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Free Tools Put You In Crawling Mode

Free Tools Put You In Crawling Mode

Have you ever stopped to wonder why some people are making it while a large number of people seem to just be a spectator in the same niche? Yeah, free tools put you in Crawling Mode. Who wants to be crawling when it is possible to be walking, running or flying?  Not many people want that but that’s what they are getting.

Not many things are truly free.  In fact, in the true sense of it there is nothing “free”. And unfortunately, some of the so-called free tools and services are much more costly. How? you may ask. Some free tools put you in crawling mode. This is a great price to pay.

It is important to point out without delay that there are some free services that are free and beneficial. One characteristic of such services is that the service is free across board.

It is well-known that more than 80% of new businesses fail before they are one year. A number of reasons may be attributed to this. But one of the major reasons that is not often highlighted is the dependence on free tools and services.

Without much controversy, traffic is the life wire of any business whether online or offline. As important as this single factor is for the survival of a business, so many people will want to depend on “free” traffic. Majority of the free traffic will not get you any result.

But “free” traffic that will get you result are not truly free. For example, we know that “free” traffic from SEO will give good result. But is that truly free? The answer is no! This is because when you consider the effort and imputes that go into on page and off page optimization, then it’s not free. At best, it can be considered relatively cheaper.

It should be noted that free tools putting someone in crawling mode does not apply only to internet marketing. It applies also in the area of one’s health, happiness, wellness, relationships, wealth, reading, discipline etc.

How free tools put you in crawling mode

Free tools put you in crawling mode
Free tools put you in crawling mode

The free tools being referred to are mostly those that have “free” and paid versions. Most often those free ones are rigged against the user. They are free to the extent that you can only crawl with them.

On Facebook, for example, you definitely can reach a reasonable audience for free. But you cannot compare the free result with the paid result. What the free service can give you in one month can be gotten in matter of hours. Yes, while the free service puts in crawling mode, the paid service puts you in running or flying mode.

Anyone who wants to run or fly does not depend primarily on free tools and services. Why crawl when you can run or fly? All the people who have been really successful do not and did not depend on free tools and services for a long while. And while they did, the free tools put them in crawling mode. Now, many people who have made it online will tell you how they struggled initially before breaking even. More often than not, those initial times are majorly the time of learning and hugely depending on free services and tools. Not until they clearly understood the fact that such free services only equipped them for crawling did they break through.

If your online effort has been in the crawling mode for a while, this is the time to review whether you have been addicted to free services and tools.

Surely, premium services and tools will get you premium results though they cost more. Most free services and tools will only get you crippling results. This fact is the bridge through which most endeavors will pass if they want to move from failure to success. Which will you prefer – premium result or crippling result? The choice is yours!

It is time to move on to success by discarding the failure-lading mental disposition. In every niche, while many people are struggling, a few are enjoying massive success. This is one of the dividing factors. Do not allow free tools put you in crawling mode any more. Anyone who must continue crawling should first get a ..

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Free Tools Put You In Crawling Mode


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