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Health workers taking a small girl away from Ebola stricken zone

Health workers taking a small girl away from Ebola stricken zone

Underneath of the health blog, 'Secrets of Aids and Ebola' it is boldly written that "Contents based on Johan Van Dongen and Wolff Geisler’s research, Joel Savage and selected writers." However, today, we are featuring a selected writer whose article about Ebola is totally false and misleading.

It worth to ask if some media employs certain health writers to produce False health articles either to suppressed information or to protect organizations such as the World Health Organization or the Center for Diseases Control for their daily bread.

There are thousands of false articles about Aids and Ebola circulating on the internet. Trump says he is fighting against 'Fake news' but thousands of false medical articles about the two diseases and that of the World Health Organization and Center for Diseases Control on their websites aren't a matter of concern to him.

So why Trump wouldn't like to ask CDC and WHO the reason they have provided misleading and false information on Aids and Ebola to the general public? Is the American government enjoying an impunity from that false information? Smartness is a form of stupidity indeed, the reason politicians are working tirelessly without any significant result. 

It's shocking when one reads some of these false articles about Aids and Ebola in respectable newspapers such as 'the Independent.Co.UK/news. On Friday, September 30, 2016, of the Independent newspaper, was an article about Ebola entitled 'Ebola: The secret hideout of the virus,' written by one Leigh Cowart.

According to Cowart, "Searches so far have focused on forested parts of Africa, the home of a number of possible reservoirs. Classically, bats have been considered the most likely culprits, given that they overlap with humans geographically and can carry Ebola infection without symptoms. 

Based on research that has tested a wide variety of small mammals, bats, primates, insects and amphibians, several species of fruit bat have emerged as possible candidates. 

A 2005 study published in Nature and helmed by Eric Leroy tested more than 1, 000 small vertebrates in central Africa and found evidence of symptomless Ebola infection in three species of fruit bat, suggesting that these animals – which are sometimes hunted for bushmeat – might be Ebola’s reservoir. 

An editor’s summary ran alongside the paper, titled simply: ‘Ebola virus: don’t eat the bats’. But not everyone is convinced that fruit bats are to blame. 

Notes from the writers of this health blog

Leigh knew perfectly well that the article he published doesn't make sense the reason he added But not everyone is convinced that fruit bats are to blame. 

Before and after colonialism, Africans live with bats, monkeys and all sorts of creatures, why Aids and Ebola didn't kill all of them till now? Since Ebola is bio-weapon created from the laboratories of the US government, many writers such as Leigh Cowart finds it hard to write the truth.

Indeed, Cowart, not everyone is convinced that fruit bats are to blame, because blaming Ebola epidemic on bats or Aids on monkeys is a medical tautology or crime. If you are researched or qualified health writer, you could have easily identified the origin of Ebola which was the successor of Aids bio-weapon triggered by the United States government. 

If health writers had come out with the true origin of HIV/Aids, it wouldn't have spread so fast. The fact that certain writers gave false information and also WHO and CDC lied, the disease is now unstoppable. Aids is now on the path of destruction killing thousands of people globally but world leaders are quiet because of a guilty conscience.

We will, therefore, use our trusted health blog to warn health writers to desist from writing false information about Ebola or Aids because it questions such writers credibility and educational background. 

Apart from that, it's no more a hidden secret in Africa that Aids and Ebola are medical crimes. Even the illiterates living in the remotest part of Africa are now fully aware that the Western Europe and the American government created something dangerous to kill them. 

This is the reason health officials sent to a Guinean village to educate the people about Ebola safety were killed and bodies dumped in septic tanks. Therefore, writing false articles or WHO and CDC providing false information to the general public doesn't matter any longer to Africans.

Like the African politicians, common Africans are now fully aware that there are also criminals within the health establishments of the World Health Organization and the Centers for Diseases Control. 

There is time for everything and at the right time, Western Europe and the American government will pay for the crimes they committed in Africa.

This post first appeared on SECRETS OF AIDS AND EBOLA, please read the originial post: here

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