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10 Hacks to Make Holiday Eating Healthier On Thanksgiving

On a Holiday morning, your first thought probably isn’t to pull out your resistance bands and get ready for a workout. When you start thinking ahead to dinner, you may want to consider what workout you can fit in your day, and how it will make your festive meal even better. Yes, just because you’re not thinking about fitness on a day of celebration, you probably won’t be able to stop remembering your indulgence the next day. This year, let yourself off the hook. Indulge with these tips in mind to enjoy your holiday to the fullest:

  1. Forget the fast.

    We know the usual plan, skip big meals throughout the day so that you’re really hungry for dinner. Stop right there! Not only does skipping meals make you less hungry, it’s a bad habit for both your mind and body to learn this habit. Small meals throughout the day will keep you on a regular schedule, and prepare you for a full dinner.

  2. Drink water throughout the day.

    Dehydration often shows itself with a lack of hunger. You know the feeling, when you haven’t eaten much all day and can’t understand why you’re not hungry. Prepare for a holiday meal by staying hydrated throughout the day, and you’ll avoid snacking before your favorite meal.

  3. Pro grade resistance bands for you to stay healthy on ThanksgivingWork Out.

    Don’t assume because it’s a holiday there isn’t enough time for a workout. Grab a few resistance bands and an exercise ball and create a 20-minute circuit you can do right at home. Perform squats, bicep curls, rows, and shoulder lifts with resistance bands, and make time for an ab workout with your exercise ball.

    A workout this simple can be done while you’re watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade! A morning workout will get you ready and energized for those long family holidays, and remind you to stay motivated about your goals. You’ll even be more likely to make healthier choices throughout the day.

  4. Plate setup.

    Yes, we have a strategy to our plate servings. Start out with the protein and veggies you’re going to eat. After you’ve filled up on nutrient-dense foods, serve yourself carbohydrates like stuffing, mashed potatoes, or even a biscuit. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite foods, without becoming stuffed on carbs alone.

  5. Bring an appetizer.

    Bring a cheese and crackers alternative by offering to bring an appetizer you won’t feel as guilty about. Try homemade hummus or a veggie platter with yogurt dressing. With more options to choose from, you’ll save yourself and other guests calories throughout Turkey day!

  6. Lend a helping hand.

    Want to avoid the appetizers altogether? Offer to help the hostess. Keeping busy will prevent you from casual snacking so you can save room for the main course. It will also keep you on your feet and moving throughout the day! You’ll see your Fitbit steps increasing rather than reminding you to move! You might not realize just how much work you’ll be doing moving around the pot filled with five pounds of potatoes.

  7. Become your own bartender.

    Play bartender for yourself to cut out unnecessary calories, if you’re not skipping out on alcohol altogether. Choose seltzer and create flavors with fresh fruits and spices. Not sure what will be available? Bring your own signature cocktail to share so you can avoid added sugars and sodas, while giving everyone something to enjoy. If you give the host control over your liquid intake, you might end up consuming way more calories than you would have liked to.

  8. Stay committed to your fitness routine with effective resistance band workoutsHold the toppings.

    Chances are you won’t skip dessert, and we don’t blame you. What you can do, though, is skip out on the extra whipped cream topping to your pie. Enjoy your favorite pie, and skip the additions as a small way to cut out heavy calories to your day. Did you ever also consider what gravy is made from? The grease drippings from your turkey! If your gravy is homemade, you may want to especially enjoy it in moderation to avoid an added serving of fat to your day.

  9. Plan ahead.

    Guilt is a common feeling after the holidays as we indulge more than usual. Plan and schedule your next day’s workout ahead of time, whether it is hitting the gym or an at home resistance band workout.

    Knowing you already have a plan of action will help you stay committed to it and avoid those unhealthy guilty feelings associated with food.

  10. Enjoy!

    Yes, indulge and enjoy it! Holidays come once a year — if you have a slice of pie, take your time and slowly enjoy it rather than trying to see how much you can eat. (Think quality over quantity.) Eating slower will not only help you eat less, but will allow you to enjoy what you’re eating. By enjoying your favorite holiday treats in moderation you can create healthy eating habits.

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10 Hacks to Make Holiday Eating Healthier On Thanksgiving


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