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Maca Herb Extract: Powder, Capsule, Dosage & Health Benefits

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    Maca or Latin Leipidium meyeni is a plant that originates from Peru. Maca grows in over 4000 meters above sea level in the Andes. Maca is found particularly in Moquegua and Puno regions and it's wild growing in the Andes.

    The Maca plant is very robust and can withstand wind and cold very well. Worth mentioning is also the intense UV radiation which the plant is exposed here. The root of the maca plant was in the Andes since thousands of years, used as food and also as a remedy.

    The Incas knew about the healing effects of maca and meanwhile, Maca is cultivated in other countries; for example in China today, it is processed, marketed and even commercialized. The root of the maca plant is still in Peru and it's used mostly their as food. There, the tuber is eaten often 3 times a day.

    The tubers taste sweet and can be baked, but dried processed. After drying, the tubers are processed to a pulp which is very rich in nutrient. The leaves of the maca plant are eaten too. You have a sharp, Cress-like taste.

    There are nutrients, vitamins, minerals which are contained in the maca tuber. Incidentally, the sweet powder of the maca plant can be dissolved in hot water or milk and serve as a beverage. In Germany and USA and some other places, you can certainly buy maca.

    There are some maca products, for example, maca powder, tablets and capsules. Maca is used here in the Western world mainly due to the healing effects than alternative remedies. If you want to learn new things, find variety of delicacies, maca tuber is another different food to give a trial.

The Effect of Maca on the Human Body
    The effects of the maca plant are versatile. One of the most important effects of Maca is that, it increases the efficiency and vitalising effect. This is certainly due to the nutrients contained in the maca tuber. The body is supplied with energy.

    But not only the nutrients affect the body and mind positively but also the vitamins and minerals contained in maca do show significant health benefits. Chronic exhaustion and fatigue can be prevented with regular consumption of maca and the extract of maca tuber has great potency effects.

    Sexual performance is improved by the ingestion of maca products and it's gradually becoming popular and interesting. While the hormonal levels of the people are not affected, but nevertheless the positive effect in sexual disorders is been proven by various scientific studies and experiences from actual customers.

    It was pointed out, that it increased sexual desire. Therefore maca is mainly sold in Europe and in the United States as a sexual enhancer. Interesting to know that, not
only the desire will be strengthened after sex, but also the sperm count can be increased just by taking maca extracts.

     This maca has no effect on testosterone and therefore, there's no side effect discovered while taking this product as at the time this article is published. The increase in the number of sperm has advantages in family planning. When the sperms are often too slow or the sperm count is not sufficient, then, many couples rely on artificial insemination to get children.

    Artificial insemination is not always without side effects or risks. Various studies of maca have shown that mobility and the number of sperm can be increased drastically due to the ingestion of maca. To be effective, any large amounts of maca must be taken. 1.5 up to 3 grams daily are definitely effective.

     This remedy must be taken regularly. Also, it is important to take this remedy, so that the full effect of maca in the body can develop in a few months. Sperm already in the body need some time to become matured which is why success in a shorter treatment with Maca is then reduced.

    Maca is effective in women during menopause. Here there may be of course often sexual aversion which can be countered by the ingestion of maca. But other mental symptoms can be relieved or even cured during menopause by taking maca extracts often.

    So, depression and anxiety often occur especially during this period. Maca is used here as a mood raiser and counteract these symptoms. Because maca which has no effect on the hormonal balance of the woman, has more effects on the nervous system and the brain.

    By taking, maca regularly, stress is reduced, which in turn has a positive effect on almost all living conditions. The many positive effects of maca are of course due to the ingredients of this plant's tuber. To understand how maca works, let's deal a little with the ingredients.

    For example, the following ingredients are included in the maca tuber:

  1. Carbohydrates (up to 65%)
  2. Proteins (up to 15%)
  3. Fibres (8%)
  4. FAT (2%)
  5. Vitamins A, B1, B2, C, D
  6. Calcium
  7. Magnesium
  8. Iron
  9. Potassium

Amino acids such as arginine, glycine, serine, and others.

    Due to the many valuable ingredients maca has, it's not only having a positive impact on the sexual balance, but also many other health benefits are discovered. For example, the sterols in the tuber affect cholesterol levels. The plant sterols will reduce the LDL cholesterol, the bad cholesterol.

    A healthy cholesterol level means also a protection from cardiovascular diseases. The cardiovascular system is so protected. Another effect of Maca is the stimulation of the digestive process. Digestive activity is regulated by the ingestion of maca.

    This is not only because of the fiber contained in the tuber, but also of the active ingredients found in maca. Another effect of maca here often applied in the Western world, is the performance and build of muscle. Therefore, Maca is taken to improve strength and athletes are not left behind in the use of maca for strength and energy.

    Also, people who pursue any competitive sports use maca plant extracts to improve the bodily functions and to get more strengths; perhaps, because, sometimes they feel tired and exhausted.

Application Areas for maca
    People with sexual function problems should think in any case on the application of maca. Taking this herbal product on sexual problems is recommended without the side effects that one often feels when using prescription drugs. The power, so the ER erection ability and desire for sex increases, and also the fertility in men.

    The sperm count is incremented in the regular application of maca. Maca can be applied also for problems with the libido of women. Therefore, it is recommended during menopause of women, which often goes hand in hand with the loss or reduction of sexual needs.

    More symptoms that are associated to menopause with hormone preparations, can be mitigated readily also with maca. Therefore, the alternative use of Maca is a good recommendation and don't forget that, maca can be used very well as a food additive.

    If you have deficiency symptoms by an irregular and unhealthy diet, you can compensate with with maca products. Maca contains many important vitamins and minerals that are important for the various functions of the body. It is always advisable to complement a balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

    However, the use of maca is recommended for many people because it may be very much helpful. The application of maca is recommended in any case to prevent the nutrient deficit. Whoever that's physically active is, either through performance and weight training or because of your hard work, you need lots of energy.

    This energy can be obtained by taking maca. The use of maca as a dietary supplement is worthwhile in any case, because this product of tubers is rich in proteins and carbohydrates, but also supplies the body with minerals such as zinc, iron and iodine.

    The proteins contained in the maca tuber are very healthy for the body and also affect the immune system positively. If you regularly use maca, you can easily strengthen your immune system and more easily fend off viruses and bacteria.

    General well-being is improved with the application of maca in any case. You can readily lower the cholesterol level and thus prevent cardiovascular diseases, which are caused by the Fattiness of the vessels. Also, the digestive system is regulated.

    When you fight with indigestion, you know how this can affect your general well-being but worry no more because, taking maca regularly, you will definitely notice a big difference. Maca also serve now and marketed as an anti-aging product. This is due to the antioxidant effects that are included in this plant product.

    The cells are protected and regenerated, therefore, the aging process is slowed down. The application of Maca is very easy and you can get this product in the form of tablets, capsules and powder. Also, you can extract liquid concentrate from maca.

    By the way, there are recipes which you can follow to make maca powder. Therefore, the use of maca extract is very versatile and it is applicable for everyone.
The many positive effects of maca on the human body were investigated more in recent years.

    What the Incas did thousands of years ago, now has been proven in many scientific studies.

Scientific studies of maca
    Scientists have observed some very interesting effects of maca through intensive studies. A study was undertaken at the Huazhong University of science & technology in China, where they tested the effect of maca extract in rats.

    In the study, placebo and distilled water was administered to a group of rats, while the other rats were administered on an alcohol-based extract. There, scientists found that, the extract of this plant can be quite effectively used for menopause and
the accompanying symptoms.

    For example, bone problems caused by the loss of estrogen could be prevented by taking maca. Other studies going in the same direction confirmed that, the tuber of maca effectively treats depression and anxiety during menopause.

    A study jointly conducted by scientists from Australia and Poland, also dealt with the effect of maca. This study was also carried out in rats. The results were amazing. For one, no sustainable side effects were noted. On the other hand, for example, the cholesterol of rats was reduced after maca is taken.

    Furthermore, it was found that the extract has an anti-depressive effect. Also,
further positive effects on the brain of the rats were observed.

    The study, which comes directly from Lima Peru is interesting. Dr. Gustavo Gonzales describes here in the study that a reinforcement of the sexual behavior could be observed in just a few days after taking maca on male test objects.

    In addition, the sperm count was increased by taking it. Although, usually, it is assumed that this would be due to elevated testosterone levels, it could be determined during the study, that, maca has no influence on the content of testosterone.

    Female test objects showed various positive effects after taking maca. For example, the fertility increases and without an effect on the hormonal balance. Also, it was found that symptoms such as osteoporosis can be treated with this extract.

    In his study, Dr. Gustavo Gonzales describes not only the effect of maca in mice and rats, but also to the human body. These confirm the results from the animal studies. Further studies deal with the theme of performance, memory, its use as antidepressants and the like.

    While maca has a positive effect on the human brain and therefore can be effectively used on various ailments. Especially in times where stress has other effects on the human body, maca can be very helpful. Maca relieves stress and has mood-enhancing effect.

    The scientific studies also found that the tuber extract has a healthy effect on the heart, circulatory system, digestive and immune system. The studies on the ingredients and effects of maca still continue. New studies are published again.

Tips on how and where one can buy the maca tuber
    There are many ways to purchase maca. The health food stores, pharmacies or online where you will be able to compare different providers with each other before
making your choice and final decision on what you want to buy because there are many options there.

Side effects of maca
    In all studies and real experience from people using maca extracts and products, there's no side effect discovered. This means that, you don't have to  expect any side effects. However, you should know that you must take maca even over a longer period to achieve an effect.

   A week or two is not enough, it takes about two or three months to achieve a success.

The dosage of maca
    If you take the maca powder a day, approximately 1.5 to 3 grams range. You should use the total gram three times a day. Even for the capsules, there's no difference.  you should split them on three portions.

Maca on menopause
    Many women complain they have problem with menopause, that they have no desire for sex any more. Vaginal problems, such as drought are yet another problem that occurs. Most women do not speak of the mental health problems; depression and anxiety.

    Many doctors prescribe a hormone that should be used here but not everyone is comfortable with that. But with maca, best successes were achieved as confirmed by different studies. Although maca has no effect on the hormone levels, it deals so just with depression and anxiety, and the aversion to sex.

Maca powder
     With its powder, you can get a perfectly adapted dose naturally with maca. In addition, the powder has purity that can hardly be surpassed. Here, the tuber is crushed and then dried. The powder has yet another advantage, it can be used gradually at the beginning and lower the dosage later to adapt to the body.

Maca capsules - easy to use
    Not everyone is thrilled that a powder should be taken. This is needed whenever there is a good scale or a perfect sense of proportion. Also, you may easily miss your dose in some time when you're busy or if you travel a lot. Then, it is easy to take capsules.

    You should always make sure that, no other supplements are added and that, the capsules are enriched because you want to take pure maca.

Conclusion to maca
    Maca is certainly a very good supplement. It is very nutritious and therefore, people who otherwise do not regularly take healthy food, lacking sufficient proteins, vitamins, and minerals can compensate their diet with maca products.

    Also, athletes or people who work hard and have a high energy consumption can take a great advantage from taking maca. If you are looking for natural and alternative remedies, it will certainly be the tuber of maca. Maca can be taken as a replacement of hormone supplements during menopause.

    Many symptoms that occur during this time can be alleviated by using natural maca product. But for men that suffer from erection problems, and maybe think about taking viagra, should try maca once and they will develop love in using it.

    No sustainable side effects or interactions with other drugs have been observed
with maca as may scientists speak for its use as alternative remedies. If you also suffer from a low sperm count and think about artificial insemination, you should try maca, perhaps once.

    It has been proven in various studies that maca increases not only the sperm count, but increasingly also the mobility of the sperm. The positive effects of maca are known already for thousands of years, though Western scholars until more and
more people dealt with it in recent years.

    Meanwhile, Maca is offered here in US and you can get the tuber extract as tablets, capsules, or powder. The advantage of taking tablets, certainly, is that you need to think much about the dosage and can simply follow the package insert. Filler can also sometimes be used in the capsules or animal lubricant, which is why vegetarians and vegans care about it.

    The powder can be usedvery well in beverages as well as food. In addition. When buying maca, you should make sure that you buy the original product. It should come from organic farming, where no pesticides are used. Also, no fillers and other additives should be used in the production.

    Therefore, it is important to find a good supplier and manufacturer that is trusted. Taking maca is risk-free and secure. No sustainable side effects are known. However, it's important to take maca regularly in order to achieve result. A cure with maca should last at least 2-4 months to achieve the best results.

    Maca is a recommended natural product which can be used in so many ways. With the scientific studies and experiences in using maca, I've come to conclusion that, this bulb is really a wonder of  nature.

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Maca Herb Extract: Powder, Capsule, Dosage & Health Benefits


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