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What is ayurveda ? where to get started ?

Here we are discussing about Ayurveda and where we can start. You may have heard about Ayurveda and yoga class on your favorite wellness blogs. but you may still be wondering what exactly is Ayurveda. today. Here we will discuss what exactly is Ayurveda and give you some tips that you can begin your ayurvedic Journey. In Sanskrit, Ayurveda means the science of life and it really is just that it is a holistic form of Health practices that really honors the mind-body and spirit.

It encompasses diet, lifestyle herbs, and yoga, yoga is considered yoga sister science. It truly honors individuals. So one regimen for one individual will not be the same for another. Ayurveda is originated in ancient India. And in fact, the classical texts are written in the ancient language of Sanskrit. It has survived thousands of years of various rulers and political struggles in India. But today also India has preserved this science, and now this expanding around the world.

So you may be wondering why I choose Ayurveda, especially when there are so many other options available to you? We will give you a few reasons. First of all, Ayurveda is truly depends on each person. Ayurveda believes that each person is born with his own innate, which is a combination of various energies and qualities because of this no individual will have the same regimen as another individual.

Secondly, Ayurveda foster self-awareness, and this is so powerful because you Make your own decisions about what to do based on how you’re feeling day to day moment to moment. Third Ayurveda focused on prevention it addresses the underlying issues that accumulate in result in you feeling unwell in doing so Ayurveda addresses the root causes instead of symptoms. Lastly, Ayurveda is truly intuitive is based on nature and there is no side effects for taking Ayurveda. So if you understand the basic patterns.

It sounds pretty awesome. Right? Well, most people don’t have an idea about where to get started. Ayurveda Looks at the world in terms of qualities, you know, these qualities are really common sense. For instance heavy and light, cold and hot, oily and rough. These qualities then combined to make what we call doshas or energies Vata Pitta and Kapha you may have heard of these another way to think about these energies is in terms of the elements Vatta is made of air and ether Pitta made up of fire and water Kapha is made up of water and Earth.

If you tap into that into the side that we spoke about you’ll realize that these elements are tied to these qualities. They’re just two things that you need to know to get started it because of necessary adjustments in your life: Constitution and your imbalance. Your Constitution is the Ayurveda type that you’re born with. It’s like your thumbprint it never changes the constitution is made up of your own balance of the three energies Vata,pitta and Kapha predominantly pitta that fire element secondly Vatta or air element and Kapha. the second thing is equally important to know us your Constitution. your Constitution Is your imbalance.

Your imbalance is how these three energies Vatta, Pitha, And Kapha manifest in your body. Unlike your Constitution which never changes your imbalance is going to constantly change throughout your life, depending on your diet your lifestyle the season the climate your stress level a variety of other factors. For instance. If you don’t know your Constitution or you just need a refresher, you can take our ayurvedic consultation. Once you know your Constitution and imbalance. This is just the beginning of your Wellness Journey. You’re now ready to start exploring and ayurvedic lifestyle, which is a vast assortment of tools and resources and its various benefits.

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What is ayurveda ? where to get started ?


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