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Stay Committed | How To Stay Committed | Episode 2979

Ever have trouble staying focused on what you need to do? How about staying Committed to your dreams and not falling away from them? Join me (JB Glossinger) on today’s show as we discuss how to stay committed.

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Stay Committed | How To Stay Committed | Episode 2979

[00:00:05] Good Morning,

[00:00:14] and welcome to MorningCoach. Today I am so glad you’re with us.

[00:00:21] As you know my name is J.B. Glossinger and this is your personal evolution system. Thee place to get your day started right.

[00:00:29] Welcome, welcome, welcome.

[00:00:31] I’m so glad you’re with me here to get this December really rockin. I mean it is time to have some fun. It’s the holiday season, It’s the start of the new year coming up, It’s just the best time, It really is, it’s a lot of fun. I want you to feel that energy as we get ready to get organized here and really start focusing on our commitments to make 2018 awesome, and it is going to be. This week we’re going to talk about those commitments. That’s what I want to help you do as we start moving and really organizing what we’re going to go after this year. We need to learn to stay committed and that’s what we’re going to do. Today we’re going to talk about how to stay committed. Tomorrow on our personal development day we’re going to meet a self motivation. How do you get some motivation going. What do we need to do there. Wednesday are deep day we’re going to talk about how to make better decisions choices.

[00:01:22] I just love this one and it’ll help you as we go into this next few weeks which are very dangerous from a health perspective in the way that we take care of ourselves. We’ve got to make some better choices. Thursday of course is ask JB. You can go on the site to, You can either record a question put a comment there those come on the show. I love to answer those and we always have fun on Thursdays and plus if you have a question other people generally have it too. Friday is this idea of commitment and money motivation. Are you financially motivated? Saturday were going to talk about life coaching, because a couple of people asked me what are my opinions and thoughts on this. We’re going to talk about what is a life coach and then Sunday we’re going to talk about spiritual coaching a little bit and what does that pertain to. So big week here at MorningCoach. A lot going on level 2 curriculums coming out. We’re going to be working on one a and one B is what I call it. That is your mission and your values. The reason I called one A one B is because sometimes the values come first, sometimes the mission comes first. We went back and forth with my book, The Sacred six was edited by Hay House six times, six different people looked at it and every editor came back and said Well I think the mission should go first, I think the value should go and

[00:02:42] we could just never settle on what really needed to happen in life. So I call it one a and one B, in the book it’s actually mission but sometimes you have to get your values together and that’s going to be coming to a level two will be working on that. I’ll be reviewing yours as we start putting that together to make sure we’re getting organized for 2018. As we look at this idea of commitment I think the first thing we need to discuss is are you really committed or are you interested, a lot of people are interested. They get really interested in things but they’re not committed to it. I see it a lot of times in this world of like podcasting and doing motivation and coaching, a lot of people will watch some videos. They’ll go on YouTube, they maybe will put a podcast up, they’ll kind of put their toe in the water and they’re interested, they’re interested, but they don’t really ever commit to it. I had to do this every single day and a lot of times I would speak on business or in some areas like the affiliates summit, I close the affiliates summit for a lot of people I was the keynote speaker. Afterwards everybody comes up to me and they always want to know how do I do this. Can I build a business like that. Is there a way to do it, and I say look you got to do it every day.

[00:04:02] They said well I can’t do it everyday I can do it every week or I can do it every month, I think I could do that, and I’m like well I don’t know if that’s successful or not. I do this every single day and now with the levels I’m in the facebook group I’m in the what’s app group and I’m there, I’m committed, to this. So the first question when we start talking about your goals and your dreams, are you really committed to them? Because it’s going to matter when it comes to decisions and that’s the big issue is because we’re consciously making decisions based on our commitment level and we need to know that aspect of things and the only person who could do this is you, you have to be honest with yourself. You can talk to me too you’re blue in the face but if you still are interested and you really know you’re not committed then then you’re not going to get there so we’ve got to find that commitment level. How about procrastination versus commitment. This is a big one. A lot of people put things off because they want everything to be perfect. We’ve heard my story and you probably have you know in the background when I started MorningCoach there was a guy that used to go to the bathroom and he used to flush the toilet and I didn’t edit because I was recording it via the phone on That’s how it started.

[00:05:21] So in the background I would get the noise in the first couple of episodes I didn’t know how to edit so they were really horrible. I mean they were bad but people were listening and people could hear that and I couldn’t hear it because I was doing the show like I’m doing today. My point is and I would put that up on iTunes, and there were times when chaos would bark and the dog would bark in the background and I would put those on iTunes. I still will put it up, I mean if I have something in the background I just have a better studio now than doing this in my kitchen on my kitchen or kitchen table back in the day. The point is I didn’t procrastinate I just did it, I just did it right or wrong I kind of Forrest Gumped it, and I didn’t know what I was doing But I didn’t procrastinate I was committed to it, I was committed to it. I was committed to making a difference out there. So the point is if you’re procrastinating waiting for things to be perfect they never are. You just got to get out there and just do it right. If somebody is going into the bathroom in the background you’ll figure it out and you’ll fix it just like I did. All right so procrastination versus commitment is another big one.

[00:06:28] The other thing we’ve got to talk about is fear versus the huge why. Whenever I get into this and we’re going to get in this heavy as we started talking about goals is that I don’t really care about the goal. I mean at the end of the day I love the fact that you’re going to have some goals or and go after them but what I care about is why you’re going after them. This is a question that I think most of us just don’t ask enough, why do you go to work, why are you doing what you’re doing everyday, why do you want to accomplish something, why do you do the things that you’re doing, and as you get into this big question of why you start to understand, and when you have big enough why’s fears does not exist. Fear won’t exist of course if you get deep and spiritual which is more as we get to higher levels of MorningCoach It’s a big part of this. If you knew who walked beside you, you’d never be afraid. That’s a Course in Miracles but with a huge why, fear disappears too. When you’re looking for commitment we have to have a reason to be committed and so many people I’ll meet with them and they’ll tell me their goals and I’ll be like why? Why do you want that, why do you want more money?.

[00:07:35] I was coaching somebody who worked for me years ago and his wife was going to go back to physical therapy school and I said why are you going, what is the reason? Well I want to spend more time with my new son. She had a baby child was about 1 or 2 years old I can’t remember the exact age and I said What are you going to do. She said I’m going to go back to school so I can make more money. We looked at their budget and I said Why do you need more money. They figured out their budget it’s like well maybe I get a bigger house and I said well let’s look at the commitment to becoming a physical therapist, and we looked at the commitment and it was forever. We kept digging into the whys and really the reason she wanted to do it more than anything was just to spend time with her son. It wasn’t really financially motivated. So she had a really good kungfu background great girl awesome kungfu background touched children. What we decided and discussed was Why don’t you do a weekend kung fu class. She started doing the weekend Kung Fu class and grew it into a decent income. Five hundred to a thousand dollars a month and it was just enough to add a little bit, get a little better car, and build it into a nice little business because her husband was doing decent. Now she can spend all the time that she wants, she didn’t go on a student loan debt,

[00:08:57] she didn’t get to go into a career which she doesn’t know if she’s going to get a job or not, and she built herself a nice business that accomplished her reason. Her Why, and so many people don’t know they’re why. I think that’s the biggest issue in personal development and I know why the reason why we don’t in personal development not me so much but a lot of people don’t teach you to get to the why is because they want you to be money motivated and they want you to think that they can help you hit your ego goals because that’s the easy sale. It is what’s called in marketing low hanging fruit and I hate to even discuss this because it’s what really people are in business so they got to make money. But the truth is if you’re really going to help somebody we’ve got to understand what they really want to bring into their life and sometimes they don’t need your help and it’s totally cool. I’m cool with it. That’s not why I’m here, I’m here to help, really help. When we get into this world sometimes that’s what it’s about. So you’ve got to get that huge why, bottom line that’s what we need to do is get the huge why and dig into to what it is that you want not just the surface level egoic needs but what is it that you really want. Just like she just needed time with her son, and we could build that type of business with that. OK.

[00:10:16] A couple other things that we wanted to talk about today.

[00:10:18] Not ready yet. The Imposter Syndrome. This is another one that you know we fall on all the time as like I don’t deserve it, or I don’t believe I should be the person, or I don’t have the faith that I’m the person,so you’re not ready yet. Again back when I started my roommate told me nobody will ever listen to you J.B. Ed and I love him to death but he was trying to help me. It was like stay in aviation no one will ever listen to you. Which just played to my imposter syndrome. Back when I used to do the show I was like Man maybe I shouldn’t be doing this but I just did it. I was committed to it again. Commitment is what we’re talking about. Zig Ziglar taught us years ago that sometimes we need to get a checkup from the neck up and really that’s the key. When you aren’t committed it means your head isn’t in the right place. We all need that sometimes. That’s what MorningCoach is about helping you get a checkup from the neck up. Thank you Zig for that, that’s just awesome. So we want to look at your whys and why you want things, that’s the critical thing and then we can start to focus on what’s really important. That’s the whole key.

[00:11:24] Once we get the focus right remember at level 2 you’re going to start learning about energy and peace more and more as we get into this and what we focus our energy on is really what takes care of everything. It’s the choices that we make, once in a while I have a few drinks. As you know I go off on this sometimes I have a drink sometimes I won’t. Normally I don’t drink too often but sometimes I’ll have a drink and I’ll get on the horse racing channel and I’ll play some horses.

[00:11:52] Lately I’ve been thinking about that, so I have a drink and I’ll sit there and I’ll play some horses, a little bit of a get away so there’s some benefit to it, but at the end of the day what is it really doing for me. Oh it’s helping me get away but if I was really committed, really committed to the things that I’m looking to accomplish I wouldn’t have a few drinks and jump on horseracing channel. I know we need our escape but I’m just making a point that if I was really really really committed to something then it would take the space of that, if I was really committed to writing my fiction series Dante. Instead of having A few drinks and relaxing and watching the horseracing channel and betting on a few horses, I would have written some fiction stuff. Now again you can’t just work all the time but I’m using as a point right. If I was really really committed that would that time would have been used, using that time right.

[00:12:42] That’s where I’m saying, it’s about focus and where you put your energy, where you put your energy is going to expand. I see a lot of people jumping in the crypto currencies, Bitcoin and it’s amazing to me because people are looking to get rich quick. I mean that’s what they’re looking to do. Bitcoins going up and up and up and people are going to make all this money at it, but are they right, and are you, and why are you taking your focus there instead of getting a balance in place and learning some real skills that are going to generate revenue for you for the long time instead of stressing you out. If this thing is going to go up or down and something that you’re not even an expert in yet, it kind of drives me nuts. I guess it’s OK if you want to play the lottery and get lucky but at the end of the day if you build your life on solid found fundamentals of understanding why you’re going to do things get the knowledge you know then you don’t have to worry about a bubble bursting or worry about hoping this thing goes to the sky or whatever you just do the fundamentals every day.

[00:13:38] The money will take care of itself and I think that’s so important. What we need to do is we’ve got to get committed, get committed to the things that we want, but understand what those are. Make sure you get a Big why, and we’re going to be doing that together right the next few weeks but I want you to really think about that today, and what you need to do is this really really simple. OK. Use the sacred six, figure out what it is that you’re going to go after, tell other people about it, tell them this is what I’m going to do. It creates accountability and then get in a community, get in a community like this because the community is going to help support you as you let people know what you’re going after. I know that’s scary isn’t it. Now you’re putting it out there, and when you put it out there you need to do it and that’s what successful people do. That’s what I’m going to do, and then they don’t talk about it they go do it once they let people know. Use the sacred six, get yourself to understand what you’re going after, were going to go through mission and values this week then we’re going to tell others, tell them this is what I’m going to do this year. 2018 I’m going to accomplish this, and then get in a community of people that are going to support you so that you can do that, and all of that is here at level 2.

[00:14:44] I mean we’ve put it all together for you so you got to do is connect. I mean that’s it and we’re going to help you do it. OK. So it’s going to be a great year. It’s already going great, I just can’t wait. It’s just awesome right now. Remember I want you to have that awesomeness right now. Don’t get too far ahead of yourself because life is lived while we’re planning but we’re still going to have some fun and plan and kick you know what this year. All right because it’s going to be great. So get out there. Have a great day. Let’s focus on commitment but let’s understand why we’re committed and what we’re going after and why we’re going after it so that we can really make this happen. OK. So I love you. Get out there. Have a great day and I will be back with you to get your day started right. Right here again tomorrow at

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Stay Committed | How To Stay Committed | Episode 2979


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