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Mental Health – Means and Ways to be Emotionally Strong

Mental Health – Means And Ways To Be Emotionally Strong


Mental Health is the raging issue in today’s ultra-modern society. As we advance technologically we are witnessing an increase in Mental Health problems. Advances in technology are supposed to improve the quality of our lives and make it better, but with the increasing growth of mental health issues recently we have to pause and take stock of the situation before it is too late.

What is ideal Mental Health?

To define ‘Mental Health’, it is the collective emotional, psychological and social state of mind of a person. This mental health decides our overall feelings, thought processing and actions as well as our overall behaviour.

Mental health also determines our reaction to any situation and our ability to handle it, including the choices we make at every step.

Sound mental health is of utmost importance since childhood and well into adulthood.

However, owing the numerous factors, our mental health tends to suffer changes and this is reflected mostly in our dominant mood and personal behaviour. Factors, such as:

  • Biological structure (brain chemistry/genetics)
  • Experiences (mental trauma/psychological abuse)
  • Hereditary mental problems.

These affect the way we think, we behave and our moods. Mental health issues need to be addressed with utmost urgency as slight delays have often resulted in catastrophic effects leading to depression, anxiety and other severe psychological disorders.

It is most important to seek help from mental health professionals who can give proper care and treat the mental ailment in the best possible way.

 How to recognize Mental Health problems?

The signs indicating towards any deterioration in mental health are often subtle and might be mistaken as one-off happenings. However, with care and vigilance it is quite easy to notice the signs and symptoms of mental health problems, such as:

  • Excessive/too little eating and sleeping
  • Avoiding social interaction and previously interesting activities
  • Lowered/lack of usual energy
  • Emotional numbness/ apathy towards crucial matters
  • Unexplained aches/pains
  • Feeling helpless/hopeless
  • Abnormal alcohol/drug/tobacco abuse
  • Frequent confusion/upset mood/anger/fear
  • Unexplained anxiety
  • Unusual friction with family/friends
  • Extreme and frequent mood swings resulting in relationship problems
  • Persistent memories/thoughts that do not clear away
  • Hearing abnormal voices/visions
  • Frequent hallucinations
  • Urge for self-inflicted injuries
  • Compulsion to harm others
  • Inability to perform otherwise everyday and normal tasks

Importance of Mental Health

A normal and mentally healthy state allows the person to:

  • Reach their true and complete potential
  • Manage stress in life better
  • Become increasingly productive
  • Be contributing and positive members of society

Means for regaining sound Mental Health

It might sound difficult however once you realize and accept that there are clear signs of mental health disorder in a person it is important to get the condition diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.

Follow these simple suggestions if you wish to maintain good mental health for you:

  • Seeking professional health when needed
  • Connecting better with others
  • Keeping a positive outlook
  • Becoming physically more active
  • Helping others as well
  • Getting sufficient sleep
  • Developing mental management skills


With thousands of people from all over the world have benefited and regained their mental health back to a positive one.

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Mental Health – Means and Ways to be Emotionally Strong


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