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Rear-End Truck Accidents in El Paso

Rear-end collisions between two passenger vehicles are often referred to as fender benders and are viewed as minor collisions. However, a rear-end crash is nothing inconsequential, especially when it involves an 18-wheeler. Occupants in cars have a higher chance of sustaining severe injuries. Rear-end accidents account for 26% of all Truck accidents. 

If you are involved in a rear-end Truck Accident in El Paso, you should immediately speak to Cesar Ornelas Injury Law. We offer free initial consultations.  

Common causes of rear-end truck accidents 

Collisions happen quickly, and knowing how they happen can ease your mind. Truck accidents are scary, and it can feel like you have few options to avoid them. It is more likely that a rear-end accident will happen on a local road than on a highway. The reason is that traffic will have to stop more frequently on local roads than on a freeway. Sometimes cars will slow down to a halt, but the truck behind them doesn’t react in time. 

Driver negligence is usually to blame for rear-end truck accidents in El Paso. Not reacting in time is one negligent action, but there are others, including:

  • Fatigue
  • Distractions
  • Tailgating
  • Speeding 
  • Driving under the influence 
  • Lack of maintenance 
  • Insufficient lighting 
  • Careless driving 

When a rear-end truck accident happens in El Paso, the passenger vehicle tends to suffer more damage than the truck driver. Suppose you are hit by a truck. It can cause the vehicle’s roof to be ripped off or the car to be crushed. Severe injuries are possible, requiring immediate medical attention. 

Who is liable for truck accidents? 

One key factor you should consider in an El Paso rear-end truck accident is that liability is very complex. There can be multiple liable parties for the collisions. A truck accident attorney will investigate all parties involved. The following parties can share or be fully responsible for a rear-end truck crash:

  • Truck driver: if the truck driver disobeyed traffic laws, hours of service regulations, or state or federal regulations, they might be liable for your collision. Truckers have many responsibilities for their cargo, truck, and driving habits. 
  • Trucking company: Trucking companies can be liable for rear-end crashes if they fail to train drivers or maintain their trucks. They have many responsibilities, and they are responsible for injuries and losses when they fail.  
  • Cargo owner or loader: if cargo is unsecured or moves about the cabin causing a collision, the cargo owner or loader may share liability. 
  • Manufacturer: If a faulty truck component contributed to the rear-end collision, such as faulty brakes, a part or truck manufacturer can be liable.  

Any of these parties can be responsible for your rear-end collision. Sometimes someone not on this list can be accountable for your crash. Truck accident cases are very complex, requiring thorough investigations. Call Cesar Ornelas Injury Law to uncover who is reasonable for your losses. 

Common injuries from rear-end collisions 

Injuries can be minor or severe, depending on the person and injury. Truck accident victims will sometimes endure tragic injuries or death. Semi-trucks have extreme force and weight, contributing to injury severity. Some injuries will show delayed symptoms, so it is essential to get medical attention. Even if you get attention and are sent home, you should continue to monitor your symptoms. Some common injuries in rear-end truck accidents are:

  • Facial lacerations
  • Whiplash 
  • Scarring 
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Cuts and bruises 
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Disfigurement 
  • Head and neck trauma 
  • Traumatic brain injuries 

Any of these injuries can be significant health risks. They will also require frequent doctor visits, a treatment plan, and many expenses. A truck accident lawyer from Cesar Ornelas Injury Law can help file claims for these injuries so you can get reimbursement for your financial losses. 

Potential complications with rear-end collisions 

Texas is an at-fault state which can be good or bad depending on your situation. Most victims assume that the truck hit them and caused injuries, so the truck driver should pay for their losses. Texas fault laws will complicate liability slightly. Under this law, fault can be shared by everyone involved. Some complexities that can affect rear-end truck accident liability include:

  • The lead vehicle reverses into the truck 
  • The lead vehicle has no brake lights or faulty brake lights 
  • The car in front cuts off the truck 

While these situations may not apply to your case, the other party can try to use these excuses to shift the blame to you. They can use the defense that your brake lights weren’t working, which led to the collision. The best way to protect yourself and circumvent these actions is to have a truck accident attorney in El Paso conduct a detailed investigation.

Truck accident investigations 

When you enlist the help of a truck accident lawyer from Cesar Ornelas Injury Law, we will review the details of your case. When at the scene, you are required to report it to authorities. Your case will hinge on the details in the police report, such as:

  • Witness statements 
  • Weather conditions 
  • Time, date, and place 
  • Comments from you, the trucker, and anyone else involved in the collision 
  • Roadway conditions 
  • Traffic violations 
  • Lighting conditions 

Local police will provide these details but remember they are not trained investigators. They will provide the bare minimum details. What they state in the police report will help an accident reconstructionist with how the crash occurred. Accident reconstruction experts may also do the following to investigate the crash:

  • Analyze tire marks
  • Inspecting the vehicles 
  • Reviewing the police report 
  • Gathering event recorder data
  • Evaluating depositions 
  • Examining accident scene photos 
  • Visiting the crash location 

Our legal team will also interview witnesses, request surveillance footage, and more. We will look for relevant and available evidence that can help your claim. Trust the rear-end truck accident lawyers from Cesar Ornelas Injury Law. 

Prepare for a consultation with a truck accident attorney in El Paso

The insurance claim process can be arduous and requires a lot from victims. You must prove that the other party is responsible for the collision resulting in your injuries. The most significant step to protect yourself is hiring a truck accident attorney in El Paso. When you call Cesar Ornelas Injury Law, we will schedule an initial consultation. Some ways you can prepare for our initial consultation are to gather the following:

  • Medical records 
  • Police reports 
  • Witness contact information 
  • Photos or videos 
  • Insurance information 

Bring any documentation related to the collision, no matter how insignificant you believe it is. An initial consultation is also a time for truck victims to decide if the law firm is right for them. Victims should ask questions about the rear-end truck accident lawyer, such as:

  • Have you handled similar cases?
  • How many truck accidents have you worked on?
  • What is your truck accident success rate?
  • Are there any obstacles that you can see with my case?
  • What is an estimated case value?
  • What are the chances of this case settling or going to trial? 
  • How long do you think it will take?

You have a lot going through your mind. A good idea would be to write down any questions or concerns. Cesar Ornelas Injury Law is here to answer these and other questions about your case. We will be accessible when you sign up for our firm. Call us today for an initial consultation. 

Potential damages for truck accidents 

Truck accidents can cause severe damage to smaller passenger vehicles. They can sometimes result in life-altering consequences. The severity of your injuries can impact your case worth. Our truck accident attorney in El Paso will seek the full extent of compensation we can for your claim. Some of the damages we will pursue include:

  • Medical expenses 
  • Disability and disfigurement 
  • Loss of enjoyment of life 
  • Loss of physical or cognitive abilities 
  • Property damages 
  • Out-of-pocket expenses 

The list is not all-encompassing, as every truck accident will result in different damages for the victims. Case worth will also vary pertinent to the personal losses of the victim. Cesar Ornelas Injury Law will evaluate your losses and estimate your case worth. 

The Texas insurance process 

When you suffer losses, you will want to be reimbursed for the expenses from the collision. You must file an insurance claim to recover the total value of the damages. You might have the ability to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. The insurance company will pay damages if you can prove fault. If the truck driver or company is responsible for causing the rear-end collision, they will likely have to pay for your losses. Third parties and shared liability can also factor into your claim. It is best to work with a rear-end truck accident lawyer. 

Call an El Paso Truck Accident Attorney 

You should have adequate legal representation if you are involved in a rear-end truck accident. You need a personal injury attorney with experience handling truck accidents. Our truck accident lawyer has years of experience handling these cases. We will investigate your case and work aggressively to recover compensation for your losses. Truck accident cases have many potential complications. Protect your legal rights by calling Cesar Ornelas Injury Law today.

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Rear-End Truck Accidents in El Paso


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