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Scientific Benefits of Pranayam

Pranayam: Then and Now

Hundred years ago, the yogi practicing Pranayam, did’nt need any proof or study to practice Pranayam. He just “felt the difference in his mind-body-energy” and he knew that he had hit the jackpot.

Overtime, science studied and published the benefits of Pranayam. Which made the world acknowledge the benefits of practicing different Breathing techniques. Thus, recognising the importance of Pranayam.

Pranayam affects the autonomic nervous system (ANS). Which  controls physical processes such as digestion, respiration, heart rate, immune function and excretion. Thereby, influencing the overall well-being.

Scientific Benefits of Pranayam

1. Cardio-vascular and Blood circulation

Pranayam activates the Parasympathetic Nervous system. Which significantly lowers their systolic and diastolic pressure. Thereby, lowering the heart rate. Also,  it relaxes the muscles, which inturn helps us feel relaxed and peaceful.

Nitric Oxide is a blood vessel dilator. When Nitric Oxide follows the air on the inhalation through the nose; the alveoli expand, which means that a greater amount of blood can pass through the blood vessels and be oxidized.

2. Brain wave activty

Practicing pranayam induces brain wave activity, similar to meditation. Thus, it induces a state of calm, clarity and we feel connected to our environment. Infact, yogic breathing exercises are increasingly used in psychotherapy.

3. Diabetes

Diaphragmatic breathing was found to significantly lower oxidative stress. This is important as oxidative stress is associated with hyperglycemia. Which can lead to diabetes. Thus, Diaphragmatic breathing benefits diabetics, significantly.

4. Abdominal homeoststis

Yoga is highly recommended to people with digestive issues such as acid reflux, gas, constipation,  etc. As a lot of asans-pranayam benefit the abdominal organs. Therefore, practice simple asanas and breathing exercises  happy and healthy stomach.

5. Recovery and Resilience

Pranayam lowers the cortisol levels and reactive oxygen metabolites. While  improving the antioxidant levels including melatonin. Thereby, various breathing techniques are used for recovering from high levels of physical wear and tear, also exhaustion. Ex: Athletes, sports-people etc.

Doctors are increasingly prescribing yoga classes and pranayam practice to all their patients. As they are powerful tools to imrove your health, wellness and quality of life. Don’t be fooled by their simplicity. As Simplicity processes the miracles in our life.

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Scientific Benefits of Pranayam


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