made with
green tea extract.
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Other herbal remedies
Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil (which is often also referred to as melaleuca oil) is
originally a native of Australia and can be completely clear to lightly
gold-tinged in appearance. It is an oil that seems to have many
natural acne fighting qualities, and because it is an entirely natural
product, it has no nasty side effects either, hence its ever increasing
Licorice root extract
Licorice root and its extract has been used for medical purposes for
thousands of years, with records showing that it may well have been
used as far back as the Ancient Romans! While the earliest records
indicate that it was usually used to settle upset stomachs (which is still
its most common usage) it has nevertheless been shown to possess
anti-inflammatory characteristics and qualities as well - hence its
effectiveness in treating skin complaints like acne.
Olive leaf extract
In a similar fashion to the licorice root, the story of olive leaves and
olive leaf extract as healers has a long history too, in this case being
traceable all the way back to the ancient Greeks. Since that time, olive
leaf extract has been used in many countries and societies as a
medicinal herb, generally to ward off maladies such as coughs, colds,
fevers and infections. This is often achieved through the consumption
of olive leaf tea, but in addition, olive leaf extract has been used in
many different ways to counter skin problems, including acne.
Aloe Vera extract
Aloe Vera extract is a widely used alternative to chemical based
commercial acne creams, potions and ointments that has the major
advantage of being far gentler and less aggressive, with no side
effects. Aloe Vera extract contains some very effective antiinflammatory
agents and it can also help reduce the degree of scarring
left by acne related lesions and blemishes.
Strawberry leaves
According to the scriptures of the Ancient Egyptians, they used wetted
strawberry leaves applied to the infected areas as a way of treating a
broad range of skin afflictions, including acne.
Basil tea
Drinking two or three cups of tea made with basil every day is an
effective anti-bacterial agent that kills the germs that are one of the
causes of acne from the inside. This is also effective against other
forms of bacteria, so consuming tea infused with basil is always good
for general health too.
Sandalwood has long been recognized for its skin enhancing
properties, so applying sandalwood oil to acne affected skin can return
it to maximum health and vitality.
Burdock root
Crushed burdock root applied to affected areas of the skin is an
effective way of treating many skin complaints, and it seems to be
especially effective when used to combat acne.
Accutane is possibly the most effective acne fighting drug on the
market, a very potent weapon against any acne that has been failed
by other forms of treatment.
It is generally prescribed for moderate to severe cases of acne that
have not responded to other treatment, or acne that has been present
for several years.
While most other acne-controlling drugs are based on antibiotics,
Accutane is based on a natural derivative of vitamin A, which is itself
effective against acne, as previously mentioned. Unlike vitamin A,
however, the human body is capable of purging Accutane from the
bloodstream relatively quickly (nine days is normally the maximum
that it takes) and so it does not build up in the same potentially
harmful way that vitamin A can.
Accutane is effective at ‘curing’ around half of the acne sufferers who
take it, and these people will normally have to do nothing else as far
as dealing with their acne problem is concerned.
However, in the first few weeks of treatment with Accutane, around
one in five sufferers will initially see their condition deteriorate a little,
while a very small number (around 0.2%) will see their condition get
much worse before it begins to get better.
After that, the ‘normal’ patient needs treatment for around four to six
months, while a very small number will need to repeat the treatment
course once again after that initial period.
Having said all of this, there are side effects that come with Accutane,
and the severity of these depend to a large extent on the dosage being
consumed. They are broadly similar to the side effects that would be
suffered if there were large amounts of vitamin A in the body, the
most serious of which are birth defects suffered by babies from
mothers who have taken Accutane during pregnancy.
Taking Accutane at such a time is therefore definitely not
Other than that, because Accutane works by temporarily drying up the
oil producing glands of the skin, most of the most common side-effects
are related to ‘dryness’. So, for example, dried and chapped lips, dry
and itchy skin, a dry nose accompanied by light to moderate
nosebleeds, joint and muscle pain and rashes are the most commonly
suffered side effects.
However, the severity of side effects are related to the dosage of
Accutane being taken and absorbed by the body, so it is normal that, if
the side effects become too severe that the dosage be reduced.
It is also pertinent to mention that the side effects of Accutane are
usually far less harmful (on a long term basis) or unpleasant than the
side effects of long term usage of antibiotic drugs, so Accutane is
normally the drug of choice for acne treatment where are all other
recourses have already failed.
As established, Accutane is a drug that is extracted from a relatively
natural source – it is present in the bloodstream of almost all humans
in any event – but is not by any stretch of the imagination the only
way that you can deal with your acne problems in a natural manner.
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Other natural commercial remedies

Not all acne treatment products that are commercially available are
based on potentially harmful chemicals like benzoyl peroxide, and, as
established when looking at Accutane, some of the most effective
drugs available are still based on natural ingredients.
For example, Clear Pores is a range of highly
recommended anti-acne products that are highly effective, but
nevertheless, they are still based on natural ingredients. It works from the
inside of your body, through herbal supplements and the outside, through
gentle, yet effective methods
For example, Clear Pores is a range of highly
recommended anti-acne products that are highly effective, but
nevertheless, they are still based on natural ingredients. It works from oth the inside
of your body, through herbal supplements and the outside, through gentle, yet
effective methods

As a general observation, the more severe the outbreak of acne is, the
harder it is likely to be to shift it, and therefore, in these
circumstances, it may be that some of the natural ‘home cure’ recipes
might be less effective.
To find out more about treating even severe acne click here
This may mean that you need to turn to stronger commercially
produced medicines in order to reduce the adverse effects of your
acne, particularly if scarring seems likely.
This is something that just has to be accepted, but it does not
necessarily mean that you have to turn to highly aggressive chemical
based products for relief.
Wherever possible, using products that are based on natural
ingredients is always the best recourse (for the treatment of any
medical condition, not just acne) because almost invariably, the side
effects of using such treatments are limited or non-existent.
With natural ingredient based products, you know in advance what you
are getting and what the adverse effects are going to be (which is
Using chemical based products, however, you have no real way of
knowing what the side effects will be and especially if you are likely to
have to use the product in question for any length of time, this should
always be a primary consideration.
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As you will no doubt understand by now, there are a surprisingly large
number of ways that your acne can be treated using natural
ingredients and methods, and certainly in cases where the acne
condition is relatively mild, many of them are extremely effective.
As suggested several times, it would always be recommended that you
should begin treating your acne with the mildest forms of treatment
that you can, in the hope that they will be effective, before moving on
to some of the more aggressive (and therefore potentially harmful)
methods of treatment. In this way, it is to be hoped that you can find
a harmless, mild and (above all) natural form of medicating that works
for you.
Despite what the major drug and pharmaceutical companies regularly
suggest, it is now a pretty well established fact that not all chemically
based commercial medical products are tested as thoroughly or
extensively as they should be. For this reason, even though the
manufacturers claim that they are 100% safe, there is good reason to
suspect that the long term effects of using chemical based products
may not be as well known as you might think.
After all, it stands to reason that using any drug based on a chemical
like benzoyl peroxide that you already know has potentially harmful
qualities cannot be a good thing in the long run. When the OHSA
proscribes it as potentially toxic if you are exposed to it over the
longer term, then it really cannot be a great idea to apply it to your
skin every day, despite the fact that it may be an effective antidote to
outbreaks of acne.
Using chemical based products does have unpleasant side effects as
well, such as extremely dry skin, soreness, redness, irritation and
excessive skin exfoliation.
This happens because most chemical treatments work by
counteracting the production of oil from the sebaceous glands, thus
drying out the skin. This does reduce the severity of acne on the skin,
of that there is no doubt, but these side effects can be both unpleasant
and painful as well.
For this single reason alone, using natural products as a first option is
always going to be the best way to go, and it should only be after all
natural ingredient based remedies are tried that you should turn to
more aggressive chemical based products.

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