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Fantastic 5 Hormone Balancing Foods For Women

Studies have reported that approximately 80 percent of women across the globe undergo some sort of hormonal imbalance. It leads to many physical as well as mental changes because of the downfall in the level of estrogen and progesterone.

There are few signs that help to figure out if the person is suffering from hormonal imbalance like poor sleep, tiredness, lower libido, night sweats and chronic ache.

Consuming a good diet with the right Food Items can shift your mood drastically. It can minimise the symptoms associated with the hormonal imbalance like acne, mood swings, weight gain and depression. It will help boost up the energy level in the body and enhance the overall mood.

We have rounded up some Food items that helps the women to deal with the hormonal balance, especially younger girls. These may help in the case of older women in handling menopausal or perimenopausal period.

1. Poultry, fatty fish, and soy proteins:

All of these food items are extensively rich sources of protein that help to keep up the lean body mass. One of the researchers has found out that women suffered a major weight loss when their protein intake comes from these constituents.

Other evidences also show that intake of soy food items may aid in relieving hot flashes. Fatty fishes like mackranes, salmons, sardings safeguard the body from several diseases like cancer, heart disease and blue moods.

2. Bee pollen:

It is used in the conventional medicine to treat usual problems like minimising the cravings, boosting up the process of digestion and forming the blood for iron stores. It is also used to push up the energy levels in the body.

Pollen grains are considered essentially important because they are loaded with significant nutrients and proteins like Vitamin B and folic acid which are crucial for counterbalancing the hormones and also contains many health benefits. They regulate mood, weight and blood sugar level in the body. Make sure that the source of your pollen is trustworthy enough.

3. Kale:

This vegetable is loaded with essential vitamins A, B6, C, K and includes other minerals like calcium, manganese and copper. It is merged with fiber and other strong antioxidants to create a possible cure in a number of problems like aching cramps, mood swings, water retention and puffing belly. It can be consumed in soups, smoothies, salads or wraps.

It helps in minimising the chances of having a heart disease and reduces the cholesterol level in the body.

4. Cod liver oil:

Cod liver oil is bountiful in nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 and vitamin D play a crucial role in avoiding blood clotting, lowering inflammation, improving mental health, refraining from depression and treating it.

Several studies have also claimed that it helps to lower down the high blood pressure, preventing heart diseases and other mood problems. Use the fermented cod liver oil for best results.

5. Vitex:

Vitex is a fantastic herb especially for women as it helps in treating various gynaecological disorders in the body. Several studies have shown that it helps to balance hormonal fluctuations in the body and improves the fertility.

It helps to even out the hormones during the menstrual cycle. It helps to heal a number of PMS symptoms like irritability, dizziness, depression, skin problems, sleeplessness, fatigueness, bloating.

Though it can be used in small amounts as a tincture, it can be consumed by way of medicinal herbal teas too.

Foods that you should avoid:

Simply including these foods in your regular diet wouldn’t help. You also have to make sure that you abstain from consuming several food items.

Sugar is known to increase the hormonal symptoms in the women, so it’s important that we consume only a little of it.

Caffeinated beverages like coffee or tea, alcohols and spicy food items can spike up hot flashes. So, if you’re suffering from such problems, you should limit consuming such food items.

Avoid high-fat food items in your diet. In a study, it was found out that women who consumed low fat food items like grains, vegetables experienced lesser hot flashes than others.

Follow these simple diet tips in your routine to keep up hormonal stability and balanced lifestyle.

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Fantastic 5 Hormone Balancing Foods For Women


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