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 What is Root Canal and What Treatment Do You Need for It?


root canal treatment Delhi

Root canal is one of the worst diseases that can claim your life if you fail to pay heed to it for a long time. When it comes to its appearance, it looks like a cavity inside your tooth, where pulp chamber is found. Moreover, the nerves of your tooth is also found in this area. If it gets infected or wounded, the nerves and pulp tissues die, which could lead to severe infection.  If you remain ignorant about it, its nearby tissues might also get infected, which will result in bone loss, tooth abscess and swelling on head, neck and face.

The symptoms that ensures you need a root canal treatment

Swelling on your face
Tenderness and swelling on the gums near the infected tooth
Feeling of pain in tooth while chewing and biting
Appearance of pimple on your gums that discharge abscess
Prolonged sensitivity and pain to cold or hot foods and drinks
Constant pain remains in temples, ears and jaw areas
Darkening or discoloration of your tooth

If you notice these symptoms in your mouth or on your face, it is time for you to pull your socks up and go to a well-qualified dentist in your city. In order to diagnose whether you have a tooth canal, the dentist will carry out various procedures—taking X-ray of your mouth, using electronic pulp tester, applying hot and cold substance etc. to determine that you have a tooth canal.  All these procedures are quite easy and do not involve any hazardous things.

Various stages of root canal treatment

The first step that goes into root canal treatment is taking an X-ray of your infected tooth to figure out the shape of your root canal and to see whether there are any signs of infection. If infection is there, the infected part of your tooth will be numbed by applying anesthesia.

Second, the dentist will isolate an infected tooth from your mouth by using a dental gum.

In order to access the pulp chamber and treat the root canals, the dentist will make a hole in your infected tooth. Now, he or she will remove the dead pulp, nerves, root canal files and tissues by using special instruments.
After your root canals have been cleaned, they will be prepared for the root canal fillings. Once again, they will be washed and cleaned prior to being sealed.

When you go to the dentist for your next appointment, Gutta-Percha, a rubber like material along with a adhesive sealer will be used by him for filling the root canals and sealing them.  Apart from this, a crown will be fixed over your tooth for avoidance of any infection in the near future.

Finally, your teeth will be restored for its full function. The crown which is fixed on your teeth will prevent further damage to your teeth.  The dentist may also prescribe some antibiotics to you to keep infection at bay.

Root canal treatment cost

When it comes to root canal treatment cost, it depends on various factors—the position of your affected tooth, its severity, degree of difficulty, total number of root canals, etc. If you have medical insurance, it will not be difficult for you to afford this treatment. Prior to going to any dental clinic, make sure whether or not it provides treatments through medical plans. As a result, you will not have to pay an arm and a leg to afford this costly treatment. Nor do you need to borrow any money from your peers, colleagues or kith and kin.

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 What is Root Canal and What Treatment Do You Need for It?


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