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There Is Medicine For Allergies Dr. Basil Yusuf Chief Physician, Dr. Basil Homeo Hospital Pandikkad Blog
Allergies have taken away all peace, tired of sneezing and wheezing, can't even talk to a human being, how to change this...? Above are the words of concern that patients regularly tell their doctors. As many people are facing this problem today, it is very important to know about this disease and understand the ways to prevent it. The biggest difficulty seen in allergy sufferers is that they are unable to work quietly. Sneezing, sneezing, wheezing and runny nose while sitting down to study, teach, cook or engage in other activities. You will suffer from the feeling that nothing is possible. Allergy is a disease that affects people of all ages. There are many among us who have been suffering from this disease for many years since they were teenagers. Chronic sneezing, runny nose, runny nose, itchy eyes, watery eyes, discomfort in the eyes, inability to sleep, complete discomfort at the smell of sprays, lint, dust, and smell of a new dress. Allergy symptoms include shortness of breath. These diseases are caused by small differences in the body's natural immunity. If a small dust or smell hits a normal person's nose, there is nothing wrong. But a little bit of dust is enough for those who have this disease, and on that day they will not be able to do anything. Colds and runny noses! You can only walk holding a towel. There will be many people around us who sneeze and sneeze like this, holding a handkerchief. system. A normal person sneezes when they inhale unwanted material through inhalation. Therefore, this sneeze should be considered as a shield to protect the body from foreign substances. But some people sneeze when they inhale normal substances that are not harmful to the body. That is what we call allergy. Thus, the immune system of the body is affected Who can have this disease? This disease can be hereditary. It can be inherited from umma and uncle, mother and aunt, great grandmother and great grandfather. People who breathe heavily polluted air are more likely to develop it. People living in air pollution and working in dusty environment should be careful. Those who work in areas with more chemicals and may inhale through the lungs should take appropriate precautions. This disease. Some precautions should be taken to prevent disease. First of all, if you are sick, avoid breathing polluted air as much as possible. Make sure there is plenty of air circulation in the house by keeping windows and doors open. Keep our house dust free. Dust studies are most common in the room where we sleep. So avoid piling old books and clothes on the rack in the bedroom and under the bed. with dust particles. In the past, mask was a strange thing to people. But today that strangeness has changed and has become something that everyone feels comfortable with. So don't forget to wear a mask while ironing, opening old clothes/books, changing clothes. Dusters do this after sprinkling a little water. Women with allergies are told - if there are two women in the house, the one without allergies void bad habits like smoking. Having said this, understand – not only smokers, but also those who give them company to smoke can have this difficulty. So, if there is a smoker in the family, convince him that he is not only destroying himself but also destroying those around him, and encourage him to stay away from that evil. Small laboratory tests can measure the presence of allergies or not. But many people know this from their own experiences without going to the laboratory. Such laboratory tests are good for ascertaining the extent of allergy. Blood tests such as eosinophil count and immunoglobulin E can be used to determine the extent of allergy. Effective treatment is available in homeopathic medicine. Physical and mental characteristics of the patient are completely ignored. If homeopathic treatment is done by studying the problems that occur in our body accurately and evaluating the physical and mental characteristics, then we can get relief from this disease. There are no side effects when taking homeopathic treatment. It is also very beneficial for the patient that he does not have to follow strict rules while taking the medicine. One of the difficulties that many people experience with allergy treatment is that they feel very tired if they take medication. The writer is the Chief Physician at Doctor Basil Homeo Hospital, Pandikkad, mob: 9847057590
2024-02-16 06:33
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There is medicine for allergies Dr. Basil Yusuf Chief Physician, Dr. Basil Homeo Hospital Pandikkad


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