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A sample of a letter written with a urine and smuggled out from concentration camps

A sample of a letter written with a urine and smuggled out from Concentration camps

Pain and suffering in the history of human experimentation reflect on the Nazi Germans, however, Australia, United States of America, the Netherlands, Japan, and Canada, were all associated with scientific research involving human beings.

In the German concentration camps, prisoners of war were tested in scientific hypotheses and development of a variety of biomedical technologies. Wartime dictated its priorities, so doctors were primarily interested in the practical application of scientific theories. 

For example, the possibility of maintaining the health of people in conditions of excessive loads, blood transfusions with different Rhesus factors were investigated, while new drugs were tested.

These monstrous Experiments include pressure tests, hypothermia experiments, the development of a vaccine against typhoid, experiments with malaria, gas, sea water, poisons, sulfonamide, sterilization experiments, and many others.

In 1941, experiments were carried out with hypothermia. They were led by Dr. Rascher under the direct control of Himmler. The experiments were conducted in two stages. 

At the first stage, they found out what temperature and how long a person can withstand, and the second stage was to determine how to restore the human body after frostbite. 

To carry out such experiments, prisoners were taken out in the winter without clothes for the whole night or were placed in ice water. Experiments on hypothermia were carried out exclusively on men in order to simulate the conditions in which the German soldiers were on the Eastern Front since the Nazis were poorly prepared for the winter period of time. 

For example, in one of the first experiments, prisoners were lowered into a container with water, the temperature of which ranged from 2 to 12 degrees, in pilot suits. At the same time, they put on life jackets, which kept them afloat. 

As a result of the experiment, Rasher found that attempts to bring a person who has fallen into icy water back to life are almost zero if the cerebellum was supercooled. 

This led to the development of a special vest with a head restraint that covered the back of the head and did not allow the back of the head to sink into the water.

In 1942, the same Dr. Rascher began conducting experiments on prisoners using pressure changes. Thus, the doctors tried to establish what kind of air pressure a person can withstand, and for how long. 

For the experiment, a special pressure chamber was used in which pressure was regulated. At the same time, there were 25 people in it.

The purpose of these experiments was to help pilots and parachutists at high altitude. According to one of the doctor’s reports, the experiment was conducted on a 37-year-old Jew who was in good physical shape. Half an hour after the start of the experiment, he died.

In the concentration camps, many find a way to communicate with the outside world, even though that means execution if caught. The family of one of the prisoners of the Ravensbruck concentration camp gave her letters to the museum containing secret messages written with urine. 

Sickening human experiments

Sickening human experiments

The messages describe the death experiments of Nazi doctors over prisoners. The letters provided much information on human experiments even before the liberation of the camp. 

One of the women at the concentration camp sent 27 letters to the Polish Museum of martyrdom, telling about medical experiments on prisoners. 

Letters from prisoners to families were checked by the supervisors, thus, in between the lines, they used their own urine which acted as invincible ink, written with a wooden stick.

To read the invincible urine ink, it was necessary to heat the paper, for example with a pressing iron. That’s how the secret of human experimentation went before the camps were liberated.

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