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Thoughtful Thursday – April 9th

Good morning,

I’m Sammy Kale, a Chiropractor at Chiro.London Fulham. Just like most people, I’m adjusting to the new reality of increased time at home. Of course, there are certain groups of essential workers who may be finding themselves with more shifts and less downtime than ever before (big love to these people!), but for the majority of the population, home is the new normal.

As humans, the world we are used to is so highly stimulating that our brains are programmed to constantly seek sensory engagement. However, rather than being preoccupied by our external environment, we are instead in isolation, with much more attention afforded to our inner dialogue. Those of us who may remember previously wishing for the power to ‘slow down time’ or to ‘have a day to ourselves’, are faced with the discomfort, restlessness and confronting reality check associated with now having too much time in our own company.

Boredom slows down time to the rhythm of nature. During this period of increased downtime our days revolve around sunlight, as we often wait for the nicest part of the day to venture out on our daily walk, rather than dragging ourselves through the dark to our routine 6am gym class. We are also paying more attention to meal times, staying at home to cook with family rather than eating out or on-the-go. Lots of us are relying on flora and fauna – pets and/or plants – for comfort. We have more appreciation for being out in the fresh air than ever before.

A lot of people are feeling anxious, worried that lack of movement, fresh air and social contact may be detrimental to their Health. Maybe you’re realising just how important lifting weights had become for your mental health, or you’re noticing what a difference proper desk ergonomics makes after working at the kitchen bench for a week? Or maybe, like many others, you’ve developed a habit of snacking like never before!

But now is not the time to be hard on ourselves. It is instead important to try to harness the power of boredom and, where possible, make the most out of this situation. Some ways to do this include:

  • Intellectual stimulation. Books (I love following the Hello Sunshine book club) and thought-provoking podcasts are great for keeping the mind occupied.
  • Spring cleaning. Here we are in spring, with a little extra time up our sleeves. A clean, clear environment is important for mental health.
  • Meditation. The buzz word of the century, with known benefits for mental clarity and emotional wellbeing.
  • Rest. Often considered a luxury in the crazy lives we choose to live, but oh-so important for the regulation of all health systems.
  • Bodyweight movement. Although we may be without any of our usual gym-based equipment, there are a multitude of platforms providing at-home workouts (you can find some of our favourites here). If this seems like too much for you in this time, we also have some great mobility videos on our websiteand Instagram.
  • Nourishment. Getting back to basics with food and taking note of what we are eating. There is power in understanding each and every ingredient that goes into your food and your body, and satisfaction in knowing you’ve made the meal yourself.
  • Gratitude. Whenever you find yourself thinking, “I wish I could go out and do ___, but I can’t because of lockdown,” write it down and put it in a jar. When our lives go back to normal, you can then find joy in pulling things out of the jar and feeling grateful to be able to complete them, reflecting on a time when you couldn’t.
  • Heighten your senses. Burn or make a nice smelling candle, eat tasty food and try new flavours, and listen to music you enjoy.

The bottom line is, there is a hierarchy of activities in our quest for time-filling. Some activities, such as the ones listed above, will give more satisfaction than the short-lived, fleeting happiness of watching Netflix and scrolling through social media.

Make lemonade out of lemons and you can come out of this situation with something positive – whether it’s a new skill or perhaps a new perspective on what health means to you.

Stay home and stay safe,
Doc Sammy

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Thoughtful Thursday – April 9th


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