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Does Kali muscle take steroids or is it natural?

As for bodybuilding, you will probably have all your favorite bodybuilders and the less favored.

In the past, when people talked about bodybuilding, they were referring exclusively to IFBB Pro leagues.

However, times have changed a bit and nowadays there are countless sponsored bodybuilders appearing in the shows and adorning the covers of health, fitness and bodybuilding magazines, despite the fact that they are not not compete at all, t own a pro card.

Social Media and the Fitness Community

Social media has revolutionized the bodybuilding community, and that’s usually a good thing because it means anyone can potentially do it in the fitness world, even if they do not have a pro card or may not have a lucrative sponsorship deal worth millions of dollars.

One person in particular, who has benefited immensely from social media is Kali Muscle, which you can recognize from YouTube, alongside other bodybuilding celebrities like Bradley Martyn and Calum Von Moger.

Kali Muscle is a name that is synonymous with the bodybuilding community these days, despite the fact that he has never actually participated in the Olympia, or other high-level shows or competitions.

It’s a star who did it, thanks to his physique, his personality and his own perseverance

Even so, wherever he goes, and what he does, people will always wonder if Kali Muscle is natural, or if he is taking steroids.

Obviously, we can not provide a clear answer for you, but what we can do is look at the evidence

Here’s a look at whether Kali Muscle is natural or if it takes steroids

Who is the Kali muscle?

Kali Muscle is a bodybuilder, a social media expert, an actor and, in general, a pretty awesome guy

He grew up in Oakland, California, where his childhood was, shall we say, slightly turbulent

His story of growing up was a typical case of bad region, bad people.

Kali started to associate with the wrong people, and he, along with his brother, often found themselves in trouble with the law

Kali is a former prison prisoner who served seven years in prison for burglary, and used bodybuilding to change his life

Today, he has millions of followers on social media, he is a regular in bodybuilding circuits, and he helps countless people around the world to improve their lives through bodybuilding


Early years

As mentioned, when he grew up, Kali often associated with the wrong people and fought regularly, vandalized property, and simply acted and acted in an anti-social way.

Growing up, his brother sadly lost his life with a gun, shortly after Kali’s arrest for burglary and was sentenced to 7 years in prison

Ironically, the prison did not really break him at all, it made him what he is today.

You see, like many other detainees, there was very little Kali who could do anything other than exercise every day and try to stay in shape

He had access to primitive training equipment, and he often did gymnastics in his cell

To this day, he still promotes bodyweight exercises and workouts.

In prison, his diet was poor, but he was able to keep his calorie intake high enough

His claims that his daily diet consisted of ramen noodles, cans of tuna, and some food that the prison would serve him daily


He says he took in about 4,000 calories, which for a man of his size was enough to take a caloric surplus so that he took more calories than he burned

As you know, to build muscle, your body needs a calorie surplus, otherwise you would have trouble adding any size.

Kali says it took more than a year of constant training to point out a real difference in his physique, but he claims that once he did it, it stimulated and motivated him further. Take steroids or is it natural “width =” 700 “height =” 393 “/>

Training indoors and outdoors

In prison, Kali used bodybuilding as an escape, training to improve every day

He trains regularly with prison equipment, and he has made great progress.

However, it was felt that prisoners could no longer use prison equipment to train, due to security concerns, and so Kali was forced to improvise

He practiced gymnastics, used cans, garbage cans, and he and the other inmates even used each other, IE crouching with another inmate on the back

When he was released, he had an incredible physique and decided to use that to his advantage.

He will pursue a career in drama and will win many roles in music videos and commercials

He would also give motivational speeches to troubled teens, talking about his experiences and how he was able to transform his life through bodybuilding

He also participated in competitive bodybuilding and won many NPC shows, including Mr. California, in 2012.

Does Kali muscle take steroids or is it natural?

Now that we know a little more about his early years, now is the time for us to address the elephant in the room and see if Kali Muscle was able to build his muscle naturally or if he is, or was, on steroids.

For the record, Kali has claimed to be mean to many times, to the anger of many social media users, who regularly call him on what they claim to be “blatant use of steroids”


There’s a quote from social media right now, from Kali himself, who claims that while he was in prison, it was quite natural, just like the other inmates

He says it’s virtually impossible to get steroids indoors, but as we all know, this is not at all true.

Kali claims that he does not even use supplements so far, and that the reason he does not do that is that he’s just bigger than 90% of the population anyway

Now, he could very well tell the truth, and he can have incredible genetics even though you can understand why some people are questionable

After all, he stands at 5 feet 9 inches tall, and weighs over 240 pounds, while maintaining a body fat percentage of less than 10%

Ordinary people simply can not keep this amount of size, and this amount of conditioning for this length of time without any chemical help.

Now, as mentioned, we do not know if Kali Muscle is natural or if it uses steroids

What we can do, however, is a look at some potential telltale signs of steroid use:

HGH intestine

Okay, HGH, or human growth hormone, is not a steroid at all, but it’s still highly anabolic, it’s used for muscle building and it’s usually stacked with other steroids to achieve muscle growth optimal.

If you take a look at Kali, you will see that he has, which is known in the bodybuilding community, as a digestive tract, or a digestive tract of HGH.

It’s not a large intestine, no, it’s the opposite.

As mentioned, Kali is shredded all year, and often has a body fat percentage of about 7%.

He has a shredded ABS game but his stomach looks swollen and distended, as if he is pregnant or very swollen

The reason that people who abuse HGH get this side effect, is because HGH causes the internal organs, including the intestines and the liver, to become enlarged and swollen.

They then press against the stomach, making the intestine look distended and swollen when released.


Kali does indeed have a little belly from time to time, so it could be due to the use of HGH

His weird size

As mentioned, Kali is less than 5,10 tall, but he weighs more than 240 pounds of solid muscle. Arnold Schwarzenegger at his peak, weighed 240 and we all know he was tall.

In addition, Arnold was 6 feet 2, which gave him 5 inches more than Kali

This shows how huge Kali is, reaching 240 pounds at less than 5,10 tall, is incredibly difficult when using steroids, making it virtually impossible to do so naturally


Strange things may have happened, but unless Kali was blessed with a divine level genetics, many believe there is no way in the world that he can reach 240 pounds of solid muscle naturally

Its conditioning

It’s not just the fact that Kali weighs more than 240 pounds most of the year, with people in arms

No, another reason people believe that it’s actually, using steroids, is the fact that its conditioning is so amazing all year round

As you know, getting in shape is difficult, but staying in shape is even harder

Simply losing a few pounds takes discipline, but maintaining ABS?

It’s a real challenge.

Not only does Kali Muscle gain an ounce of fat, it seems to build lean muscle continuously

Building lean muscle while simultaneously letting go of fat and putting nothing, would put him in a very elitist class if he did it naturally, as many of the IFBB pros have trouble doing in anticipation of the Olympia

He continues to get better

As you know, once you reach a certain age, muscle maturity does not work for you and gravity and genetics start working against you

Kali is getting older, just like all of us, but his physique looks more and more impressive every year

Her height increases, her body fat falls, her body becomes more symmetrical, her vascularity is scary and is out of the picture

Age seems to be just a number for Kali, but why is it?

Well, some would say that these are the steroids.

You see, steroids can turn an awesome body into an amazing body, no matter how old.

There are bodybuilders in their forties and fifties, who have much more impressive physiques than in their thirties, because of the steroids

As Kali looks better and better with each passing year, this could indeed be an indication that he could use some form of steroid to help him achieve his goals

Kali Muscle Steroids

As we have said many times, we have no idea if Kali actually uses steroids.

What we can do is look at his physique and look at some of the current steroids currently available and what they are doing, and see if their results would actually match with Kali’s physique and gym performance.

So, is the Kali muscle using steroids or is it natural?

Win, for the hundredth time, we can not give you a precise answer to this question because, honestly, we do not know.

All we can do is look at the evidence, go with our own inner knowledge, and of course, follow our instincts.

You will probably not be surprised to hear then that we believe that Kali Muscle is non-natty because we believe that he has or has used steroids

However, we have no concrete evidence to support this assumption, so for now, all of this is our expert opinion.

Kali may have simply been blessed with amazing genetics, although you can forgive us if we were a little skeptical.

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Does Kali muscle take steroids or is it natural?


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