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The African Bio-mineral Balance Blog
The African Bio-mineral Balance is a lifestyle and healing modality formulated by the late master healer, Dr Sebi. It focuses on the diet that is best suited to the African genome and the foods and herbs necessary to keep one in a state of health. It features information such as approved herbal remedies, Dr Sebi products, Dr Sebi's nutritional guide, recipes and a host of other information. It is updated weekly.
2024-02-19 12:22
Dr. Sebi advocated for a plant-based diet consisting primarily of alkaline foods, which he believed could cure various ailments and promote overall wellness. Dr. Sebi’s list of “… Read More
Dr. Sebi’s Iron Plus
2023-12-23 21:02
Dr. Sebi’s Iron Plus formula stands as a testament to his profound understanding of the pivotal role iron plays in sustaining optimal health, particularly for individuals of African de… Read More
Dr. Sebi’s Lupulo
2023-12-01 12:45
Lupulo is one of the products produced by Dr. Sebi. Lupulo Description: Breaks up inflammation, relieves pain, and calms the nervous system. Main Ingredients Lupulo (Hops) Dosages: Add &frac&hell…Read More
2023-11-28 13:13
Uterine Wash is one of the products that is a part of Dr. Sebi’s list of products. This product was created to improve women’s vaginal health. Uterine Wash & Oil Description:… Read More
2023-11-27 14:53
Interviewer: So how you talked about the carrot and different things. Even certain potatoes. I think sweet potatoes is alright but but the white potatoes is not any good. Dr. Sebi:I didn&r&helli…Read More
Dr. Sebi’s Bio Ferro Ingredients
2023-11-26 15:45
Bio Ferro stands out as a key component in Dr. Sebi’s collection of products, garnering significant attention from individuals attempting to replicate its formula. Its popularity can b… Read More
2023-11-24 18:44
Sauco berries are the fruits of the elderberry plant, scientifically known as Sambucus. There are several species of elderberries, but the two most commonly used for their berries are Sambuc… Read More
Dr. Sebi’s Eye Wash
2023-11-23 06:38
Dr. Sebi’s Eye wash herbal formula was created to cleanse the eye and improve eye health. Below is the list of ingredient(s), description and benefits of the herb(s) used in the eye wa… Read More
Dr. Sebi’s Endocrine Formula
2023-11-22 20:17
Dr. Sebi’s Endocrine is one of the many herbal formulas created in his repertoire of healing remedies. Endocrine formula description and ingredients: Cleanses and nourishes the pancrea… Read More
How To Cook Quinoa
2023-11-19 15:00
Cooking quinoa is a straightforward process. Quinoa is a nutritious and versatile grain that can be used as a base for salads, side dishes, or even as a substitute for rice. Here’s a b… Read More
2023-11-18 15:19
Dr. Sebi emphasized the significance of excluding starch from one’s diet, promoting the intake of natural alkaline foods. He asserted that only natural foods possess alkalinity, highli… Read More
2023-11-18 07:28
Dr. Sebi generally recommended avoiding table salt and suggested using natural alternatives, as per his recommendations from his ‘Nutritional Guide’. The two types of salt option… Read More
2023-11-17 07:59
Lymphalin is one of the herbal products that was developed by Dr. Sebi. It’s description noted that it, ‘removes masses of calcification throughout the body. Lymphalin is rich in… Read More
2023-11-16 11:55
Dr. Sebi advocated for an alkaline diet and often expressed that certain foods, especially hybrids, genetically modified organisms (GMQ) or foods otherwise modified or manipulated, are not s… Read More
Black Rice Vs Wild Rice
2023-11-14 11:39
Is black rice the same as wild rice? No, black rice and wild rice are not the same; they are distinct varieties of rice with different characteristics. Dr. Sebi was asked about this and he e… Read More
2023-11-13 11:32
Dr. Sebi often spoke about the detrimental impact of acid foods and herbs and how they can negatively impact the body, because an acidic diet can lead to a state of acidosis in the body. Ac… Read More
2023-11-12 11:57
Dr. Sebi did not support the consumption of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) as part of his dietary guide. His dietary approach, often referred to as the “Dr. Sebi Nutritional Gui… Read More
2023-11-11 02:11
Over the years, Dr. Sebi has stressed the importance of sea moss – used as both food and medicine. Dr. Sebi often pointed out that sea moss is very high in minerals and as a result is… Read More
Dr. Sebi Approved Herbal Teas
2023-11-09 11:40
Dr. Sebi recommended, as per his nutritional guide, a list of herbs that we can consume as teas. These are natural alkaline herbs. Here’s a brief profile of some of the herbal teas th… Read More
2023-11-08 11:00
Here’s a 30-day daily meal plan inspired by Dr. Sebi’s alkaline principles. Day 1: Breakfast: Herbal tea with a slice of spelt bread and avocado. Lunch: Quinoa and chick… Read More
2023-11-07 11:34
Dr. Sebi advocated for a specific dietary approach that included a variety of fruits. Here is a detailed profile of the fruits that were included in his dietary guidelines: Apples: Apples a… Read More
Dr. Sebi Approved Nuts & Nut Butters
2023-11-04 11:10
Dr. Sebi believed in a plant-based, alkaline diet and recommended avoiding many foods, including processed and refined products. That said, here’s a brief profile of some nuts and see… Read More
2023-11-03 16:59
Dr. Sebi advocated for an alkaline diet, and had specific recommendations for sugars that he considered more natural and compatible with the alkaline diet. Here are summaries of the sugars D… Read More
2023-11-02 15:39
Dr. Sebi suggested that consuming alkaline grains could help maintain a balanced pH level in the body and promote overall health. These grains include amaranth, fonio, kamut, quinoa, rye, sp… Read More
2023-10-31 11:57
Sea moss, also known as Irish moss or Chondrus crispus, is a type of seaweed that has been consumed for centuries and is believed to offer various health benefits. While there is limited sci… Read More
2023-10-30 11:40
Dr. Sebi was asked about water a number of times, mainly people wanted to know which water one should drink. One of the questions was about Kangen water. Of course Dr. Sebi does not endorse… Read More
2023-10-28 14:31
Batana oil is one of the ingredients used in Dr. Sebi’s product – ‘Hair Food Oil’. Dr. Sebi also spoke about batana oil as an item with benefits for the hair. You may… Read More
2023-10-26 11:24
“Acid” and “alkaline” in the context of food often refer to the potential effects of these foods on the body’s pH levels rather than the pH of the foods themsel… Read More
Chickweed Salve Recipe With Shea Butter
2023-10-25 11:40
Chickweed (Stellaria media) is a common and edible herb that is native to Europe, but it can be found throughout North America and other parts of the world. It is known for its small, star-s… Read More
2023-10-23 13:23
Dr. Sebi’s food list (Dr Sebi’s Nutritional Guide) is about promoting a plant-based, alkaline diet as a means of promoting health and healing the body. According to Dr. Sebi, man… Read More
2023-10-21 21:13
Dr. Sebi introduced many to the perspective that garlic is a hybrid plant and is very acidic. In fact he advised against the use of garlic because of this. Garlic, scientifically known as… Read More
2023-10-19 11:43
Dr. Sebi spoke about how the deprivation of iron in the diet has a particularly negative affects on the health of African people. Here are some video excerpts of Dr. Sebi speaking on iron… Read More
2023-10-18 12:44
Dr. Sebi recommended bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) as part of his dietary and herbal approach for several reasons, including its mineral content, especially iodine, and potential health b… Read More
2023-10-17 11:25
Dr. Sebi (Alfredo Darrington Bowman), was a Honduran herbalist and healer. He had a particular dietary and herbal perspective that could help prevent and treat various diseases, including ca… Read More
2023-10-14 23:42
Walnuts are one of the nuts recommended by Dr. Sebi. Walnuts can be used in many ways, including to make milk. Walnut milk is a delicious and nutritious dairy-free alternative to traditional… Read More
2023-10-08 18:25
Summary, Uses and Benefits Cablote, scientifically known as Guazuma ulmifolia, is a plant that belongs to the Sterculiaceae family. It is also known by several common names, including West I… Read More
2023-10-07 05:07
Yellow dock (Rumex crispus) one of the herbs used by Dr. Sebi. It is a perennial herb known for its culinary and medicinal uses. It is often used for its health benefits, primarily as a mild… Read More
What Makes Mushrooms Powerful Medicine?
2023-09-26 19:09
Mushrooms are considered powerful medicine by many cultures and within the field of alternative and traditional medicine due to their potential health benefits and therapeutic properties. Se… Read More
3 Awesome Fonio Recipes You Must Try
2023-09-20 15:44
If you’re an adventurous eater or looking to expand your culinary horizons, you absolutely must try fonio. Fonio is a tiny but mighty grain that has been a staple in West African cuisi… Read More
2023-09-17 21:11
Dr. Sebi often spoke about potassium phosphate and it’s benefits to the body. It plays several important roles in the body and helps maintain various physiological functions: Electroly… Read More
2023-07-25 04:32
Dr. Sebi was known for promoting a plant-based diet and advocating for the consumption of alkaline foods. One of the key components of his dietary guideline was the avoidance of certain food… Read More
2023-04-27 20:05
Sea moss is a type of red algae that is high in minerals and nutrients, making it a popular ingredient in many health-conscious diets. Here are five Dr. Sebi approved sea moss recipes you ca… Read More
2023-04-27 18:39
Dr. Sebi: So how could these disease be cured by just giving everyone the same compound? Well common sense, we go away from philosophy, put philosophy away and just look at reality and God… Read More
2023-04-26 21:21
Dr. Sebi: She said son, you know how old I am? I said ‘yes’, you’re 94. She said well I didn’t get the 94 being stupid. [Laugh] She said I didn’t get to 94 by… Read More
2023-04-08 02:27
Dr. Sebi does not recommend the consumption of canned foods. There are a number of reasons why we shouldn’t eat canned food. 1. Canned food contains a high amount of sodium. Many canne… Read More
2023-03-29 05:09
The pH level of a food or beverage indicates how acidic or alkaline it is. A pH level of 7 is considered neutral, while a pH level lower than 7 is acidic and a pH level higher than 7 is alka… Read More
2023-03-24 07:19
Dr. Sebi was known for advocating a plant-based diet and the use of natural remedies to promote health and wellness. He showed that foods and herbs could be used to treat and prevent disease… Read More
2023-03-18 22:02
What is asthma? Asthma is a chronic respiratory condition that affects the airways in the lungs. It is characterized by inflammation and narrowing of the airways, which can cause symptoms su… Read More
2023-03-18 20:46
Dr. Sebi: So again we begin to see that something is wrong because whatever religion we are we find a need and a compelling thing to offend the other in the name of the god that we defend… Read More
Dr. Sebi
2023-03-17 09:48
Dr. Sebi Dr. Sebi, whose full name was Alfredo Darrington Bowman, was a Honduran herbalist and healer who developed a unique approach to health and wellness. He promoted a plant-based diet a… Read More
2023-03-15 16:56
Batana oil is one of the ingredients used in Dr Sebi’s hair food oil. Batana oil is a type of oil extracted from the fruit of the batana palm, also known as the African oil palm. Some… Read More
2023-02-03 15:31
Woman: Yes ma’am. Greetings Dr Sebi. Thank you for coming and sharing your knowledge with us. Dr Sebi: Thank you for allowing me the privilege. Woman: And I wanted to ask you, I&rsq&helli…Read More
2022-12-22 11:00
Dr Sebi is asked about malaria. What is malaria? He noted that it is caused from a deficiency. Dr Sebi: Yes. While we’re still on the topic of our motherland uh Africa, let’s al… Read More
2022-12-08 03:44
Question: Since the body needs minerals to sustain itself does one have to worry about amino acids? Dr Sebi: In fact just listen carefully, amino acids, the body that has no use for acids… Read More
2022-12-03 17:41
Dr Sebi: What is the best treatment for acne? The advice is he should lay off anything that is fat. Number one, anything that contain any lactic acid, because these things tends to obstru… Read More
2022-11-28 10:52
Dr Sebi: What is a native plant? A native plant is a plant that came with nature, that came with the creation of the planet. Not so for a non-native. What is a non-native plant Dr sebi? A c… Read More
2022-11-28 10:31
Guest: In Jamaica and many African countries people use skin bleach to lighten their skin. What is your opinion about it? They do not want to… they want to erase their black color so… Read More
2022-11-18 17:42
Dr Sebi: But we’re handicapped because those who suppose the replace the allopathic medicine, he come with what, homeopathic, just as bad. You see, he comes something a little step dow… Read More
2022-10-27 19:06
Dr Sebi: Did we have proteins in the jungle? The answer is no. We didn’t have any of that. We had fruits, leaves and roots that we ate, that kept us healthy. And even up until the las… Read More
2022-10-17 10:46
Dr Sebi: So we not gonna eat tofu no more isn’t it? Why do we eat tofu? Because we want to get away from the meat. Well, I make my own meat. I just made one for my son. He said daddy… Read More
2022-10-11 21:20
Dr Sebi: So with the black man not having a philosophy what what are we left with? The model of life, nature itself. So, from nature we get phosphates, carbonates, iodides and bromides. Th… Read More
2022-10-11 20:28
Dr Sebi: And all I did was to stop eating the garbage…sometimes. I’m you, I’m addicted with salt , I’m addicted with sugar that came from Europe. Did not come out… Read More
2022-09-28 19:09
Dr Sebi: 1988 someone came to me, 89 a year after I won the case in the Supreme Court. Dr Sebi have you heard of kemron? I said kemron, said yes I said well I’ve heard of kemron what… Read More

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