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The Role of Zinc In Bodybuilding: Uses, Benefits And Best Source Of Zinc

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Zinc is a vital role in overall health. In fact, it is one of the crucial micronutrients, we require in our diet on daily basis. Moreover, the mineral plays several critical roles in our bodies.

From helping to maintain a stronger immune system, it helps keep your testosterone level intact. Of course, the importance of the male hormone for bodybuilding is known widely. Hence, taking enough zinc becomes curial for people into bulking and weight lifting.

Evidently, when you are to plan a diet, taking enough zinc is important. However, you must not overdo it. While planning your diet, its quantity should remain appropriate.

However, the widely known importance of zinc for bodybuilding surprises many because of unawareness. Through this blog, we have tried to cover up every facet related to this highly important micronutrient in our diet.

Let’s start with a short introduction!

What Is Zinc?

Zinc is an essential must-have mineral. This means that the human body doesn’t create it. So, you must consume it through your diet.

Many foods contain a high level of zinc. The list includes foods like shellfish, several meat products, eggs, and fish. In fact, it plays a principal role in many body processes. Moreover, it can disrupt the ability of the body to utilize other nutrients.

What Does Zinc Do?

Zinc has several job roles in the human body. Mainly, it supports enzymes to maintain an appropriate immune system to protect from free radicals damaging living cells and tissues.

Further, the mineral support enzymes such as carbonic anhydrase and carboxypeptidase. Moreover, it also removes CO2 produced through normal metabolic activity.

Next, it helps in regulating a balanced level of testosterone, particularly in men. The mineral usages involve in the creation of new nerve cells and synapses, and specific facets of metabolism.

Further, it regulates a protein, Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF), highly crucial for normal nervous system functioning. On the other hand, zinc deficiency can lead to decreased efficiency of BDNF. This might lead to reduced memory capacity and depression onset.

Clearly, with so many roles in body function, zinc deficiency can create a lot of mess. Whether you are athletes, professional bodybuilders, or a normal fitness freak, getting enough zinc is vital.

Particularly, having enough zinc is enough for vegetarians and vegans. Next, let’s explore the correlation between the mineral and testosterone to know much more about zinc in bodybuilding.

Zinc and Testosterone

As mentioned above, the mineral has the capability to boost male hormone production. This is why; bodybuilders are interested in getting more of it.

Certainly, the male hormone plays a pivotal role in getting massive gains. Without it, even after working out and gymming, you won’t get any results.

However, with the several perks of zinc, your testosterone level remains at the peak. Hence, with greater T in your bloodstream, not only you would have heightened muscle gain but would enter the ultimate performance mode.

Using Zinc for Bodybuilding

The use of zinc for bodybuilding is quite popular these days. Actually, the anabolic environment created by a higher zinc level amplifies the muscle gain process. Eventually, gaining more lean muscle mass becomes easier and effortless. This does top wrestler and pro bodybuilders what appreciate.

Nonetheless, these effects are the results of several improved body functions. Having a key role in numerous bodily processes, an adequate level of the mineral keeps everything functioning properly. Moreover, it improvises the protein synthesis process while elevating T-production. Meanwhile, a greater quantity of zinc in diet works in improving your sleep pattern.

All of these perk results in greater bulking and immense physical strength. In fact, for muscle recovery, healing, and gain, having adequate sleep are necessary. After a rigorous training session, your body requires sufficient rest to adapt to the result of workouts and heals.

In short, we can conclude the extreme importance of zinc for bodybuilding. However, these surprising perks don’t conclude here only. There is much more left to be discovered. Here

Other Benefits of Zinc

Zinc means more testosterone and more testosterone certainly means massive gains. Well, these are the widely known advantages associated with higher zinc intake.

However, getting enough of the mineral from your diet gets you more than you have ever imagined. In this segment, we have specifically looked at the major zinc benefits.

#1: Improved Insulin Sensitivity

Insulin is an anabolic hormone. In fact, it has amazing muscle-building benefits. It gets you such benefits by transporting nutrients from your blood to the muscle cells.

However, people struggling with insulin sensitivity don’t receive these amazing perks. Hence, when you increase your zinc consumption, your insulin sensitivity improves.

#2: Works as an Antioxidant

Do you know zinc can prevent certain types of cancer? Besides, it can help in proper cell function and overall health. Moreover, it helps in removing harmful toxins from your system that can harm your health. This antioxidant property of zinc can help in maintaining optimum health.

#3: Improved Sleep

Well, a greater intake of the mineral can help in maintaining melatonin metabolism. This is vital for getting a good night’s sleep. Eventually, this supports the muscle recovery process and you gain bigger and massive.

Along with these advantages of zinc, the mineral can help in muscle gains, strength elevation, and performance-boosting. Now, the question is how to get the maximum of the mineral.

To get most of the zinc for bodybuilding, you have to get more of it. However, can you get daily-required dosages of zinc from food? Let’s find out next…

Can You Get All The Zinc You Need From Foods?

The daily-recommended quantity of zinc intake is 11 milligrams. However, most of them are lost through sweating. Hence, this amount must be fulfilled with certain food consumption or zinc supplementation.

In case, you prefer seafood, you can get more of the zinc. In fact, oysters have one of the highest quantities of zinc than any food. A 100g serving of oysters encompasses around 78mg of zinc. That is 500 percent of the RDA.

However, if seafood isn’t your thing, try grass feed beef or lamb. They also contain a high amount of zinc. Vegetarian foods are literally low in zinc. Still, few plant-based alternatives have good zinc quantity.

You can add eatables like spinach, nuts mushroom, and different beans. You can either have them in high quantity or add two or three foods to your diet to get the required quantity of the minerals.

In short, getting enough zinc from food is possible. Next, we have shared some best sources of zinc for bodybuilding.

The Best Sources of Zinc

When it comes to the highest quantity of zinc for muscle growth, you can’t just rely on every other food. In this segment, we have enlisted major food items that can get you a maximum of the vital minerals. Here are the top zinc foods to rely on!

#1: Spinach

After hearing spinach, your thought might once travel to Popeye. What was the secret of his power? Of course, spinach. Whether it came to fighting a badass sailor or some guns, just a can of spinach was enough for him to fight off.

Were the creators aware of the numerous benefits of the low-key veggie? With loads of zinc, it has a good quantity of calcium, potassium, and iron. Certainly, it’s the best option for vegetarians and vegans.


#2: Red Meat

Why did your elders keep telling you should eat beef to grow bigger and stronger? Well, certainly the reason behind it was the extreme quantity of zinc in it.

In the 70s, bodybuilders relied on red meats like beef for their protein requirements. In fact, it is a rich source of zinc and other vital nutrients. Just a 100g of the red has more than 100% of the recommended daily allowance of zinc in adults.


#3: Oysters

Besides having aphrodisiac properties, oysters are a sound source of zinc. Not only the seafood has a great quantity of zinc but has enough protein.

Oysters may appear slimy and nasty to have. Surprisingly, just 3 ounces of the seafood has around 74mg of zinc. In short, it has more than 500% of the RDI of zinc.


#4: Supplementation

There comes the easiest way to enhance your zinc count. Well, we are talking about zinc supplements. Obviously, having a Zinc Supplement is convenient and easy. Moreover, the dosages are predecided.

Hence, you don’t have to map out how much of the mineral you had through the diet. The best part is in terms of cost too, it would be head over the expenses on veggies.

These were some of the best natural sources of zinc. You can add them to your diet to enhance the quantity of zinc. Obviously, not only it would improve your bodily processes but also makes it easier to gain more muscle.

However, the confusing task here is to pick the right zinc supplementation.

What Are The Best Zinc Supplements?

Zinc Monomethionine aspartate (ZMA) is the most popular zinc supplement. Actually, it is a mini blend of zinc and magnesium having vitamin B6 in the blend.

In fact, it can highly helpful in regulating healthy testosterone levels. Surprisingly, ZMA supplementation functions exactly like a t-booster.

Studies indicated it as an effective way to increase testosterone levels. The study involved giving dosages of ZMA to subjects. Over time, an increase in T-level has been seen.

Another recent clinical trial indicates that 8 weeks of zinc supplementations, can significantly increase your male hormone level. Moreover, it can be greatly helpful in bulking and gaining massive muscle mass.

This is why most of the top testosterone supplement has the secret ZMA blend. Hence, the products ensure the ultimate T-increase with more zinc in them. In fact, using a natural testosterone booster can be an ideal option to get more of the mineral.

Nonetheless, too much of anything is never good. Obviously, this can apply to the health crucial mineral zinc. Well, going through Zinc Bodybuilding Forum & Zinc Bodybuilding Reddit we got some real factors…


Are There Side Effects From Getting Too Much Zinc?

Though, the recommended daily allowance, RDA, of zinc is 11mg. still, it isn’t strange to find people taking 30mg of zinc or more in a day. However, the most potentially risking zinc side effects are the results of around 300mg of zinc daily.

The super loading or high dosage often leads to minor zinc side effects. This mainly includes:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

However, low zinc intake or zinc deficiency can lead to certain risks. Zinc fights with copper and iron uptake in the blood. Eventually, greater zinc in the diet can result in lessened absorption of these other crucial minerals.

Oftentimes, Zinc, and iron fights to get absorbed into the blood. In fact, even in a 1:1 zinc-iron ratio, the human body first absorbs zinc. Eventually, this can lead to iron deficiency. Avoiding a large intake of zinc can avoid the issue.

Moreover, it also interacts with other mineral copper. Well, studies indicate that zinc supplementation can lead to greater copper excretion through urine. Evidently, the copper deficiency would be the result unless copper intake is maintained through diet or supplementation.

Zinc For Bodybuilding| Common FAQs

When it comes to zinc, people have numerous confusion in their minds. In fact, popular misconceptions have rolled over people’s heads. In this segment, we have answered some of such common FAQs.

Q1: How Much Zinc Do Bodybuilders Need?

The recommended daily allowance of zinc varies for men and women. Here is the required amount you need to have:

  • For Males age 14 and over: 11 milligrams/day
  • For Females age 14 and over: 8-9 milligrams/day

Q2: What Are The Top Food For Zinc?

Maintaining a high zinc diet is a must. The reason is most of the zinc is lost through sweating and peeping. Here are the major foods you can have to get more of the zinc:

  • Seeds
  • Nuts
  • Dairy
  • Legumes
  • Red meat
  • Shellfish, especially oysters

Q3: When to Take Zinc Bodybuilding?

Zinc supplementations for bodybuilding are most effective when they are taken an hour or two before having meals. Nonetheless, if it leads to an upset stomach, then experts recommend it to have with meals. Besides, you can try some other way to find which works best for you and follow it!

Q4: Is Zinc Good For Building Muscle?

Certainly yes!

Zinc intake in optimum quantity can increase testosterone levels. And more testosterone means more muscle gains. It not only promotes muscle gain but also stimulates fertility and boosts infection-fighting T-cells.

Q5: Does Zinc Increase Testosterone?

Yes, the mineral is known for increasing testosterone. In fact, studies indicate extremely increase in free male hormone when taken 30mg of zinc. So, if you want to get more male hormones, taking more zinc can work. Try foods with a high quantity of zinc or zinc supplements.

Q6: Why Do Bodybuilders Take Zinc?

To get bigger and massive muscle!

Greater zinc intake can boost your testosterone level. Eventually, this leads to a greater protein synthesis process resulting in greater muscle gains and strength elevation. In short, zinc is the best mate of every bodybuilder wanting to go big and massive.

Q7: Can I Take Zinc Every Day?

Yes, you can take zinc daily to achieve your bodybuilding goals. However, the dosages must remain under the recommended daily amount of zinc for men and women, which is 8mg and 11 mg respectively.

Zinc for Bodybuilding| Conclusion

Zinc means a legal steroid to gain massive muscle mass. Well, experts have a clear thought over it. It is of no surprise, the vital micronutrient is present as a major testosterone boosting supplement.

Unfortunately, we have to take the mineral through diet only as the human body doesn’t generate it. Nonetheless, taking it through veggies, meat and seafood could a bit tricky and even messier.

One of the finest ways to get most of the mineral is through trying zinc supplements. In fact, going for natural testosterone boosters is the best way to get more of Zinc. Not only do these products make it easier to gain more T but make bodybuilding even easier and effortless.

In short, we can say zinc came on earth just for bodybuilding!

We hope this blog was a fun read!

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The Role of Zinc In Bodybuilding: Uses, Benefits And Best Source Of Zinc


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