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Effective Communication | Tips To Be More Assertive | Episode 2861

One of the key things in life is to be more Assertive as you go after it. Effective communication is one tool that you must learn to be successful. Today I (JB Glossinger) help you become more assertive with these tips. Lets go after today.

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Effective Communication | Tips To Be More Assertive | Episode 2861

[00:00:14] Good Morning, And welcome to Morning. Today I am so glad you’re with us.

[00:00:19] As you know my name is J.B. Glossinger, and this is your personal evolution system thee place to get your day started right. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome, and I hope you’re having a beautiful day. I hope you’re having a beautiful week. It is about the Energy here and it is about a Tuesday, ready to take on this Tuesday and make it happen. A lot of great things going on here at MorningCoach. The new I.L.D. videos are out. Make sure you log in and watch some of those,

[00:00:47] and so many other things happening here. It’s all about the energy right? So we keep putting it out there and keep doing it. And I’m going to keep bringing you ideas to get you what you need whether you listen here, on the web site, listen on the iPhone app, the Android app, the windows app, and Google Play, soundcloud wherever you’re listening from I’m glad you’re here because it is about that energy. And today I want to talk to you a little bit about some tips to be more assertive it is our personal development day.

[00:01:18] We talk about tips today and this idea of getting things that you want by being more assertive is so important. Having the ability to remove fear and get what you want to impose your will, As we discussed a little bit about yesterday. That’s really what I want to help you do. And as we started yesterday remember we talked about this about knowing what you want is really the first critical component, because if you don’t know what you want, it’s really hard to go out there and manifest it or bring it into your life and you know the reason I wrote the sacred six book is just for that reason as I’ve coached thousands of people all over the world through morning coach over the years this lack of clarity this lack of focus is one of the main areas that holds people back.

[00:02:02] Because you know we really can make things happen if we’re willing to give it time if we’re willing to put the energy into it and allow things to work. And so understanding what we want, whether it’s in business, in life, and our career. That’s the first step. And if you’re anything like me I thought I knew what I wanted. You know when I was in my career. I was trying to make more money. I was focused on growing my career path, and at that time you know that’s kind of what I wanted. But internally it was it wasn’t the life that I wanted, wasn’t the lifestyle, the quality of life, that I wanted and I had to make some shifts in order to do that. But once I understood what I really wanted to do and I was able to get that that clarity then I was able to move forward.

[00:02:47] And the way that you start to impose your will or you become more assertive is you get to know what you want. Then you start making decisions, and not only do you make decisions you make quicker decisions. One of the factors that I’ve found in my life that has helped tremendously is the ability to make a decision and move on. And sometimes you know when people work with me it’s sometimes the place where they’re like “wow I can’t believe you’re moving on from that that’s a winner” or” you know that could expand and be something” but I’m like “no it’s not what I want to do.” And in life you’ve got to be able to make decisions and you’ve got to be to make quick decisions. You know with the in the direction that you want to go, you know life really is, if you really think about it, it’s just this continuous decision making process, and each step of the way every day when you wake up you’re making a decision. Did you decide to go work out this morning, did you decide to listen to morning coach today, Did you decide to work on your business, or did you decide to work on your career, and you think about those decisions day in and day out in your continuum of the now or the future which is the continuum in the now as you know the future is non-existent. It’s just this continuum of this moment right. That’s what’s shaping it. That’s a shading.

[00:04:00] It’s these decisions that we’re quickly making, in that decision not to workout or not to eat right or to not start that business or to not work on the business or to not read the spiritual development book or the the personal development book or not to listen to morning coach. All

[00:04:17] those cumulative decisions over time is getting where you are. And so if we can be a little more consistent in life and be a little quicker in the decision making process we can learn more, and we get into this mode where we become a decision maker.

[00:04:31] Again most people, this is an issue they have with, that’s why they’re not assertive because they’re not good at making decisions and you gotta make decisions and you’ve got to make them faster. You’ve got to believe in yourself. Does that mean you’re going to be 100 percent. No. You’re going to make some mistakes. And that’s part of life. You know you’ve got to get up and keep going. So make quick decisions. Another area life that’s really important is to set clear expectations. You know we expect so many things there’s so many things that we expect in our life and we we underestimate really what we can do over time, and again the future is that good to me now. But we overestimate what we can do in a very small amount of time. We have these undue expectations and I see it a lot the internet marketing space you know and I see people are going to make so much money, and they go out there and they go after it and then it doesn’t work and their expectations are not met and they just are deflated. Right? You got to be really clear about what you’re going to do, and what you expect. And I think if you could slow it down a little bit and set clear expectations it makes everything better and that’s not only for you, that’s for the people around you. You know if you could understand what the people in your relationships whether it’s at work or with your significant others or with your children what they want out to you and what you want out of them.

[00:05:48] Man it makes life so much better your relationships get better everything gets better because now you have clear expectations. And if it’s both ways that dualities there. It’s super, super powerful so we want to set clear expectations again allowing you to be more assertive allowing you to impose your will. We want to overcome our fear. I mean that’s a big one right? It’s a constant and consistent thing that we discuss here at morning coaches. Getting yourself in a position to face those fears and really stare them down and go after them. You know what they’re there, why they’re there. And then make it happen so that we can get out of this self-sabotage in the subconscious conditioning that keeps bringing these fears into your life. So we need to face those fears. Right? So in order to be more assertive you’re going to have to face those fears, and sometimes that means going and communicating with somebody else. And as I said yesterday as we discussed this idea about you know going up and you know asking somebody for a date which is one of the most fearful things that many people have. Right? And so we’ve you know it’s like “oh my gosh what if they say no?” we’re so scared of rejection. But the worst case is no right? It’s just a little bit of rejection. It’s anything that you can handle. We can all handle a little bit of rejection. So it’s fine right? But but in a day you don’t want to feel that. You don’t want to be embarrassed or feel the rejection.

[00:07:16] And so what you don’t go talk to the person, you put it on the back burner, and that could be your soulmate. That can be the person that you you want to work with or be with the rest of your life. But you were afraid to go out because you were scared of rejection. So you’ve got to overcome that fear in whatever it is that is holding you back. In being assertive with other people we want to speak clearly. We want to we want to let people know what we want, and why we want it. Again,

[00:07:45] the idea is and it’s kind of funny, because I’m kind of known here at MorningCoach for mispronouncing words. Right, cause I’m flying so fast and putting that energy out.

[00:07:55] And when I do it sometimes I’m going so fast that I just have word pops out and I just keep going. Right? But you do need to speak clear. You need to get your point across. You know if you’re in another country learning that language, you know being able to be clear in what you’re discussing is is a way to be assertive. Again we’re kind of going back to expectations here but when your aren’t clear in what you’re trying to say or the message is misunderstood, it can cause major issues for you to get really what you want, and to impose your will or to be assertive. You know I’m very fortunate that you know when I married Pillar, you know she was from Colombia and she didn’t speak English. I didn’t speak Spanish. And so we had to learn communication in other ways we had to understand what the other person was saying, and there were many times when we would misinterpret what each other were saying. And that’s really a problem when you’re trying to be assertive if the other person doesn’t understand what you’re saying right? So we got to learn to enunciate, speak clearly. Make sure your point is getting across and you want to do that with energy too. There’s nothing worse. Imagine if you came to morning coach and I was like Good Morning.

[00:09:01] We’re ready to go again today. Good morning. Hello J.B. is here. Let’s make it a great day. Today is going to be a beautiful, beautiful day. We’re going to talk about being assertive, and you know that being assertive is about knowing what you want making quicker decisions and set setting clear expectations. Can you do that this morning? I hope you can do that, because you know what today is going to be a great day and I want to make it a great day for you. See how that is?

[00:09:33] I mean there’s no energy there right? How is that going to work, how can you be assertive when you don’t have passion and energy for what you are doing and really have the fuel to go after it and put it into it? So when you are you know working to be assertive and you’re making these decisions and you’re overcoming your fear you got to bring that passion that energy that element to it. And you’re saying J.B. but I don’t, I don’t have that passion. I don’t have that energy you have. What we need to find a little bit. Look even people understand emotion and energy. That’s what conveys a message when you’re really passionate when you’re really energetic. People feel that. Doesn’t mean you have to be overboard. It’s just you want to be assertive. This is what you want, these are things you want to do, you just do it right? Most people will follow if you will lead.

[00:10:20] It’s just true it’s just people are looking for a leader and you are a leader of your listening to this. Look. Ninety nine, point nine percent of the world is not listening this message this morning and you are. I mean that creates massive separation from the rest of the world. So understand that you can have energy and when you want something and you put that energy out there you want to be clear, you want to be assertive, and you want to get your point across. And it’s important to beat your own drum some time. So it’s important you do that. I’m a big fan of dressing in your style. Now again this can be whatever it is for you. I can get by with a tank top and shorts. That’s my style. People respect it. They know me and that’s who I am when I speak, I wear as you know kind of my uniform is like Hugo Boss shirts and Diesel jeans and cotton shoes that’s kind of my uniform Now that may change, but that’s my style and you got to find your style because once you are comfortable in your own skin you can be more assertive, because you don’t have to worry about what everybody else is thinking because you are in your own style.

[00:11:24] So a lot of people will say Dress for Success. Right? And you can be more assertive. I’m OK with that but I don’t know what that means anymore. You know I really don’t. It used to be you know, wear a suit and tie and dress up really nice. When I was growing into the person development world, that was what it was about you know. But now we have everybody, you know people in San Francisco are wearing hoodies. You know it’s dressing in your style. I think that’s more important finding what makes work, what works for you and what you feel comfortable in and what you can look good in, and how you feel that’s the key. So you just want to dress in your style you want to feel good in your own skin and when you’re being more assertive you’ve got to get to the gym. I mean the reason I’m working with Sir Mike Lee canary is I mean I’m just assertive as you know what, When it comes to my life now, because I’m training, I’m training hard doing things that most people aren’t doing. And you know I’m spending two to three hours a night three nights a week and on Saturdays at the gym. You know making sure that I have the energy and I’m doing the things that are keeping my mind clear so that I can I can make that work. But but dress in your style.

[00:12:34] Again one of the things all we’re trying to be assertive or trying to make a point is you want to use your body language you want to you know get your body involved in it and move and allow things to to work and flow. You know I’ve ever had the fortune of studying from a couple of theater experts from the speaking platform Victoria Labom is one, and my buddy that play football I got another friend that that Bo Esen and Victoria are both, come from theater and Victoria and when I do something when I really want to get going and really do some cool speaking, especially at my events I think of Bo and Victoria and the way they use their bodies. Bo is a safety from the NFL and then he teaches speaking from, He was actually in theater in New York and Victoria is also saying she’s just awesome. You know they work on how you can move, and how you can get your body involved from the stage, and really you know when you sit down and you know when I’m doing my, I do a thing when I do podcasting back in the day and I used to put my phone up against my ear as I’ll sit down on the stage and look like I’m sitting there so using that body is important and being assertive you know use that body as much as you can. And it’s amazing how that will help you in making your point and get your body involved move a little bit. Right? And then finally the last thing I’ll tell you In being more assertive which is why we’re here together is to change the way that you think. Get yourself in a different mindset. Open your mind to new possibilities and start thinking differently. Again it’s about consistency.

[00:14:14] It’s about improving one percent every day and working inside out. That’s what we’re doing together. You know the truth is the secret is within. It’s not from the outside. It’s not an external event. It’s an internal event. So as you get healthier as you focus on your positive mental attitude as you come here to get the exercise every morning day in and day out you are starting to change the way you think. I’m starting to create those new ski slopes that we talk about so much right. Get you going down a new way of thinking, that allows you to impose your will to be more assertive and do the things that you are looking to do. And that’s what we all want. I mean we all want to have that life that we’ve dreamt of and whatever that is. It’s different from each person. You’ve got to dig inside and find it and you’ve got to start making decisions and get clear and really be persistent in going after what it is that you want to go after. Are there going to be challenges along the way of course. That’s why we’re here together right. But we’re going to hold each other up. And we’re going to keep moving forward day in and day out right here because that’s what we do at So I love you let’s get out there and have an amazing day and I will be back with more tomorrow to get into the want. And this is a really critical one so please be here be here early.Be here excited.

[00:15:29] But today let’s just go out and start being a little more assertive and getting the things that we want. All right

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Effective Communication | Tips To Be More Assertive | Episode 2861


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