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PeerPreneur Success Center

PeerPreneur Success Center



Steps for Success

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP TO START WORKING WITH CLIENTS! is the online website connected to the Straight Up Care app (available on Android and iOS). 


  • You must complete your profile in its entirety for it to save. You will be able to go back and edit information, but you must complete each section for it to save.
  • You need to enter something for each field/section. 
  • Profile photo dimensions must not be larger than 1080×1080. If you attach a photo larger than this, it will not save.
  • The “About Yourself” should be brief – the app is where people who have already decided they want to work with you schedule, it is NOT where they look at your profile to decide if they want to work with you or not. Your about section on your members directory profile and personalized website should be more detailed as that is where people will find you.

1. Peer Signup: Go to the Straight Up Care app at and create your account. (Step 1 Instruction Video)

2.  Create Your Profile: Once logged in, select “Profile” from the dropdown in the upper right corner. (Step 2 Instruction Video)

3. Set Your Schedule and Rate(s): From your dashboard, select “Generate Schedule” from the dropdown in the upper right corner. If you are interested in working with individuals who are using grant funding (START-SD) to cover the cost of their appointments, have at least some appointments set at a rate of $30. (Step 3 Instruction Video)

There is also a longer walkthrough video available if that is a better method for you to follow along: .ORG Full Setup Walkthrough

Q: What’s the difference between and

A: is the business website. This is where people go to learn about Straight Up Care. is the web-based access point to the app, which is our HIPAA-compliant platform for delivering care.

Q: Do I have to create a profile if I already have one on

A: Yes, the two profiles are different and serve different purposes. Your profile provides you access to our Peer community and lists you in our member directory for those who visit Your profile is for delivering services to individuals. 

Q: I thought an app was on a phone?

A: Apps can be phone/tablet-only or web and phone/tablet accessible. The Straight Up Care app is accessible through the web-based portal AND an app for iOS and Android is in the final steps of being approved and activated. You can begin delivering care through the web-based app and when the phone/tablet app is available we will let you know so that you and your clients can download it. 

Q: Why didn’t it ask me for a username and password?

A: The Straight Up Care app uses your phone number and the verification code for login.

Q: Why does it ask for my father’s name and my social security number?

A: These are used for security and verification.

Q: I uploaded my picture, but it doesn’t seem to be saving?

A: Try a different image. It’s likely that the picture you selected is too large.

Q: Where do I add my certificate?

A: Your certificate should be uploaded and documented in the “Educational Information” section.

Q: What am I supposed to put in “Experience Information”?

A: This is where you would add any relevant work experience, such as organizations you’ve worked at as a peer specialist.

Your members directory account serves multiple purposes:

  1. Consumer-to-Peer Matching: Individuals who are seeking peer support are able to match with peers through our directory. The matching is based on lived experience, with a consumer able to identify which lived experiences they have and would like to connect with a peer on.
  2. Peer-to-Peer Connection: Similar to other social media platforms, your membership to includes the ability to connect with other peer specialists on the platform. This includes:
    • “Friending” other peers
    • Sending messages to peers
    • An activity “wall” to share accomplishments and updates
    • Access to group forums, such as resource sharing and continuing education events
    • And more to come!


  1. Add your information: The more information you add to your .com profile, the more people will be able to learn about you to decide if they’d like to work with you.
  2. Add Scheduling Link: Once your profile has been approved, you will need to add the link to your scheduling page to your member profile. Click here for instructions:

You will be receiving updates, opportunities, notifications, and more from Straight Up Care via email. Make sure you don’t miss anything by adding the following email addresses to your email’s “safe sender” list.

Each email platform has different steps to complete this step. If you are unsure how to do this, we recommend Googling “add to safe senders list” with the email platform you use. Example: “gmail add to safe senders list”

Create an account on

Part of the Straight Up Care network, Syndicate12. is a recovery-oriented Social Media platform designed specifically for individuals with mental health and/or addiction lived experience. With live chat rooms, contests, posts, and more, Syndicate12 is a place for you to connect with potential clients.

You can use the same information for your Syndicate12 profile as what you put on Be sure to add the link to your scheduling page and profile. 


Watch your email for a message from [email protected] with instructions on how to login to your website and begin requesting changes.

This site is a custom modification built on top of WordPress with many integrated paid plugins, and modified for site speed and ease of use. That said, you certainly do not need to know any WordPress knowledge at all to change or upgrade your site!

Be sure to check out the four quick-start videos below. 

While updating your website isn’t required, it is highly recommended. Straight Up Care will be marketing you as a peer specialist and directing potential clients to your website. You want to ensure that website is reflective of you as it is a way to “sell” yourself as the peer they should work with.

All PeerPreneurs have the ability to record a Meet The Peer marketing interview for our Reduce The Stigma show/podcast. This is optional. Learn more about Reduce The Stigma:

Schedule your interview here:

This feature is only available for those with a PeerPreneur Pro subscription. 

PeerPreneur Pro subscriptions include a Marketing Starter Kit, which includes:
  • One (1) business card design 
  • Four (4) additional social media posts with tips for optimizing the posts
  • One (1) flyer for distribution as you’d like
  • Three (3) social media marketing clips from your Meet The Peer Interview (available only after recording of the interview)
NOTE: Printing materials is at the expense of the individual and is NOT covered by Straight Up Care.
Complete this form to receive your Marketing Start Kit:

Social Media

We are all working together to drive traffic to peer specialists.  One way to do that is to follow Straight Up Care and your fellow PeerPreneurs on social media. Be sure to like and share as well!

  • Facebook:

  • LinkedIn: 

  • Instagram: 

  • TikTok: 

  • YouTube:

  • Pinterest:

Roku and Amazon Fire TV
If you have Roku and/or Amazon Fire TV, please add our channels!

Important Links

  • Web-based access to Straight Up Care app:
  • Straight Up Care app – Android:
  • Straight Up Care app – iOS:
  • Courses:
  • Video release form:
  • PeerPreneur Pro Social Media and Marketing Clips:
  • PeerPreneur Pro Marketing Starter Kit:

PeerPreneur Hour is a monthly gathering for all PeerPreneurs on the Straight Up Care platform. During the gathering, we will cover topics such as marketing yourself, website customization, entrepreneurial mindset, and other topics relevant to your success. PeerPreneur Hour is held monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month.

  • Registration:
  • Feedback survey:
  • PeerPreneur Hour 4/11/24: Optimizing Social Media Marketing:
  • PeerPreneur Hour 3/14/24: Getting the most of the Straight Up Care platform:

Peer Day is a FREE virtual gathering for peer specialists (CRS, CPS, PSS, CFRS, etc) and those working towards or interested in becoming a peer specialist to connect, learn, and receive/give support to others. Peer Day is held monthly on the 2nd Monday of the month. 

  • Registration:
  • Feedback survey:
  • Contributor agreement:
  • Host a Peer Day:
  • Facebook:

  • LinkedIn: 

  • Instagram: 

  • TikTok: 

  • YouTube:

  • Pinterest:

  • About Reduce The Stigma:
  • Reduce The Stigma – FireTV:
  • Reduce The Stigma -ROKU TV:
  • Online
  • Reduce The Stigma Podcast- YouTube Music:
  • Reduce The Stigma – Apple Podcasts:
  • Reduce The Stigma – Spotify:
  • Reduce The Stigma – iHeartRadio: 
  • Additional podcast directories where you can find Reduce The Stigma:
  • Canva Color Palette Generator: Make sure you use colors on your website that work well together. Mismatched colors can be off-putting to website visitors/potential clients.

Instruction Videos

.ORG Setup – Step 1 Peer Signup

.ORG Setup – Step 2 Create Your Profile

.ORG Setup – Step 3 Set Your Schedule and Rate(s)

.ORG Full Setup Walkthrough

Website – Comment Bar

Website – Analytics

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PeerPreneur Success Center