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Isha Blog – With Sadhguru know about Yoga, Meditation, lifestyle and other wellbeing blogs. Feel the endless amount of positivity of with us. Happy Browsing.
The Origins Of Tibetan Buddhism
2018-05-29 07:31
Contrary to popular understanding, the origins of Buddhism are not traced to Tibet, but to India. Sadhguru traces the roots of Buddhism back to the source of Gautama the Buddha, and explains… Read More
From Effort To Effortlessness
2018-05-28 06:26
Exploring the relationship between intense effort and effortlessness, Sadhguru discusses what it takes to transcend the need for physical action. The post From Effort to Effortlessness appea… Read More
Dispelling The Shadow Of The Dead
2018-05-25 09:21
Sadhguru explains how our dead ancestors continue to “live” through and influence us in many ways. Sadhguru delves into samskara and the struggle to become free from genetic memo… Read More
Devi’s Embrace
2018-05-23 14:46
US Yantra Ceremony Glimpses The post Devi’s Embrace appeared first on The Isha Blog Read More
How To Deal With The Loss Of A Loved One?
2018-05-18 10:24
When we lose a loved one, Sadhguru says, it is the time to cherish the memories of how they enhanced our life, not to fall into grief and depression. He discusses dropping the illusions of t… Read More
Memory, Consciousness, And Coma
2018-05-16 10:48
On this Spot, Sadhguru shares a video clip from his recent conversation with medical scientists on “Memory, Consciousness, and Coma.” Also, scroll through the photos from the eve… Read More
Leadership – Finding The Order In Chaos
2018-05-14 09:10
For a leader, is it better to work towards structure or allow the “rule of the jungle”? Sadhguru explains, chaos is not a choice, but by designing according to differences in peo… Read More
Stand Up For Democracy
2018-05-11 15:56
In this Spot video, Sadhguru shares his deep concern about alarming levels of corruption undermining the democratic process in India and many other parts of the world. He says, “If we… Read More
2018-05-07 14:43
The source of creation is active in every creature on the planet, Sadhguru says, but in human beings, there is a possibility present in no other creature. This can lead to a seemingly unique… Read More
Does The Law Of Attraction Really Work?
2018-05-03 05:59
In this engaging excerpt from an “In Conversation with the Mystic” event, Rakul Preet Singh, the popular film actress quizzes Sadhguru about the “the law of attraction,&rd&hell…Read More
Buddha’s Grace And Moony Madness
2018-05-02 15:35
In this Spot, Sadhguru shares a recording of him chanting “Buddham Sharanam Gachhami” during the Buddha Purnima darshan at the Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in Tennessee a few… Read More
How Meditation Can Save The Earth
2018-04-21 03:00
Meditation can do wonders for an individual’s wellbeing, but can it save the planet? During Earth Day celebrations at Isha Institute of Inner-sciences in the USA, Sadhguru explains tha… Read More
2018-04-19 07:05
During a meet with participants of the Isha Sacred Walks trip to Kailash, Sadhguru discusses how to wear down the mountain of falsehoods we have built up in our lives. With so much weight on… Read More
Dreams And Visions – Accessing The Beyond
2018-04-17 03:00
During a conversation with filmmaker, fashion designer, poet and artist Muzaffar Ali, Sadhguru disentangles the definitions of visions, dreams, mysticism and occult. A dream is another dimen… Read More
What Does It Take To Transform The Nation?
2018-04-13 03:00
A questioner asks whether it will take spiritual enlightenment to transform the nation. Sadhguru answers that the requirements are not really that mystical. The post What Does It Take to Tra… Read More
Are We Better Off Without Emotions?
2018-04-12 03:00
When emotions get out of hand, they seem to bring us so much trouble. A seeker wonders, wouldn’t we be better off without them? Sadhguru responds… The post Are We Better Off Wit… Read More
Be With Me
2018-04-11 14:13
In this Spot, Sadhguru explains what he means when he says, “Be with me.” In a departure from the conventional idea of “being with someone or something,” Sadhguru giv… Read More
Brahma And The First Fundamentalist Act
2018-04-04 14:43
Spirituality, Sadhguru says, is a journey towards clarity, not certainty. He narrates the story of Brahma’s lie which signified the first fundamentalist act, an attempt to draw a borde… Read More
The First Inner Engineering Class In Russia
2018-04-04 08:31
From the time when 10 tourists from Russia came to the Isha Yoga Center in 2016, Isha has made significant inroads into the country. Volunteers share some interesting stories from the first… Read More
Entrepreneurship Isn’t Just A Money-Game
2018-03-31 03:30
Sadhguru explains that it is not money alone that drives a successful entrepreneur, and looks at the fundamental qualities of those who have made it big in business. The post Entrepreneurshi… Read More
Spring Is Near – A Personal Update
2018-03-29 08:08
In this Spot, Sadhguru sends a quick note from the US Ashram (iii), updating us on his past week in New York and Toronto, as well as his present preparations for the upcoming Samyama program… Read More
Rama’s Life – A Lesson In Freedom
2018-03-25 08:07
Sadhguru and actress Rakul Preet Singh discuss how to live a beautiful life. Sadhguru gives the example of Rama as achieving a different kind of freedom – the freedom to maintain one&r&hell…Read More
Rallying In The Snow – A Personal Update
2018-03-22 13:44
In this Spot, Sadhguru gives a personal update from snowy New York, where he speaks on two occasions at the United Nations headquarters, raising awareness about India’s threatened rive… Read More
Poetry And Inner Experience
2018-03-21 06:35
On the occasion of World Poetry Day, enjoy this conversation between Sadhguru and Muzaffar Ali on the expression of profound inner experience. The post Poetry and Inner Experience appeared f… Read More
When I’m Gone
2018-03-15 09:32
In this Spot, Sadhguru throws light on what will happen after he leaves his body, dispelling any possible concerns of those who have been touched by him as a Guru. Also, click through the sl… Read More
Don’t School Your Breath
2018-03-13 14:21
During Sadhguru’s first-ever Inner Engineering program in Hong Kong, a participant asks a question about holding the breath in different ways within the body. The post Don’t Scho… Read More
How The Chakras Form In A Fetus
2018-03-09 03:30
When and how do the chakras form after conception? Sadhguru describes the process and approximate timeline. The post How the Chakras Form in a Fetus appeared first on The Isha Blog Read More
Of Aspirations, Whims And Desires
2018-03-02 09:33
Most people, Sadhguru says, have whims, desires and longings in their lives, but they have no aspirations. If we let our whims lead us here and there, only in the final moment will we see li… Read More
A Phenomenal Shift
2018-03-01 16:06
In this Spot, Sadhguru personally updates us with a spoken message on his past week. In view of the ever-increasing, overwhelming response he receives wherever he goes, Sadhguru also states… Read More
Don’t Pay Attention, Just Be Attentive
2018-02-27 05:49
How to pay attention to everything? Sadhguru says, don’t try to pay attention to anything. Just become more attentive, and you won’t miss a thing. The post Don’t Pay Atten… Read More
Why Enlightenment Seems Far Away
2018-02-23 07:46
When enlightenment seems far away, what is it that’s missing? Sadhguru answers... The post Why Enlightenment Seems Far Away appeared first on The Isha Blog Read More
My Yoga – Poem
2018-02-21 15:25
In this Spot, Sadhguru shares his poem “My Yoga,” which he wrote today in the midst of the intense Samyama program. “Lost all sense about Sounds / and Silence. In utter Cha… Read More
Epics – A Lively Form Of History
2018-02-17 07:28
In this excerpt of “In Conversation with the Mystic”, Kavitha Kalvakuntla, Member of Parliament from Telangana, probes Sadhguru about magic, men’s perspectives towards wome… Read More
2018-02-16 08:30
Do we need to believe in God to live a good life? Sadhguru looks at the key to how you can live absolutely well. The post Can You Live Life Without God? appeared first on The Isha Blog Read More
What A Night!
2018-02-14 18:02
In this Spot, Sadhguru shares his personal thoughts and observations about the nightlong celebrations of Mahashivratri 2018. Check out the video with Sadhguru’s message and click throu… Read More
Adiyogi – The Shiva: Vital For Our Times
2018-02-13 03:30
Why do we still speak about Adiyogi, the Shiva, today in modern times? Sadhguru explains, Adiyogi is vital for our times because there is nothing more important right now than raising human… Read More
Sahasrar Chakra –  Inebriation And Ecstasy
2018-02-10 12:07
In this last installment of our series on the seven chakras, Sadhguru enters the realm of Sahasrar, where inebriation and ecstasy abound. He explains why it is not a place for one to inhabit… Read More
Making Of A Great Being
2018-02-09 05:27
Is it possible today to create another great being such as Agastya Muni? Sadhguru explains, even for the Saptarishis, there was no special birth or star alignment – rather they built t… Read More
Perception Or Inertia – Your Choice
2018-02-07 16:51
In this Spot, Sadhguru defines superstition and science, the impact of food on one’s perception, and in turn the correlation between our perception and the quality and experience of ou… Read More
2018-02-01 08:58
Celebrity chef Sanjeev Kapoor asks Sadhguru about the perceived conflict between doing something to give joy and doing something to receive joy. The post Being Joyful Beyond Circumstances a… Read More
Here – Yes Here
2018-01-31 08:12
With his latest poem “Here – Yes Here,” Sadhguru destroys false hopes of heaven, exposes those who use promises of heaven to turn “mortal men into immortal menace&rdq&hell…Read More
Devotion: Being In The Lap Of The Divine
2018-01-30 05:49
During the culmination of the 21-day Shivanga Sadhana for ladies on Thaipoosam 2014, Sadhguru addressed the thousands of devotees on the power of devotion to break all limitations and live b… Read More
2018-01-28 07:44
As we enter the new year, Sadhguru explains that there is no need for resolutions to make ourselves more joyful, as joy is our natural inclination. By keeping accounts, we can track whether… Read More
Adi Shankara – What Makes A Great Being?
2018-01-24 11:21
In this Spot, Sadhguru describes what made Adi Shankara who he was, why his origin is a symbol for the core nature and strength of this nation, and how what he stands for is relevant in the… Read More
Agna Chakra – Clarity Beyond Color
2018-01-20 06:35
In this part of our series about the seven chakras, Sadhguru describes the Agna chakra, its qualities, its connection with the state of vairagya, and its association with the Isha Yoga Cente… Read More
The Story Of Markandeya And Kalabhairava
2018-01-19 10:09
Sadhguru narrates the story of Markandeya and how he was saved from death itself by Kala Bhairava. The post The Story of Markandeya and Kalabhairava appeared first on The Isha Blog Read More
Why We Need Our Indigenous Cattle
2018-01-17 12:15
In this Spot, Sadhguru takes up the issue of endangered indigenous cattle breeds. Pointing out their unique value for the land and the people, for nutrition and wellbeing, he says, “In… Read More
Can Grief Be A Vehicle For Growth?
2018-01-13 08:13
Sadhguru relates a tragic yet inspiring story to illustrate how human beings can use any situation to create wellbeing for themselves and those around them. The post Can Grief be a Vehicle… Read More
Culmination – Poem
2018-01-11 11:27
On this Spot, Sadhguru shares his new poem “Culmination,” in which he reveals parallels between his poetry, creation, and himself, in terms of their fundamental nature. He conclu… Read More
Vishuddhi Chakra – The Power Of Blue
2018-01-08 09:19
In this part of our series about the seven chakras, Sadhguru touches on the Vishuddhi. Find out why Sadhguru generally does not give Sadhana related to this chakra, what possibilities an act… Read More
How To Live The Best Life Possible
2018-01-03 16:25
On this Spot, Sadhguru cautions that setting goals means depriving yourself of greater possibilities. If you want to lead a truly successful life, there is a better way to approach it, he po… Read More
Shivanga Sadhana: A Tool To Rise
2018-01-02 04:45
While speaking to a group of women participating in the Shivanga Sadhana, Sadhguru discusses the significance of completing such periods of sadhana. He describes sadhana as a tool to rise an… Read More
2018-01-01 10:20
Offering straight talk on the nature of relationships, Sadhguru explains that there is no such thing as conditional love or unconditional love. There is either love or no love, he says, and… Read More
Solstice – Poem
2017-12-27 15:29
On this Spot, following the winter solstice, Sadhguru shares another poem. “With passover of Solstice done/Much warmth and light/Is coming our way” The post Solstice – Poem… Read More
Don’t Wait ‘til Death To Come Alive!
2017-12-25 02:30
A survivor of a near-death incident asks Sadhguru how to experience life more intensely. Instead of waiting for your car to crash, says Sadhguru, you can be alive to life in every moment. T… Read More
2017-12-21 16:20
In this week’s spot, Sadhguru sets our heads spinning with his recent event schedule. He demonstrates how much it’s actually possible to pack into a week! The post Sleeping on My… Read More
Sadhguru On River-Interlinking And Dams
2017-12-19 09:51
While river inter-linking may be a hot-button political topic in many states, can it really offer a sustainable solution for India’s water woes? Sadhguru discusses the possibilities an… Read More
Russia Gets A Taste Of Isha
2017-12-17 07:39
A gateway to inner dimensions opens up for Russia at Isha Yoga Center. The post Russia Gets a Taste of Isha appeared first on The Isha Blog Read More
2017-12-13 07:21
On this Spot, Sadhguru writes a poem, offering us a rare glimpse into who he is. “Alone, as even Shiva has abandoned /me from being a companion.” The post Profoundly alone &ndash&hell…Read More

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