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What Foods Destroy Our Liver – Dr. Mandell Explains

Even the Liver can get damaged over time despite the fact that it’s one of the most important and the largest organ in our body. The liver is even capable of removing bacteria from our blood, as it plays a crucial role in such a purpose. This vital organ can also get rid of other harmful substances that may enter our bloodstream.

The liver contains Kupffer cells, which are able to capture and destroy bacteria, viruses, as well as other harmful particles in our bodies.

You got the point: taking good care of our liver is crucial if we want to have a healthy life. There are certain steps that we need to take often for that matter, and besides getting enough physical exercise, good sleep at night, and avoiding alcohol and drugs, it’s also crucial what and how we eat.

Thanks to Dr. Alan Mandell, we can now learn about the most harmful foods for our liver. However, his video claims that the medical information provided can be used as an information resource only, as it shouldn’t be relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes.

There are many foods out there that damage the livers of millions of people across the world. Dr. Mandell names a few that if we consume regularly, we might have health problems.

French fries

Foods such as french fries may be delicious, but they contain very high amounts of saturated fat. Getting too much-saturated fat into our bodies will lead to our liver developing insulin resistance and increased liver fat. Therefore, our liver will have more work to do than usual. As a result, over long periods of time, our liver will develop inflammation and cirrhosis.

Excessive vegetable oils

Vegetable oils can turn out to be extremely inflammatory to the liver. These oils are rich in Omega 6 polion saturated acids. Over time, consuming vegetable oils could lead to us developing nonalcoholic Fatty Liver.

Packaged foods

Packaged foods such as chips, processed cheese, salty biscuits, and canned frozen foods should always be under our attention, as we must always check those labels. The excess sodium can affect the functioning of our liver, as the substance can cause imbalances in our bodies’ fluids. This will cause extra stress on our liver, leading to major health problems. Getting too much of such foods in our bodies will make us fat, and thus, we will turn out to have a fatty liver. This vital organ may even start to swell and harden over time, filling with scar tissue


Acetaminophen/Tylenol may do their job of getting you rid of pain, but that doesn’t mean that these medications can’t affect you in other ways if you don’t take them the right way. You need to take Tylenol or Acetaminophen in the right amounts if you need these drugs. If, instead, you take excessive amounts, they can damage your liver. Therefore, it’s a “must” to speak to your doctor and check the doses.

Sugar is the worst food for our liver

Sugar is the worst food of all that we can put in our bodies, according to Dr. Mandell. Getting too much sugar in our body can lead to diabetes, insulin resistance, a weakened immune system, and heart disease. Sugar is an inflammatory food that won’t hesitate to affect the entire body. Excess sugar will get converted in our bodies into fat, and the liver represents one of the areas that will store the excess fat. Over time, our liver cells will be gradually replaced by fat cells, which will result in non-alcoholic-related fatty liver disease. Getting too much sugar in our body regularly will damage the liver to the point that it won’t work as efficiently as a healthy liver. It will become incapable of processing toxins and eliminating them from our body, and that’s just one of the terrible possible scenarios.

People also develop a fatty liver by drinking too much alcohol.

The human liver is responsible for many metabolic functions in order to help our body remain healthy. This organ performs hundreds of vital functions.

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What Foods Destroy Our Liver – Dr. Mandell Explains


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