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The latest news about shower filters and how they can help you stay healthy. Scientific studies, tips and tricks for a healthier lifestyle.
Why Your Shower Needs A Fluoride Filter
2024-04-19 00:00
The Fluoride in Your Water: A Double-Edged Sword Fluoride has long been celebrated for its role in enhancing dental health, which is why it's a staple in many municipal water systems, endor… Read More
Liberate Your Shower Head From Limescale
2023-09-08 03:25
Greetings, fellow shower lovers! We've all experienced it – stepping into the shower, ready for a refreshing start to your day, only to be met with an unappealing sight: a shower head… Read More Summer Sale 2022
2022-07-22 04:18
HOT SUMMER SALE 🚿 On your second shower? Third?  We've increased the coupon from 10% to 15% for one week! Get a great deal on a Shower Filter today! Hurry - Your 15% C… Read More
Top 3 Shower Filters For Summer
2022-07-08 05:03
Some people love it, some people loath it - but no matter what you think about it, you can't get away from it. It's summer in the United Kingdom and this year, it's a scorcher!In early June… Read More
How Does A Shower Filter Stop Hair Loss?
2021-07-23 05:36
Scalp calcification, have you ever heard of it? Probably not. But it is one major factor when it comes to hair loss in many people all over the world. Sure there are many factors involved w… Read More
Does A Shower Filter Work In Hot Water?
2021-05-24 05:09
Often our customers will email us or call us and ask if a shower filter will work in hot water. So we thought we'd go ahead and write this little blog article so that we can share some infor… Read More
Can A Shower Filter Help Acne?
2020-10-23 04:17
Let's face it - acne is a pain in the butt (actually usually a pain on the face!). It can hurt and it can look awful. Acne always seems to come when you least need it, maybe when you're ge… Read More
Best Shower Filter For Well Water
2020-10-09 03:04
Having been in the shower filter business for over 10 years, we get a lot of different questions about the best type of shower filter. One question we do get asked a lot is from home owner… Read More Autumn Sale - 2020
2020-09-25 04:14
Beleaf it or not, it's already Autumn - get 10% off a new Shower Filter.Autumn Sale - Get Extra 10% Off7 Days Only & Limited StocksBeleaf it or not, it's already Autumn - time to change… Read More
Why Do I Itch After A Shower?
2020-07-10 04:06
Customers often email or call us and ask if a shower filter will help them stop feeling itchy after a shower. As we've had so many queries about this, we thought we'd go ahead and write an… Read More
Will A Shower Filter Help My Hair?
2020-07-02 05:35
Customers often contact us and ask us, will a shower filter help my hair? Sometimes it's in relation to hair that is limp and lifeless, sometimes it's because their hair is falling out exce… Read More
How Long Does A Shower Filter Last?
2020-06-26 06:02
OK - so this is probably the number 1 question we are asked by our thousands of customers over the last 10 or more years that we've been in business selling shower filters. So we wanted to… Read More
What Is A Fixed Head Shower Filter?
2020-04-03 02:54
Shower Filters come in many different shapes and sizes, from hand held shower filters to inline shower filters and even fixed head shower filters. So in this article we are going to discuss… Read More
What Is A Hand Held Shower Filter?
2020-03-13 04:45
So you've stumbled across this article probably from Google or from some other search engine and you've heard of this wonderful thing called a Hand Held Shower Filter or maybe you're just lo… Read More
How To Remove Chloramines From Shower Water
2020-02-21 03:37
We've all heard of Chlorine and it's something we all experience on a daily basis. From the time we are pretty young we can notice chlorine in our water tap water and have become accustomed… Read More
New Product - Ionic Hand Held Shower Filter
2019-08-29 06:18
Today we wanted to introduce you to yet another new product in our 2019 summer product collection, the Ionic Hand Held Shower Filter. This is one of our best value products and is a great ad… Read More
Vitamin C Shower Filter
2019-08-22 03:56
During the last few months we have been busily working away behind the scenes here at to make huge improvements to our product offerings. We have revitalised some of our ex… Read More
The Best Hard Water Shower Filter
2019-04-11 05:11
The United Kingdom has a problem and it's a big one. We have a problem with Hard Water. It clogs our washing machines, our dishwashers, it leaves horrible sediment inside our kettles, it cau… Read More
Low Pressure Shower Filters
2019-03-28 01:41
One of the most pressing buying decisions a customer makes when looking for a shower filter is whether or not the shower filter will reduce their water pressure. That's why we offer two s… Read More
2019-03-21 04:08
Reason 1 : Get rid of harmful chlorine in tap water We all know (or if we don't, we really should!) that tap water contains Chlorine. Often we can smell it in our water as we turn on the tap… Read More

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