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Sleep Better After Rehab: Essential Tips

Adapting to a new life after going through recovery doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult. Going step by step is probably the best way to get used to life outside of a Rehab center. There are a few things that we all can experience due to a new very contrasted situation; for example, irregular Sleep. A lot of people have trouble with their sleeping pattern once they’re back home from the rehab center. Whether it’s due to the excitement or the contrast with the life we’re used to, it can definitely become irritating at some point. However, it doesn’t have to be like that.  Here are 5 tips for you to get better sleep after recovery:

1. Control the Light You’re Exposed to

During the day we are all exposed to normal daylight. This stimulates our brains to acknowledge not only the part of the day it is but also encourages our bodies and minds to remain active until the lights are out. At night it’s important to control the amount of blue light we’re exposed too. Blue light comes from screens such as the TV or even your own phone. It instructs our brain that we have to stay awake for much longer than we should.

Is your Bedroom Set up for a Good Night Sleep?

2. Forget Coffee

As someone who has recently been through a rehab program in Colorado, it’s safe to say that even coffee can act as a trigger. I know it did so with me. Caffeine will stimulate our brains to stay active. Having a cup in the morning can be a good idea if you can’t live without coffee. But avoid drinking before going to bed. Instead, there are home remedies that can help us feel relaxed. And, that way reach a much more satisfying sleep when our bodies need it most.

3. Think Twice before Getting a Nap

Though when necessary it can be extremely helpful to make up for lost sleep. Taking naps longer than 20 minutes and more than once a day can actually have a negative effect on our sleeping pattern. If we try to get used to resting only when it’s time to go to bed, we will be doing our bodies and minds a favor. This is because, doing otherwise, might get our whole cycle confused and messed up. This won’t let us get a good night’s sleep at all.

4. Get Used to a Schedule

We, as humans work very well with automated cycles. We can easily get used to a routine. And, this will also avoid extra work for our brains. Going to bed at the same time every day,and waking up around the same hour will train our bodies to feel ready for a new day at a specific time and to demand rest at another. This also applies to the weekends. This will not only make you feel more energized but also give you lots of free time to be productive.

5. Optimize your Environment, especially Before Bedtime

Just as we need our working area organized in a certain way to feel comfortable and ready to work, sleeping works in a very similar manner. No one should try to sleep with all lights on, full blasting TV and no ventilation. Optimizing our bedroom, regulating the amount of light we’re exposed to and adjusting a comfortable and relaxing temperature will make all the difference in the world once we get into our cozy bed and welcome the next day.

Try out these things for a better night sleep.

Having enough and good sleep will always have a great effect on our mood, energy levels, health and concentration. If you’d like to ask a question or would simply like to tell us about other tips, leave a comment below.

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Sleep Better After Rehab: Essential Tips


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