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Mark Wahlberg & Steroids: Did He Use Prohibited Drugs for Putting on Size?

Mark Wahlberg’s background

Mark Wahlberg is an American actor and musician, as well as producer. He is a two-time nominee for an Oscar for his supporting role in film “The Departed” and for the film “The Fighter”, as a producer.

Mark Wahlberg was born in a suburb of Boston, MA. The parents of the future actor were Alma Elaine, who was a cashier in a bank, and later a nurse, and truck driver Donald E. Wahlberg.

As a teenager, he was often found in the local police department. Mark was rightly accused of hooliganism, violence, attacks on black teenagers, beating students from Asia, and also robbing a pharmacy. And when the boy turned 16 years old, the court decided to punish the teenager with two years in prison for attempted murder on racist grounds. Mark served in the Boston jail for 45 days. The prison poured cold water on him, among other things, and he realized that he wanted a different life for himself. Some cases of aggressiveness were observed after this, but gradually he became a “good guy”.

After a while, Mark took the nickname Marky Mark, creating his own band Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. The group specialized in hip-hop, music style, which only gained momentum.

As a popular music performer, Mark received an invitation to the role of recruit Tommy Lee Haywood in the film “Renaissance Man”, where the main role was played by Danny de Vito. Then Wahlberg played a secondary role in the biographical film “The Basketball Diaries”, where his partner was the young Leonardo DiCaprio. Gradually, acting became his main profession.

Mark Wahlberg and anabolic steroids

Mark Wahlberg is said to have added a few steroids to his protein shakes to gain a few pounds for “Pain & Gain” filming along with Dwayne Johnson in 2013. Some add that he gained 40 pounds (18 kg) of muscle in just 2 months to perform the role of bodybuilder. Most likely, he used synthetic anabolic steroids (not natural steroids) to achieve a quick result.

This can be proven by his 2011-2012 year photos. Mark himself perceived bodybuilding as a personal challenge and to grow to the right size, he began intensive training. For the role of the muscular character, Wahlberg became even better than in the days of his youth, when he was known primarily as an underwear model.

He also spent a little money on protein supplements so that they helped him build up most of the mass. Naturally, he disclosed these products, advertising them simultaneously with the promotion of the film.

The unprecedented Muscle Mass only convinces the society that he definitely took anabolics. In general, people could bank on it, but the representative of the actor said that Mark never used any such means to build muscle. “Although the film tells the story of the steroids, Mark took it as a challenge, he wanted to achieve the same results with the help of continuous training. His partner Dwayne Johnson inspired Mark to do sports more diligently.” Mark also says that he achieved all those muscles only through hard work, together with protein supplements, which seems very unlikely. This smells of shame, but Mark is not the king of guy you can shoot down in flames.

It seems to most fans that he is playing his game pretty straightforwardly, but who knows. We know that he has a rather large ego and that spending time with Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson probably gave him confidence. Johnson’s massive muscles would provoke many men to use steroid pills or injections.

The question remains, is it true that Mark bulked up on steroids or is it the result of really persistent, hard work in the gym?

Possible steroids used by Mark Wahlberg

Mark probably used one or more drugs from the following list:

1. Testosterone cypionate. This is a form of synthetic testosterone. It has a universal nature and can promote fat burning and muscle mass gaining.

2. Dianabol. This steroid is very effective for rapid muscle mass gain. It gives the athlete an opportunity to get up to 20 lbs. muscle mass for several weeks.

3. Primobolan. It is a popular medication and one of the few anabolic steroids that can be used by women without serious side effects of steroids. Men should use it for cutting.

4. Arimidex. It is an antiestrogenic drug that helps to reduce water retention and gynecomastia in men.

5. Cardarine. The drug is used to increase endurance during training. Side effects include a potentially increased risk of developing cancer, but relevant studies have so far only been conducted on animals.

We do not know for sure whether Mark Wahlberg used these steroids or not. He, personally, denies this fact. Anyway, you have to pay tribute to Mark for his amazing transformation, since as you know, the use of anabolic drugs will not bring significant results without hard workouts.

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Mark Wahlberg & Steroids: Did He Use Prohibited Drugs for Putting on Size?


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