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Chocolate Butter Cookies
2022-12-05 14:29
Chocolate Butter Cookies are crunchy cookies with delicious chocolate flavour. Kids would surely love these sinful treats! Starting the Bakeathon 2022 series this year and hopefully wi… Read More
Chilli Chicken Dry ~ Restaurant Style
2022-10-17 11:53
Chilli Chicken Dry, Restaurant Style recipe is a spicy and crispy appetizer, most popular in Restaurant. Crispy marinated chicken deep fried and sautéed in a spicy green chillies and… Read More
Chicken 65 Fried Rice
2022-10-13 16:55
A delicious chicken 65 fried rice makes your weekend or special day all the more special. This is a fantastic mix of the chicken fried rice along with chicken 65. So no doubt a fusion dish b… Read More
2022-10-12 10:31
Surati Paratha, a street food from Surat is a uniquely healthy and nutritious stuffed paratha. The presentation makes it all the more interesting and eye catchy. While planning for… Read More
Masala Macaroni | Desi Pasta Recipe
2022-07-14 11:34
Masala Macaroni or this Desi Pasta Recipe is a typical indianised way of making macaroni is onion tomato sauce. The taste is desi with very earthly taste and if you are fond of this base, yo… Read More
Easy And Simple Chicken Fry
2022-05-14 13:04
This easy and simple chicken fry is a delicious starter with chicken boneless. You can serve this along with main course or as a starter too. I know I already have way too many chicken re… Read More
Chicken Thokku | How To Make Kozhi Thokku
2022-05-09 18:30
Chicken Thokku or Kozhi Thokku is a spicy south Indian Chicken Curry recipe. We make it with shredded chicken pieces in a spicy masala gravy. This is a thick gravy you can serve with chapati… Read More
Khotto | Kottige | Idli In Jackfruit Leaves
2022-04-25 11:52
Khotto or Kottige or Idli in Jackfruit Leaves is an authentic recipe from Karnataka, especially from the GSB Community. The Jackfruit leaves impart a distinct flavour and taste to the steame… Read More
2022-03-27 14:43
Horse Gram Idli or No Rice Kulith Idli is a healthy breakfast option that's not only good for health, it is a versatile batter you can make so many other varieties as well. This horse gr… Read More
How To Make Stuffed Paneer Sandwich Pakora
2022-03-09 18:30
Stuffed Paneer Sandwich Pakora or Paneer Sandwich Pakora is a delicious starter with paneer stuffed with green chutney and battered with moong dal flour. This is a totally delightful snack y… Read More
Davangere Benne Idli Dosa
2022-02-09 18:30
Davangere Benne Idli or Davangere Benne Dosa is one of the popular varieties when you think of Idli or Dosas. This specialty dish is from Davangere, a small textile town in Karnataka. What m… Read More
Bafauri ~ Steamed Lentil Balls
2022-01-26 16:49
Bafauri are steamed lentil balls, healthy snack from the North Indian states of Bihar, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. Chana dal is the lentil mostly used and this makes it Vegan, zero oil… Read More
Mutton Liver Pepper Fry
2022-01-13 10:33
Mutton Liver Pepper Fry is a spicy dry dish prepared with Mutton Liver with whole spices. This Pepper Liver Fry is a great complimenting dish in the Non Veg Thali. Liver is called Eeral i… Read More
Masala Buns | Khara Bun Recipe
2021-12-31 05:26
This Indian Masala Buns Recipe is an easy recipe to make delicious Masala Bun Iyengar Bakery style or as these are called, Iyengar Bakery Khara Bun. We mix in spice masala that has mint, gre… Read More
Easiest Focaccia Bread Recipe
2021-12-30 15:14
Focaccia is an Italian flat leavened oven-baked bread. It is quite similar in style and texture to pizza; and if you top it with similar toppings, it will tastes just like a pizza. Learn to… Read More
How To Make Milk Bread
2021-12-29 14:04
This super soft Milk Bread is an easy homemade milk bread you can make yourself. Learn how to make milk bread with this easy recipe. Since this bread is sweet, it is totally addictive to use… Read More
Instant Rabri Malpua
2021-12-28 14:30
Instant Rabri Malpua is the quick and easy version to assemble two delicious dishes. This quick malpua Rabri is a combo dessert. The traditional version surely takes time, so make this insta… Read More
Darsaan | Honeyed Noodles With Ice Cream
2021-12-27 05:22
Darsaan is a popular Chinese Dessert. This is a Honeyed Noodles with Ice Cream that has deep fried wonton strips served as noodles drizzled with honey, sesame seeds, finally topped with a sc… Read More
Eggless Fruit Cake Without Alcohol
2021-12-25 10:47
This Eggless Fruit Cake without Alcohol, an easy to assemble rich fruit cake, is non-alcoholic, refined sugar-free, and full of dry fruits, nuts, and berries. With the right crumble, this ma… Read More
Brown Butter Brownies Eggless
2021-12-19 17:12
These Brown Butter Brownies are Eggless, made with rich dark chocolate and brown butter. It is a simple recipe that is ultra chocolatey, rich cakey texture. These Brown Butter Brownies ar… Read More
The Best Fudgy Brownie Recipe ~ Eggless
2021-12-15 14:32
The Best Fudgy Brownie Recipe you can make, so intense with dark chocolate that will make you crave for more. These brownies are easy to make and you will enjoy these fudgy chocolate brownie… Read More
Fudgy Eggless Brownies
2021-12-13 10:30
Fudgy Eggless Brownies is a fudgy brownie made eggless by using thick curds. This brownie is dense with the chocolate overload that you will not stop with just one slice! I made these wit… Read More
Coconut Almond Cookies
2021-12-09 18:30
Coconut Almond Cookies are chewy, crunchy cookies with crispy almonds and coconut taste. These make a filling tea time snack. These cookies are very crunchy and the coconut flavour surely… Read More
Almond Cranberry Cookies
2021-12-06 13:05
Almond Cranberry Cookies is crunchy cookies with the goodness of almond and tartness of cranberry. These are so easy to make and can be gifted as an edible gift this festival season. Dece… Read More
Paneer Pizza Pockets ~ Ready In 30 Minutes!
2021-12-02 18:30
Paneer Pizza Pockets is a fusion dish made with the Stromboli dough. Stuffing is made with tandoori paneer, roasted vegetables and cheese. The whole baking takes about 30 to 40 minutes from… Read More
Copycat Pizza Hut Breadsticks
2021-11-30 18:30
Copycat Pizza Hut Breadsticks is a delicious pizza inspired by the restaurant's special breadsticks. The melting cheese stuffed in between topped with herbs makes this a sinful treat to enjo… Read More
Assorted Pakodas For Goan Breakfast Thali
2021-11-24 18:30
Assorted Pakodas are typically served in a Goan Breakfast Thali along with chutneys and sauces along with breads to make the whole experience so interesting. It surely makes for a tasty brun… Read More
26 Easy Family Dinner Ideas ~ A To Z Series
2021-11-12 13:11
26 Easy Family Dinner Ideas in A to Z Series is a ready reckoner for you if you are looking for Quick Family Dinner Ideas. These Family-Friendly Weeknight Dinner Recipes have ideas for the e… Read More
Yogurt Poori ~ How To Make Soft Puris
2021-11-10 12:51
Yogurt Poori is a soft, delicious poori made with curds as the binding agent. This poori is very soft and can be served with different side dishes to make a delightful breakfast. For the… Read More
2021-10-27 14:17
Sooji Halwa is one of the easiest sweet you can make for your Diwali Lunch or Party. This is also part of the popular street food fair on the streets of Delhi. The delicious halwa made with… Read More
Wange Bath | How To Make Vangi Bath
2021-10-19 11:08
Wange Bath or Vangi Bath is a traditional dish from Karnataka. We make this Vangi Bath Recipe with a special spices featuring Brinjal and cooked rice. A delicious mixed rice to make your me… Read More
Katori Chat ~ Benarasi Street Food
2021-09-15 15:35
Katori Chat or Basket katori chaat is a popular Benarasi Street food. This is a fried Katori stuffed with peas and topped with chutneys, sev, and boondi. This makes such a delicious snack to… Read More
Chotu Ke Pakode ~ Haridwar Street Food
2021-09-11 13:52
Chotu ke Pakode is a popular Haridwar Street Food from the state of Uttarakhand. This is a pakoda platter where assorted pakodas are double fried and served with chat masala on top. I cam… Read More
Baby Corn Paneer Dum Biryani
2021-08-29 14:38
Baby Corn Paneer Dum Biryani is a delicious combination of crunchy baby corn with soft paneer in a spiced biryani. This makes an excellent weekend treat. If you want to make something del… Read More
Honey Chilli Potato Recipe
2021-05-10 18:30
Learn how to make this crispy honey chilli potato at home with this easy recipe. This homemade honey chili potato makes an excellent snack and very much like the restaurant style starters!… Read More
2021-04-29 07:37
Mutton Chops Masala is a spicy semi saute gravy made with mutton chops. This can be served as a side dish for rice or roti. Special spice powder is added to make it very flavoursome. Mutt… Read More

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