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Tiger Woods steroids: legendary sportsman and his difficult choice !

One day early in the morning Tiger Woods was found by policeman in his car in Florida. He can’t explain anything about his actual behavior and it was impossible even to understand his speech. It was obvious effect of some drugs. He was arrested and directed to the office. First news told that sportsman was drunk but people who saw him told that it wasn’t truth. His behavior was very strange and alcohol can’t bring such amazing changes with impossibility even to concentrate attention on one question. At the same time he was able to walk and it meant that influence was directed on the other parts of nerve system. He went through some tests and doctors found that such strange behavior was the result of some sedative drugs influence. It was in the official publication but at the same time people told that sportsman’s popularity and importance of hiding such facts made people in the lab change real results.

After this accident, sportsman answered the questions and his main line of them was about painkillers. Such strategy is very popular and famous people all around the world use it. It helps to cover guesses about drugs and explain strange behavior. It is easy to guess that he explained use by some injuries which he got during his sports career and it is seems to looks like truth in case if we will remind that there are no any pills which could bring such result. Let us remind you that Tiger Woods is the legend of golf and at the moment of accident people all around the world were sure that this sportsman is the real star. His amazing results at sport and profit which he brought to golf can’t be erased by any accidents but at the same time, the fact that he used something forbidden can make people talking about things that the whole career was nothing more than just another fake. This story turned into the same with HGH pills for bodybuilding cases. Appeared in a one day, his result inspired people all around the world and the one-day public receives the news that this man used doping. It explains whole wins and amazing results. In this case it is impossible to save any respect and people starting regret that this man had any influence on their hearts.

Anyway, this story is so much intricate, because world knows him like amazing sportsman. Besides it is well-known fact that every important competition starts from doping tests. It means that every professional sportsman could get on the field only after detailed observation, so in that case it means that he is innocent or that the story about painkillers is the truth. There is third version – that he started use something like methenolone enanthate after he stopped professional activity. Anyway, such kind of behavior is wrong for someone who presents professional sport. A lot of friends and famous people protects his dignity and explains this situation like it was just an accident because of the unpredictable reaction on new painkillers. Some of them told that it probably happened just because he was too hungry before drug’s use.

Anyway, this story is so much interesting because his career was amazing. He made so many records and his physical evolution was awesome. So, society created new wave of questions and all of them were about actual recipe which sportsman used during his career. The uncover of the information inspired people all around the world, because in case if someone will get the truth, it would be possible to repeat the way of famous Tiger Woods.

The real situation

Unfortunately, only Woods knows what is the truth. There are no any pieces of evidence that the story with forbidden drugs was real. Everything we have is just guesses. Anyway, the last research found that the full list of all meds which sportsman used was pretty wide. There were such positions like testosterone cream and a lot of meds which were not forbidden. Yes, that is possible to find them on the counters but at the same time their use can bring many problems to health and the only one way which can offer to use such line of them is physical activity stimulation. A Huge quantity of them was painkillers but at the same time, there were many side effects which are possible to call stimulation. Such composition is able to bring nerve system activity and muscles stimulation with the painkiller effect. Many surgery accidents which happened to him explain meds but they cannot erase their side effect.

What was the career recipe

This is not theme about people who afraid of questions like “do steroids make your dick smaller” because now we will talk about real opportunities in golf. The thing is that it was important to have strong arms and whole body. Without physical trains, it is impossible to get the skill of this game.

So, the amazing shape makes people think that Tiger Woods used HGH. This conclusion appeared because he always had too effective muscle tissue without hard trains. His form even made steroids for women theme being actual because everyone wondered to look like him. During his whole career, he told that golf is the only one drug he uses because it is important to save the sense of humor. So, we don’t have any confession and that is why it is not easy to present the correct schedule of drug’s use.

Version of marijuana

Some news published information that the main reason for sportsman’s strange behavior was marijuana. It is important to say that marijuana is legal in Florida and that’s why we can’t judge him, but at the same time, the whole world knows the real consequences of use. So, in case if that was the truth no one can deny that during his career he never used it. Yes, in most of the cases marijuana brings relaxation but sometimes in a pair with some additional stimulation it is possible to get the special attention concentration.

So, as you can see, the Tiger Woods Steroids theme will die with this great sportsman. It is possible to believe and to do not believe in the reality of all accidents, but it can’t destroy the fact that he is already a real legend.

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Tiger Woods steroids: legendary sportsman and his difficult choice !


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