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Mark McGwire and the Use of Steroids in Baseball – Famous Doping Confession.

Many people associate the use of steroid drugs with heavy sports, such as powerlifting and bodybuilding (bodybuilding steroids for sale are very popular in online stores). But these drugs are no less popular with game sports, where high speed is needed. Therefore, many famous Baseball players have used or use these drugs. One of these athletes is Mark Mcgwire.

Mark McGwire – a home run champion

Mark McGwire was born on October 1, 1963. His hometown was a settlement in the state of California known as Pomona. He has become a famous sportsman due to the incredibly strong skills at bat he demonstrated at the dawn of his sports Career as a baseball player. He is especially good at home runs, and even set a record for them.

Mark McGwire played for the St. Louis Cardinals. It should be noted that in the 90’s, he was acknowledged as the most powerful slugger in the game.  The main achievement of this athlete was breaking the record set by Roger Maris, who had 61 home runs in 1961. Mark McGwire, however, exceeded this number – in his archives there were 70 full home runs during the season. This took place in 1988, and the following year he became the seventeenth to have more than 500 home runs in his career. Thus, he stood on a pedestal with such world-famous baseball stars as Mickey Mantle and Babe Ruth.

The new twists and turns in the career of Mark McGwire

1986 was the first year when Mark McGwire was able to perform in the major leagues. At that time, he was invited to join the Oakland Athletics, and as a member of this particular team was an exceptionally important star. It was due to his participation and the application of his talents that the team was able to win the annual national level championship, the World Series. This happened in 1989. However, it has to be noted that even at that point, Mark McGwire noticed some deterioration of his health, which is probably why his rating dropped noticeably by the beginning of the 90’s. However, a new leap was made in 1995 – it was then that Mark McGwire was not only much healthier, but also stronger. He could once again knock the ball out of the park. In 1997, he returned to the team where he had started his sports career. There he took the place of the best, most successful player. 1998 was marked by a greater number of home runs than Sammy Sosa, with whom he had competed throughout his careers. This was the reason why Mark McGwire attracted the attention of both the media and connoisseurs of baseball. His fame was no longer limited to the playing field, and he became a star of the first magnitude.

During his career, McGwire hit home runs on average every 10.61 “at-bat” (AB), which is the best ratio in the history of baseball (second place is taken by Babe Ruth with a ratio of 11.76). Mark also managed to make 500 home runs in just 5,487 at-bats, which was faster than other baseball players.

Mark McGwire’s career ends

In November 2001, the famous baseball player announced that his career as a professional sportsman was over. There was a considerable amount of confirmation of this information and the reasons behind it. In 2005 he was a witness at the Congressional session devoted to the problem of steroid use by athletes. The press criticized the athlete, as he refused to answer the questions concerning his own history. The reaction of the press was well-founded, as it later became clear. In 2010, McGwire publicly admitted having used steroids for most of career.

Mark McGwire and steroid scandal

At the beginning of 2010 Mark McGwire finally honestly admitted that he had used steroids when he had broken baseball’s home run record in 1998.

According to McGwire’s confession to the Associated Press he used performance-enhancing drugs for about ten years. Later, in a telephone interview, his voice was trembling when he recollected his steroid history. The sportsman noted the emotional state he experienced when revealing the truth to his friends, family members, former teammates and coaches. The sportsman unveiled another piece of information he had been hiding for many years. It concerns his use of human growth hormone (HGH). Also, McGwire expressed suspicion that illegal drugs might have contributed to his injuries he sustained before his retirement, in 2001 at the age of 38. Mark expressed enormous regret for having decided to follow that dangerous path, calling that decision foolish. According to the sportsman he was sure that steroids would help him to handle his injuries and return to the baseball field to justify his multi-million dollar salary.

Tom Verducci, the MLB Network employee and the Sports Illustrated reporter, noted that Mark McGwire’s courageous confession was worth paying attention to as it was a story of the person whose brilliant sports career had been based on steroid use.

We do not know exactly which steroids Mark took apart from the admitted HGH. Some Internet users suggest the following steroid cycle, which was supposedly used by Mark:

  • ½ cc of testosterone cypionate every 3 days;
  • one cc of testosterone enanthate a week;
  • ¾ cc of Equipoise & Winstrol every 3 days.

Mark McGwire and the Hall of Fame

Mark McGwire is a player whose name is strongly associated with the Steroid Era. It’s hard to forget how badly he failed in the vote to include him into the Hall of Fame: in 2011, McGwire won only 19.8% of votes, although his career statistics are so impressive that many people believe that he definitely must be there. Roger Clemens, who denied the use of steroids and human growth hormone, also has only modest chances of getting into the Hall of Fame.

There are alternative points of view. In 2012, the head of the Major League Baseball players’ union said at a press conference that the use of steroids should not be the reason for the removal of the best baseball players from the Hall of Fame. According to Michael Weiner, the Hall of Fame is the place to perpetuate the best baseball players of all time. The head of the trade union also said that, for example, Pete Rose must certainly be in the Hall of Fame, even in spite of his troubling stories concerning gambling.

“The Hall of Fame is primarily a museum,” Weiner said. “If you want the memorial board to emphasize that the results of a particular player were achieved using illegal drugs, then welcome, no one forbids you to think so.” Weiner stressed that he expressed only his personal opinion, and not the official position of the Major League Baseball players’ union. “There are and will be people in the Hall of Fame who have been convicted by several judges in a so-called conspiracy to deceive a large number of fans who want the competitions in the MLB to be fair,” Weiner continues. “All of them should have a place in the Hall of Fame, because there must be the names of the most outstanding players and the most influential club leaders, which made the history of baseball glorious.” In this case, Weiner meant athletes using steroids or other performance-enhancing medications. Who knows – maybe one day Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens and other athletes using steroids in sports will be included in this Hall.

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Mark McGwire and the Use of Steroids in Baseball – Famous Doping Confession.


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