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5 Reasons To Start The Journey To Sobriety

by Carl Towns

When we deal with Addiction there are many things at stake, we can end up losing our loved ones or risking to lose everything else we’ve built. However, no matter how many things are taken away from us, usually we have to hit rock bottom before we realize we have a problem.

Acknowledging that we’re dealing with an addictive behavior can be one of the hardest steps into recovery, once taken though, that step opens a giant door to an entirely new life that can mean the world to everyone involved in an addict’s life; having your loved ones support you and help you through this step is extremely important to you as an addict and to them as victims of your addiction as well.

Here are 5 reasons to start the journey to sobriety:

##1  What’s lost is regained

Stepping into the dark woods of addiction has the greatest risk above all things: One might lose the way back. The deeper we go, the thicker the forest grows until eventually there’s no space for anyone else but ourselves. Everything else is left behind and can barely be seen the longer we walk in. Alcohol or any substance we are addicted to becomes the center of our lives and after some time, it is the only thing we can focus on.

Recovery is what guides us back to the real world and most important of all: It guides us back to ourselves. The Journey to Sobriety has many setbacks and obstacles and it will probably be harder than anything else you’ve done before, keep in mind that in the end it will always be worth it, the feeling of accomplishment and going back to see and be with everyone we care about. If addiction is about losing, addiction recovery is about gaining back what we lost.

##2  Healthier means happier

No high achieved with any drug can be compared to a lifetime of fulfillment and joy. Knowing that hard work pays off and that we have people around us that love us and are willing to stick around until the very end cannot be compared with any sort of feelings addictive substances can give.

Going back to a healthy life after addiction not only makes our bodies be able to walk longer distances down life’s path, but will also provide us with the energy and necessary clarity to pick ourselves up and get a new job, make amends where they are needed, recover what we’ve lost and just see what we have missed when we were lost on the addiction.

##3 Goals and a life project

Being able to make progress in every aspect of life is a great motivation for almost everyone. Setting goals not only allows us to set targets for ourselves it also gives us something to look forward to in the future. Is there a hobby you used to love before your addiction? If you used to enjoy photography, pick up a camera! If you used to enjoy fishing, go down to your nearest lake! Getting back in touch with old hobbies could potentially spark up new dedications and inspirations to help you get our lives back on track.

You don’t remember anything that you had a passion for? Don’t worry, now is the perfect time to be passionate and to find out what you truly love. Try a new thing everyday until you find whatever comforts you the most; cook, go out to walk, paint, do pottery, there are a tons of possibilities outside just waiting for you.

##4 Spark up positive relationships again

Generally, people who are deep into their addiction forget about their friends and loved ones. While beginning the journey to sobriety, we can get back in touch with those we lost when we chose alcohol or drugs. Even if it’s just picking up the phone and giving it a try, we never know what might come from it.

If sparking up relationships with those from the past doesn’t work, we can also immerse ourselves into a new positive activity that could help us to meet new people. Sports are a great way to meet new people, it also helps to be in shape and improve our mental health; if sports are not your thing, you can also try art or book clubs, the idea is that you get back your confidence and start building relations outside of alcohol or drugs

##5 Simply: Because it’s important!

Remaining on the path of addiction for an extensive period of time will lead to poor health, mental health issues and ultimately can lead to death. Coming to the realization that life is precious and is what we make of it can only start with the power of our minds! Remember that beginning the journey to sobriety is never easy for anyone, we don’t have to go through this alone and the resources are available out there for us to get the help we need.

Coming to the realization that the path to sobriety is vital if we plan to have any type of future with our loved ones is a tough thing to face. Be proud of the goals you achieve and acknowledge your progress! Remember that that it’s normal to make mistakes but the important thing is acknowledging them and overcoming them. Just know that hard work will always be fruitful.

Can you recommend any other vital reasons why you should start the journey to sobriety? Please leave a comment below.

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5 Reasons To Start The Journey To Sobriety


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