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Merry Christmas | Merry Christmas | Episode 3000

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I am excited to bring you episode 3000 of MorningCoach on Christmas day. What an amazing run it has been and I am pumped to do another 1000+ more. I thank you for being here and being a part of this. You have made my life and other involved what is it today. Massive gratitude to you.

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Merry Christmas | Merry Christmas | Episode 3000

[00:00:15] Good Morning and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us. As you know my name’s J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re with me today. Hey we’re rocking and rolling and taking it on. It is Christmas. Hey Merry Christmas. No matter whether you celebrate it or you don’t, whatever you believe, Let’s just have a great day to day it’s Christmas. Right. So let’s have a great one no matter where you’re at in the world.

[00:00:47] Let’s put some good energy and enjoy this day. I’m excited because not only is it Christmas, No not only is it we’re getting ready to start the new year,

[00:00:57] but it’s also episode 3000. I can’t believe that I’ve done 3000 episodes. If you’d had told me when I started this that I would have done 3000 episodes I would of said are you crazy who does 3000 episodes.

[00:01:11] I’ve been here every day to give you some great energy and really in the history of MorningCoach We started off Monday through Friday. So there was probably nine years Monday through Friday and finally last year into 2016, it’s actually going to be two years now, but I decided to go every single day and there’s a reason for that. The reason I decided to go every single day is because I feel that you need to have that consistency even through the weekend. A lot of times people when I was doing it Monday through Friday would drop off on the weekends and wouldn’t get going again and that’s you know it doesn’t help. It doesn’t help you with the consistency and really one of the key things here at MorningCoach is consistency helping you every day to think differently because we’ve got to get that mind thinking differently in order to make the changes that we want to make in our life. That’s what we’re doing together as we celebrate Episode 3000 here.

[00:02:06] Couple of quick notes I want to thank Helen and Olaf. Helen sent in a nice recording it was beautiful. Thank you so much. Olaf did a good morning in German and I thought it was so awesome. We’ll bring that into the show

[00:02:19] at some point, and also thank you for 3000 so thank you both of you. That was awesome and everybody that has given me well wishes. I really thank you for just being cool and thanking me for this milestone and congratulating me on my milestone because it is pretty cool. 3000 episodes has been a journey and there’s been a lot of ups and downs and ins and outs and it’s just getting better. The levels are going amazing. We’re getting the graphics in and the badges and which I’m really excited about. We get to level one badge in, it’s so cool and we’re going to be bringing more the badges and what are the badges, Well we’re going get some stickers printed and some t shirts and all kinds of stuff at whatever level you’re at. Which is a lot of fun and we got some really great things happen in this new year and starting this week. Today is Monday and as you know Monday we’ve got a lot going on. So what do we have going on this week. Well today being Christmas the 25th we’re just going to talk a little bit about Christmas and just kind of get organized for the new year. I don’t even know if we have our typical listener base on Christmas a lot of times we a lot of people are with our family and that’s cool. I’m going to be here every day I promise you that, but you may be with your family which is which is cool. That’s what it’s about.

[00:03:35] Tomorrow our personal development day we’re going to talk about your personal development plan. We have a lot of people level two starting sending in their assessments. They’re great. I’m getting to all of them, I’m sending them back to you. Look for those. We’re going to do a little bit of a review of that, and that’s really your sacred six and just go over as we get ready to start the new year. Wednesday or metaphysical day, one of my favorite days, we’re going to talk about really having a fresh start. How do we create that ability to just kind of start with a clean slate and the beautiful thing is now we can because we’re coming into the new year and we’re going to be able to create that fresh start of that clean slate. So we’re going to do that. Thursday of course is asked JB if you want to ask me a question it’s very simple. Go over to clicked the button ask. Already got a couple of recordings in, you can record your question which is great. I loved those. I’m still working on how I’m going to put them on the YouTube video but I’ll figure that out. Please record them or you can send the question in there with comments and that’s a great way to ask a question of me if you’ve got something that’s just on your mind.

[00:04:40] Let me tell you this, why I love Thursdays is because if you’ve got a question somebody else does and I want to make sure we get those questions answered OK so let’s make sure we get some questions in please. Friday we’re going to talk about the morning ritual for wealth. Now here’s the deal. That is our final Friday. For those of you in the financial freedom group or actually it’s some organizational group when we get to level 4 we get into debt in the wealth. I want to go over the new spreadsheet and the new year right. So we’ve got a really get organized Friday. Get yourself set up for a great year and you can carry that into Saturday and Sunday. But really this is our time. Whether you’re financially successful or you’ve got you know financial issues, This is our time to get our finances together. This Friday is very important we do that.

[00:05:31] OK. Then Saturday we’re going to do music and we’re going to do the song of the year it’s our system Saturday but we’re you know I’m going I suggest a song of the year and I would want you to come up with one, and remember we do that every year to kind of give the memory of the year. I really like being nostalgic and how do we do that, well if you have a song every year that you put in your notes when you hear that song It kind of takes you back to that year of what 2017 is and we can also pick a song to create the energy for 2018 because we’re going to make this a great year right. That’s what we do on Saturday and Sunday is New Year‘s and we are going to do the famous grape ritual. That’s right. The grape ritual again we get to do it on Sunday because that is New Year’s Eve and we’re going to have some fun with that meaning that Monday is New Year’s and I’m doing something new this year. I’m still kind of trying to figure out how to do it, but at the end of the coach Cast’s what I’m thinking, I don’t really want to do a whole separate coach cast but at the end of the coach cast, we are going to go through the ACIM and what is the ACIM, it is the course in miracles. What we’re going to do is we are going to go at the end of, so if you don’t want to listen that’s fine.

[00:06:46] I know there’s a lot of people that this isn’t pertinent to them which is fine. We are going to go through the 365 lessons in the course in miracles so we will be you just listened to the coach class and the end of it. I’ll say OK we’re going to do at least this is the way I’m think I’m going to do it right now.

[00:07:05] Since there’s 365 and I will be with you 365. That I would just kind of go over the lesson of the day and if you want to hang on for that. You can do it here on the coach cast or watch it on YouTube. That way you’ll have that you will have that available to you. OK so it’s 365 lessons 365 days and we’re talking about the manual for students. I know the book itself can be really challenging. The book is you know a real challenging book. There’s a lot of controversy around it. The manual for students or workbook for students I should say, why I like it so much is because I believe that it helps you identify ego and you connect to your spiritual side a lot deeper regardless of where it comes from or what it’s about. I just think that it really does a great job of connecting you to something really deep and it connects you to spirituality daily. So that’s why I want to add it at the end of the coach cast every day. Again if it’s something you’re not into totally cool you don’t have to listen you can listen to the end and I’ll say we’re down. Then I’ll say OK here’s the deal here’s the lesson for the day. At least that’s how we’re going to do it right now and you know me I live like jazz. Meaning you know it depends on what’s happening.

[00:08:17] We kind of flow with it but we’ll see how the reception is as soon as I get the comments back and forth because that’s what we’ll decide to do as we move into the new year. You may be wondering why and if you watch it on YouTube because I got a collar on. It’s the first YouTube video I think with a collar and I’m actually going to head over to the golf course today to play some golf. That’s why I’m as soon as this is done I am eating a little breakfast and then off to the golf course in case you’re watching, and if you’re listening going Jimmy what are you talking about? I’ve got to remember now that you know I’ve got to do to do this two ways and I’m actually in a collared shirt today and normally if you’ve watch YouTube and saw the recording of what I do normally I’m in a T-shirt or even a tanked top sometimes because that’s just me. That’s what I want you to be this year is a little bit more authentic. This is episode 3000 we’re getting ready to have a great Christmas and that’s what I want you to focus on today. I want you to go out and enjoy it, I appreciate the gratitude and thanks I really do but really it’s about you, I thank you. If it wasn’t for you and your support in the MorningCoach membership I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing. I wouldn’t be able to put a personal evolution system together that that helps you know so many people, and literally this is the year we’re going to break this out because there’s nobody doing what we’re doing.

[00:09:39] At the price you know what we’re doing, I can really impact a lot of people and it’s because of you that we can do that. So on this Christmas I thank you for that, I do believe this is divinely inspired, I believe that there’s a reason, there’s a calling behind all of this whether it’s a sacred six or get out of neutral and now the new structure and organization that we’re doing here at MorningCoach, there’s a reason you’re hearing this. There’s a reason you found this group of people, everything has a reason0aAnd I believe that that connection is being made here at MorningCoach and this year particularly it is going to be really awesome as we start to put some new things in play whether it’s here on YouTube for the next 365 days, whether it’s doing the ACIM, whether it’s also advancing the levels, level one being awakened which we’ve got the wonderful logo for I love that, the badge level wto the twins, Level 3 Triad’s, Level 4 Midus. As we take you through these levels you’re going to continue to progress in your organization. Then all the way through wealth and happiness and joy and then deeper spirituality which is what I love studying my metaphysics and we’re going to get into some of the depths of mysticism and esoteric knowledge and all of that. So it’s going to be a blast. It’s going to be a fun journey together. I’m excited about it. As you know where we’re starting the week with Christmas so you know let’s enjoy that.

[00:11:06] My gift to you is this every single day and your gift to me is showing up and participating and being a part of that. When we do that together and I’m here and you’re here we make a difference in the world and that’s really what it’s about. So I’m going to go hit some golf balls here I’m going to enjoy Episode 3000 and I’m going to celebrate it a little bit. I’m getting ready to do another 4000 and that’s the game plan. I want to get another 4000 another1000 in minimum right. So we’re going to get ready to keep rocking and rolling here MorningCoach. So as always I tell you I love you and I do because again if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t be here, I wouldn’t be able to do this every day, I wouldn’t be out to get this wonderful equipment to be able to you know put this message out every single day. Now we’ve got some great things coming but let’s really get set up this week to have a great year and let’s enjoy it. Let’s take some time away to, let’s clear our mind, let’s talk about this on Wednesday. Don’t miss it. Right. Let’s clear the slate and recognize that we can do whatever we want and this is the year. This is a year it’s going to be amazing. So get out there. Go have a great one, I love you, I do. As always It’s just been another great year.

[00:12:25] It’s another great day, It’s been a great three thousand episodes and here’s to a thousand more.

[00:12:29] Go have a great day I love you, go do it. Enjoy your Christmas.

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Merry Christmas | Merry Christmas | Episode 3000


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