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Using Technology | Using Technology | Episode 2998

Using Technology can be daunting. It can be tough to work with at times and make life seem harder. Is it the technology or our lack of patience and focus? Join me (JB Glossinger) today, as I discuss how to use technology and also maintain focus.

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Using Technology | Using Technology | Episode 2998

[00:00:15] Good Morning and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name is J.B. Glosssinger and this is a your personal evolution system. Thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome, and I’m so glad you’re with me today as Hey we’re getting ready to rock n roll and put some great energy out there because that’s what we do. We’re having some fun. It’s a Saturday and we’re moving towards Christmas we’re moving towards the new year and this is just a great time because you can kind of refocus your goals, reset on what you want to do, reorganize and get yourself set up for the new year. No matter what this year has brought, no matter what 2017 has brought, It’s always a good time to get organized and structured and get ready to have some fun as we move into the New Year. All right so today we’re going to be going over using technology and talking a little bit about that. This week has been about technology and really going over that. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve so we’re going to take a little break from that and talk about the beauty of Christmas Eve. I’m going to share some of the things in my past that have helped that. But today we’re going to kind of finish up on systems Saturday here talking about technology and the truth is that we want to use technology to make life easier.

[00:01:31] It’s actually made it harder for many people I remember. I’m old enough I’m dating myself, I remember when computers were really getting going in the 80s and we said gosh nobody’s going to have to work, nobody’s going to do anything, the computers will do everything. Actually the opposite happened it sped up time. It makes everybody work harder and it’s been a little more challenging. Now I have to tell you if it wasn’t for technology I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t be doing this right now. I mean it’s a beautiful thing but it hasn’t made it easier. It’s made some things easier. Let’s put it that way but it’s allowed us tools to use but it hasn’t stopped us from needing to work it just giving us tools so that we can work smarter. Look here I am you know 10 years 11 years after I started my podcast which was a lot of fun, videoing broadcasting Multiple Camera Shots and I got my new camera coming in which is going to be great today. I’m excited about that,but you know we’re broadcasting multiple camera shots. If you’re not watching on YouTube you’re listening to the podcast or the coach cast. You know I just showed the other camera and I’m recording and putting this out to the world. So basically I’m a TV and a radio station all rolled up in one. Now could you imagine telling somebody this in the 70s what they would have thought better than a lock you up.

[00:02:45] They didn’t institutionalize you. Wow that was a tough word to get out this morning. They would of locked you up and the truth is that they wouldn’t have been able to see it. Here we are now where podcasting is the radio I just got an article I put it up on Facebook a million cars are being built in Detroit with a podcast player built in and really YouTube is becoming the new TV and video,

[00:03:11] personal video is really taken over like the reality TV and stuff that’s like the blogs. It’s amazing to me and I think it’s great. I think what’s beautiful is a guy like me could now become, compete with major corporations where we couldn’t do that, we couldn’t, I couldn’t compete with NBC or with NBC Radio and NBC TV but now I am NBC and same with you. You can use technology to make your life easier so you don’t have to work so hard. We got to understand the systems we’re going to use now. Does it mean that the ship has sailed that we’ve missed the boat. If you haven’t started using technology well let’s use me as an example. I started podcasting in 2006 2007 and YouTube really hit about 2009. I could have been doing this on YouTube years ago but I tried various different ways and I could just never get it right. It was challenging for me, I never got the view count.

[00:04:05] In reality if I had stuck with it I would have been much further than I would be right now, but here’s the whole truth. It doesn’t matter. This is the third show I’m doing on YouTube so you got to start somewhere and there’s an old proverb that says the best time to plant an oak tree was 20 years ago or today, and so at some point you just got to start doing things.

[00:04:26] For me it’s a great example of me just learning how to use a new technology and getting into the youtube thing making it easy. Developing the workflow understanding the technology so that I can do it quick and efficiently so that it can still fit into my lifestyle as you know I love what I do. I can have fun I can golf everyday I can do those things, but I’ve got to be able to have structure and not be editing video all day.In order to do that I had to really understand some technology to get some new cameras and understand how it works some new software, so that everything works and makes it easier for me. Now I’ve been doing assessments and I want to make a point about assistance because Tanya in Australia I love her to death Tanya’s been with me a long time. We are talking about her assessment and I’m using some technology with them and I’ll explain that in a minute but I was reading her assessment and she made a great point because she talked about bitcoin and she’s involved in some Bitcoin stuff and I just want to make this point. I am not against Bitcoin, I know yesterday it kind of sounds like it sometimes it sounds like I’m anti career, anti bitcoin, sometimes even anti MLM, anti internet marketing right. I’m not against any of those things, I just want you to understand I’m not into the hype, I want you to find the things that you’re passionate about. My friend Ronnie Gage is a quadruple diamond in one company and he loves the MLM industry.

[00:05:41] He’s not joining his companies because he wants to make money. He’s joining because he absolutely loves it. Bitcoin,

[00:05:48] I think Bitcoin’s super cool. I really I’m a nerd. How could I not like crypto currencies. What I don’t like is the speculation and hype, I don’t like somebody just throwing their whole life into it and getting a mortgage because they believe that this is going to create the freedom for them when it’s not about the money.

[00:06:02] So for me and I want to bring this up because I love Tonya and she’s rocking it. She’s got a great program she’s doing and I think sometimes when people listen to me they it sounds, First of all because I’m so into freedom and lifestyle that I’m anti career and I’m not. If you find a career that you love and you love to go to work everyday let’s do it. It’s all about you. Everybody has a different experience. Then let’s talk about some of the Bitcoin hype. Look if you’re into it and you love it and want to become the expert then just don’t just do it, do it. Get into it and do it like you’ve never done it before. Just don’t jump into things because of the hype and the money because that’s when you normally it doesn’t work out and I just want to make that point. So back to talking about these assessments. So if you’re watching me for the first time listen me a first time level 2 MorningCoach which is our MorningCoach membership which we just opened up. I personally help people move forward through the levels we have 13 levels, and right now we’re moving people level to level three and in the next two weeks we’re going to be moving people in to level 3 in order to do that. You’ve got to send your sacred 6 assessment sheet in which looks like this and a lot of people are typing up their own. If you’re listening you know what that is.

[00:07:07] They send it in and I review it. I personally review all of these and a lot of people have been shocked because I’m using new technology which is easier for me which is a video technology. I’m actually videoing my response to the assessment instead of typing up an e-mail. You need to do this or you need to do that or giving you a thumbs up or thumbs down on kind of my coaching to you in these assessments and I’m using video technology so I can send that off rather quickly. It’s working great. Love it and it’s a new technology instead of doing e-mails. I can do video. So again what’s happened well I’ve been able to expand the business and help other people around the world because I’ve been able to build MorningCoach in a way that I can get the message out every day very fast and efficient. Which I’m doing here and now I’m taking it to the next level which I believe is divinely inspired. I truly do. Which allows me to look at each individual person move them through the levels have a little more contact at such a low price and nobody can do it at the level that I’m doing it because we have so many people but it allows me to affect more people and it’s just a really great technological system. And I still can’t help people without spending you know a thousand hours. And this is a beautiful thing.

[00:08:25] What we’ve been able to create here and again I personally believe just like in 2006 when I was starting the podcasts and I said it would be the radio of the future which is now becoming that this system the way that I’m coaching the way that I’m helping people in 10 11 years you’ll see a lot more people doing it. They just haven’t been able to embrace that technology. That’s why I’m ahead of the game and you’re ahead of the game being here.

[00:08:47] The ability for me to actually work with you wherever you out in the world and we have people in Australia and Japan and Europe and the United States all over the world and Colombia and Brazil.

[00:08:59] We have people all over the world and I can work with all of them everybody because of this technology and it’s beautiful. So the idea here is that we want to embrace technology to allow us to expand our reach or just make our lives easier.

[00:09:14] Now I want you to remember that is very important. When I was in my career in aerospace and I was 35 and dying I mean I literally went to a hospital because I thought I have a heart attack. Looked like I was 90 and I’m going to share some of those pictures on Facebook. It literally looked really old. I looked like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. It was terrible. I didn’t understand tech, I was a two fingered typist and even I couldn’t spell internet, I didn’t even know what the Internet was when I started all this, I had to learn all this, I had to learn to type. You know I had to learn how to how to use a microphone and how to put this into a computer and how to put this out ahead and learn how to you know how to shoot video and how to do all this stuff you know how to put a website together and it’s just been a process of always learning always being a beginner. Remember what we learned from the metaphysical principles which is really what this shows about right is that when when the student is ready the teacher will appear. But you’ve got to be willing to be the student first. That’s such an important part and it’s amazing. Now things will just fall together, I think that the What’s Up group and what’s app. But I always say what’s up.

[00:10:19] What’s up group and how good it’s going and that people are engaging they’re thinking about Facebook and how I had a secret group and how to get a separate phone for for the MorningCoach group, and this just all fell into place because when the student is ready the teacher appear I think about you know now we’re really going after this to grow this to help more people because we’ve got a system that really works now and how I was talking to my friend Danny Ini who does some great things in business and he said J.B. hey why don’t you come over to my mastermind January 8th and 9th and hang out with us for a couple of days. So. Wow. Here we go another chance to be a student. So you’ve got to learn to be a student with all of this stuff and eat it up. YouTube’s a great place to learn. You can find coaches like me who can help, you can hire individual coaches like me and I work with you personally, or you can do a system like MorningCoach. There’s so many ways to get education and now it’s awesome. Again one of the big things is we start to get our systems in place for the new year is that we have our focus and that’s why this sacred 6 is so important. It’s why you have some structure and you understand what you’re doing because too much can be way too much. Like I couldn’t have grabbed a separate phone and started learning an Android system, If I wasn’t organized enough and I think that’s the other issue that we have as we end up buying a lot of cameras and we buy things and we don’t have enough time to really focus on them because we’ve never done our sacred six.

[00:11:45] We haven’t done our assessment right, we haven’t really figured out which are the things that we are going to be focusing on and then apply technology to them instead of doing things and just you know running from thing,to thing, to thing, which is what we all do and I still do it but every day for me it’s about getting some focus every single day getting some focus. What are the things that I’ve got to do in the big picture and progress forward. Enjoying it, enjoying it all the way to because remember life is being lived as we plan as we do these things and it’s important we are enjoying this process. So you want to find your systems. You want to find your system. So for most people that could be just a CRM and their cell phones and how they’re going to use. So for me you know the primary thing that I have gotten into is the Apple world. I use all Apple stuff and it is neither good or bad. I’m not a fanboy it’s just they got me in their system, and I use their tools. Now I’m starting to get a little bit of an android. And I like it.

[00:12:48] I think it’s good and I’m using that from my MorningCoach membership because I wanted to learn a new system now I haven’t switched everything over but I can use some of their processes. So make sure you have one system that you’re organized with. This is a personal evolution system. So you have this. This is a great place to start your day. If you’re here watching this listen to this. You’re different than ninety nine point nine percent of the people out there doing something within your personal evolution. You’re hearing what you need to hear, and I believe you’re supposed to be here, you’re supposed to be here right now. There’s a reason you’re hearing this and as you hear this start to say OK what are my what is my technology system going to be what what am I going to use. Am I going to have a camera or am I going to start to use my phone. Then once you establish that like OK this is what I’m going to use technology for because it fits in your sacred six and everybody’s different. Right. You may be doing what I’m doing, you may be doing, You may be a chef but it doesn’t mean that you can’t utilize technology and what you do. What you want to do is you want to learn one thing daily. You want to learn a little bit more every day. How can I use this camera a little bit better.

[00:13:53] Right now my thing is growing so we’re looking at YouTube and how can we expand on there how can we get the you know the coach cast the podcasts out to more people so I’m looking at technology how can I get my cameras to work better and efficient more efficient so I can get this message out and do a couple of multiple camera shots so it’s not so boring with me just being a talking head. I’m learning those things and then I’m going to do some fun stuff also because I got a new Rilo 360 camera and stuff and I’m learning how to use my phones to do some more fun stuff as I put energy out there because I want to help people. Then again like I said using this new technology I’m using for the assessments which allows me to have somebody send a question in and literally work with them and I love that and for my personal coaching clients it’s really big that I spent a lot of time with them, then for MorningCoach members who want just a little bit and need some guidance. There’s nobody doing this. It allows me to do it and be so efficient. It’s awesome, So I want to learn a little bit more about that every day. Pick your technology, what are you learning and then start focusing on it and if you don’t have a coach and you don’t have structure then look at what we’re doing go to and clickjoin and get involved with our levels and get involved with the assessment structure and allow us,

[00:15:09] Allow me, you know to help you structure what your life’s going to be and the things you’re going to do and then get you to level three and the Triad’s and create some accountability because I’m telling you what this is going to be a great year, best year of my life is coming. This has been a great year for me. This light years are going to be even better, and the reason I believe that is because I have the technology in place to really impact a lot of people and we’re all going to come together and I don’t have a lot of people. That’s what my dream is so I want to help you find your dream so that you can start putting together the technology and the things that help you so you can reach people or you can build your business or you can have a better relationship or you can connect more spiritually. That’s what we’re here doing. OK. So I love you I do.

[00:15:51] Let’s get out there and have an amazing day, if you need me just get a hold of me. You know how to get a hold of me.

[00:15:57] That’s what we’re doing here at MorningCoach and if you haven’t had a chance to check out what we’re doing go over and click the join button on so you can get started right away and we can start helping you live those dreams and hit those goals because that’s what it’s about, because 2018 is going to be great.

[00:16:12] All right. Go out there have a great day and I will be back tomorrow to keep you going. Right here on Go out there and have a phenomenal day.

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Using Technology | Using Technology | Episode 2998


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