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UV Hero is a blog dedicated to how to improve your life by using the almighty power of ultraviolet rays. From products to guides related to how to live a better life, UV Hero got you covered.
How To Sleep With Sciatica, The RIGHT Way!
2019-04-02 17:20
Studies have been done for years that all say the same thing…there is a significant impact on both the quality and the quantity of sleep people get when they suffer from pain. What re… Read More
How To Cure Gel Nails Without UV Light
2018-10-02 17:22
An emerging trend we easily see around us is the widespread use of gel nails. But unfortunately, wearing one means you would need a UV light to cure it. What if you find yourself in a situat… Read More
How To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally
2018-07-28 09:17
Have you been drinking plenty of clean water, engaging in regular workouts, eating healthily, yet your skin develops breakouts? You may have been doing everything right and still neglect the… Read More
2018-07-03 07:07
Tanning has always being a trendy beauty routine for both males and females, especially during the sunny summer months. Most times, we seem to regard ourselves as being too light-skinned and… Read More
Red Light Therapy: The Ultimate Guide
2018-06-26 13:50
Red light therapy is not a very familiar skin treatment technique with most people. You’re probably just catching on with this “soul feeding” technique, but surprisingly, r… Read More
Simplehuman 8″ Sensor Mirror Review
2018-06-24 08:41
5VIEW ON AMAZONSimplehuman is a manufacturing company that is known for producing household objects that come with improved features and playful designs to match the demands of the modern wo… Read More
2018-06-20 12:31
5VIEW ON AMAZONThe Foreo Luna Mini 2 is a cleansing device – for the face – that makes use of the pulsating T-sonic technology which is designed to exfoliate the skin gently. Thi… Read More
SUNUV 48W UV LED Nail Dryer Review
2018-06-12 05:19
5VIEW ON AMAZONFor most women, a weekend visit to the salon has become a routine to de-stress, catch up with friends while also enjoying the ambient atmosphere. It’s no wonder then tha… Read More
10 Sun Safety Tips For The Summer
2018-05-15 09:41
Summer, as you would agree is one of the most exciting times of the year – the sunshine, warmth and blooming flowers lure us outside after the drape dull winter months. It’s the… Read More
12 Amazing Benefits Of Facial Steaming
2018-04-08 19:54
Facial steaming has come a long way and its due in part to the fact that, it is a gentle, natural skin care process, and also because it definitely does what it promises. The recent surge in… Read More
2018-03-20 07:19
You are here because clenching your teeth is becoming a source of embarrassment to you and you want to stop this. The truth is you are not into this alone. Studies have shown that nearly 3 b… Read More
What Color Is Lightning?
2018-02-15 09:53
You’ve heard it and have probably said it too – lightning does not strike in the same place twice. Well, the fact is, it does and can hit the same spot twice – at least rec… Read More
Speed Of Light – The Beginners Guide
2018-02-12 06:13
Technological advancements in space travel, hyperbole cars, communications, satellite technologies, sciences and research, and even in defense and military programs are based on the assumpti… Read More
How To Stop Picking Your Nails
2017-12-23 07:05
You know it; I know it, each of us has at least, that one lousy secret habit (like nail picking) we could give anything to stop. In most cases, you’ve tried everything you can to stop… Read More
How Do Bacteria Help Plants Grow?
2017-11-28 11:36
For centuries farmers have taken advantage of the beneficial relationship between some bacteria and plants to boost yield, improve soil fertility, and inhibit crop infections. Today spirited… Read More
Do Plants Perform Cellular Respiration?
2017-11-24 08:47
Cellular respiration is a metabolic process that takes place at the cell level in both plants and animal cells. It is the chemical process used by cells to unlock energies stored in starch i… Read More
Top 10 Best UV LED Nail Dryers For 2017
2017-11-13 09:17
You deserve a gorgeous sexy nail, and you know it. That’s why now and then, you’d go to get a manicure. But, there’s a wee little problem – the regular nail polish is… Read More
2017-11-09 10:16
All living things require “fuel” in one form or the other to survive. However, in this article, we are going to be focusing on plants. We’ll look at how plants gather raw m… Read More
2017-11-02 06:43
According to a report by the Environment Protection Agency, the quality of indoor air is three times lower than the air outside. Now, when you take into account that most people spend over n… Read More
GermGuardian AC4825 UV Air Purifier
2017-10-27 09:12
5CHECK ON AMAZONThe GermGuardian AC4825 UV-C Air Purifier is one of the most popular purifiers in the market today, you don’t believe? A look at the customer reviews on Amazon, and you… Read More
2017-10-22 07:43
Plants need light for photosynthesis and growth. However, not all light is useful to plants. In fact, some are outrightly harmful and dangerous to them. Is UV light useful or harmful to plan… Read More
Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum Review
2017-10-11 07:58
4.8BUY ON AMAZONThe Philips Sonicare Flexcare Platinum electric toothbrush is the most popular, and feature-packed high-end brush on the market today. From a well-designed compact travel pac… Read More
2017-10-07 09:02
Clean air is not just important to our health, it is a necessity. However, due to the constant air pollution and degradation, many fear quality air is now impossible. Pollution of the air ar… Read More
Best UV Toothbrush Sanitizers
2017-09-21 21:21
Toothbrush sanitizers, what? Do these things exist? Yes, they do! Have you ever spared some thought to the idea your toothbrush might just be a haven for bacteria? Every morning you’re… Read More
2017-05-13 12:06
Ultraviolet radiation is a part of the sunlight spectrum that reaches the earth. It has wavelengths shorter than visible light, making it invisible to the naked eye. The UV light has a wavel… Read More
2017-05-07 22:40
If you ever wondered how UV light kills bacteria, search no more. You’re in the right spot. Ultraviolet light, through the sanitization process and packed into the right device(I… Read More
2017-04-24 15:27
Ultraviolet radiation is a light spectrum that includes visible light and light that cannot be seen. The human eye cannot detect any UV light, but a few insect have the capability to see the… Read More

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