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Discover This Profitable Niche That Has People Sitting In Homes For $10,000+ Per Year

Get out of my House...

Unless you're here to babysit it.

Believe it or not, people are willing to spend hundreds of dollars just to have their house watched after.

Who on earth would pay someone to live in their homes, you ask?

Anyone from travelling executives to regular people who tend to leave their homes for long periods of time (think vacations).

They may have renovation going for their homes, pet owners, and/or may just want their house to look alive while they are gone.

It's just better security and it gives the owner a better peace of mind.

The House Sitting niche is quite the profitable niche and you'll soon realize its potential after reading this report.

We're going to be dissecting it and providing all the information you need to jump in this niche (check out the other niche reports you may have missed).

We'll reveal how much money is being spent, why it's profitable, what products are being sold the most so you can get an idea of what you can do for your potential audience.

You'll discover what the most popular content is, who the most influential people are, the most popular social media hubs, blogs and forums.

All of the reports that we create are thoroughly researched and designed to give you a head start in making a profit from the niche.

We try and choose niches that have a wide range of different business models available but the vast majority would make perfect blog / authority sites monetized by affiliate marketing.

Market Size:

  • Today’s sitting assignments are advertised which can range anywhere from $25 to $150 (though rarely that high).
  •  A typical arrangement can run as much as $20 per day, but with add-ons for additional pets, housecleaning, small home repairs and other services, daily rates can increase to $50 or more

Source: Slow Vegan Travel


  • 16% of house sitters are aged 18-25
  • 5% are aged 26-35 years old
  • 18% are aged 36-45 years old
  • 5% are 46-55 years old
  • 18% are aged 56-70 years old
  • 70 plus years old occupies the remaining percent

Source: Endless Holidays

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1781 niches [new]


Niche Demand 

KeywordAvg Monthly Searches
house sitting jobs9,900
house sitting rates1,600
long term house sitting1,300
home sitting3,600
house sitting uk1,300
house sitter movie1,300

The table above shows the monthly searches on Google for this niche.

Combined they add up to over 19,000 searches a month and that's not including the thousands of long tail keywords that we haven't covered.

This is a huge niche with a lot of demand.

Common Searches
House sitting
House sitting boston
House sitting jobs
House sitting rates
House sitting jobs boston
House sitting websites
House sitting
House sitting guide
House sitting nat
House sitting opportunities
House sitting jobs
House sitting rates
Luxury House sitting
House sitting in florida
House sitting
House sitting opportunities
House sitting jobs
House sitting international
House sitting snl
House sitting for sandy
House sitting jobs
House sitting experience
House sitting
House-sitting songs
House sitting
House-sitting songs

As you can see people are searching for everything from house Sitting rates to websites in the niche.

This shows just how passionate audiences are about the niche.

Niche Growth & Monthly Searches

The house sitting is rising in popularity but is predicted to rise for years to come.

Whilst it is not as popular as it once was, it's in fact rising in demand.

Which means that it is evergreen and will be big business for many years.

Niches like this are great for many reasons including the fact that all the research has been done and is available for you.

There are endless products on sale, the customers are easy to find, and there are many sources to find traffic.

Sub-Niches To Explore

  • House sitting jobs
  • House sitting rates
  • House sitting websites
  • Long term house sitting
  • House sitting UK
  • House sitting movies

May also be interested:

  • Baby sitting
  • Pet sitting
  • Gardening
  • Farming
  • Real Estates


Most Popular Content

Use the ideas here to create similar content for your site.

Most Popular ContentShares
Burglar caught on Eugene house sitter's cat cam8,600
Man Catches House Sitter Doing Housework In His Shirt...And Nothing Else!4,600
House sitter found dead in Renton home2,300
Meet Hollywood’s Most In-Demand House Sitter2,100
The rise of the extreme house-sitter - BBC News2,000
The Dog Sitter Filmed This While They Were On Vacation. They Had NO Idea It Happened At Their House!13,100

As you can see people excited and motivated to share content such as videos and books in this niche.

Domain Name Ideas

Domain Name

Influential People In The Niche

NameTwitter HandleFollowers
House Sitter@mindahome9,988

These are the 3 most influential people in the market niche on house sitting.

Network with them, highlight or feature them in your content.

Interview them. Use them to do research.

These people are NOT your enemy, but instead potential partners who can send you traffic and work with you.

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1781 niches [new]

Affiliate Products:

In this niche people are buying mostly books.

Products on Amazon:

Amazon has over 23,813 products listed, ranging from just a few dollars.

Best Selling Products On Amazon:

International House Sitting: How To Travel The World And Stay Anywhere, For FREE (Zero To Travel Book 1)$7.99544.9
The Complete Guide to House Sitting$2.99184.9
Break Free: The Ultimate Guide to Housesitting$9.99184.8
House-Sitting for the Billionaire (An El Niño Tale): (BBW & Billionaire)$0.9974.3
House Sitting In Australia: A Quick and Easy Guide$2.9915.0
House Sitting in France$1.99104.3

There will always be newer and better products which mean’s buying the latest and greatest books, albums, and supplies that will generate sales as well as repeat sales for you.

Products Available On Other Platforms


There are the products related to the topic on CB. Incorporate these items from Clickbank to maximize profits.

House Sitting Academy $54.1261.00%0.15 Worldwide House Sitters And Pet Sitters Directory$24.8760.0%8.02

Most Clickbank products offer 60-70% commission meaning generous payouts.

Other Affiliate Programs & Offers

These are independently run affiliate programs.

house sitting academy60%N/A
trusted house sitters20%30 days
House carers60%90 days
House sit match50%N/A

CPA & Other Offers

OfferCommission % Cookie LengthTypeNetwork
House Sitting Academy62%N/ARevShareClickBank


International House Sitting: How To Travel The World And Stay Anywhere, For FREE (Zero To Travel Book 1)Nat Smith and Jodie Thompson$7.994.954

The Complete Guide to House Sitting
Nik Rivers$2.994.918
Break Free: The Ultimate Guide to HousesittingJessica Ainlay and Dani Heinrich$9.994.818
House Sitting In Australia: A Quick and Easy GuideRae Boulter$2.995.01
House-Sitting for the Billionaire (An El Niño Tale): (BBW & Billionaire)Alexis Ayres$0.994.37
The Mermaid's Guide To House Sitting Robin Lopez$2.994.84

Google Play Books

Book TitleAuthorPrice
House Sitting In AustraliaL.H.M Cody$5.45
The House SitterPeter Lovesey$10.39

Google Play Apps

House Sitting World MagazineFree

Udemy Courses

Course# of LecturesRating# of ReviewsPrice
House Sitting - How to get free world travel accommodation 671953$20

iTunes Apps

AppCategoryStar RatingReview
House Sitting World MagazineLifetsyle8N/A

Blogs, Forums And Social Media 

Use these forums, blogs and social media groups to get content ideas, network, drive traffic and inspiration.

Google blog search shows almost 2,750,000 pages and posts indexed about house sitting, so there’s no shortage of content ideas and bloggers to network with.

Top House Sitting Blogs:

BlogSocial MediaEmail List

Use these blogs for content ideas, networking opportunities, guest posting, traffic and more.

House Sitting Forums:

House Sitting & Swapping160,8766,707,146
House Sitting
House Sitting Forums5,138152,990

These are some of the top forums catering to the house sitting niche.

The membership numbers clearly show how simple it can be for you to discover and help solve issues for your audience and traffic to your site can start pouring in.

Social Media

Facebook has tens of thousands of people interested in house sitting niche. It’s a great place to network, advertise, get traffic, and meet others in the niche and more.

Facebook Most Popular Pages

Page# of Likes
House Calls Pet Sitting3,871
Loving Paws & House Sitting1,133
House Sitting1,021
Bella's House & Pet Sitting Scottsdale, AZ2,163

Facebook Most Popular Groups

House Sitting Cafe1,529
House Sitting World10,731
House sitting in Alice Springs1,648

Most Popular YouTube Channels

ChannelVideo #Subscribers
Bristol92667397 The World's Largest House & Pet Sitting Network47209
Executive House Sitting134
Bella's House and Pet Sitting11564
Try House Sitting

Popular Reddit Groups


Scoop It Groups

Name Views
House Sitting1,200

Pinterest Pinners

Fox's House and Hound Sitting3,100


Podcast namePresenterStar RatingReviews
House Sitting LendsNat & JodieN/A 2


Magazine NamePrice
The Caretaker Gazette$49.95 for 2 years


Why Are People In This Niche

  • In return for pet and/or garden care, house sitters get to stay in great houses right around the country for free
  • The most expensive travel expense is usually accommodation but house sitting trims this down to zero
  • House sitting is a practical and fun way to save money.
  • Some hire house sitters because house sitters can also be pet sitters to tend to your pets when you are away.
  • People hire house sitters to water their plants, feed their fish if there are any and guard the family property.
  • Some hire house sitters to tend to their valuables because of insurance concerns. They hire someone to live there if they are away to avoid insurance to be voided.
  • Some look for a house to sit to save on vacation and sometimes earn money.
  • Some mainly hire house sitters to take care of their pets.
  • Mostly, it's a form of free lodging, allowing you to stay in a country or state longer than you might have. Most people house sit for about two weeks.

Most Common Topics And Questions

These questions / topics are problems that need solving. Solve them in your content and through your product recommendations and you'll have a happy audience ready to spend money.

Amazon, Clickbank and other networks have products which cater to these problems.

  1. House Sitters - Any experience/recommendations?
  2. Best places to house sit
  3. Bad house sitting experiences
  4. Live Rent Free - House Sitting
  5. Is it hard to get started house sitting with no prior experience?
  6. Does it feel weird living in a stranger’s house?
  7. What happens if a pet dies during a house sit?
  8. Does it cost money to house sit? Would I be expected to pay rent and/or utilities?
  9. Which countries have the most house sits?
  10. Are there restrictions or is it like living at home?

Who's Advertising In The Niche

Advertising is a strong sign of a profitable niche.

People don't spend money on ads if they can't profit from it.

These are the major advertisers on

Trusted House SittersHouse Sitters

Blog Topic Ideas

These are some proven blog topic ideas that would work well in this niche:

  1. 10 Signs You Should Invest In House Sitting
  2. 5 Tools Everyone In The House Sitting Industry Should Be Using
  3. 10 Quick Tips About House Sitting
  4. 15 Best Blogs To Follow About House Sitting
  5. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On House Sitting
  6. Healthy and Simple House Sitting
  7. Why We Love House Sitting (And You Should, Too!)
  8. 7 Things About House Sitting Your Boss Wants To Know
  9. The Complete Beginners Guide to House Sitting
  10. 10 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You About House Sitting

For more ideas check out the following resources:


Reasons To Get Involved In This Niche

  • House sitting is a rising market and is highly profitable.
  • It's worth $50 billion a year and is growing annually so now is the perfect time to get involved.
  • Over 19,000 people are searching for just the most obvious keywords every month – showing huge online demand.
  • The target audience male and female tend to have disposable income to spend – you can benefit from that spending.
  • Between the social media hubs and forums there's around 323,058 members meaning a huge pool of engaged traffic to tap into.
  • There's an endless array of content ideas in the niche including popular ones like 10 Quick Tips About House Sitting and Healthy and The Complete Beginners Guide To House Sitting – create similar content but better and it's almost guaranteed to go viral.
  • People are passionate about this topic and ready to spend money, you can see they already buy mostly books about the niche– it may as well be spent with you.
  • There are endless problems from What happens if a pet dies during a house sit? and every problem as a product available which solves it – sell these as an affiliate
  • There's plenty of good domain names available including and– pick one and get started.
  • Trusted House Sitters is advertising in this niche showing it must be profitable, people don't spend money on ads if they can't profit from them – get involved.

How To 'Hack' Your Way Into The Niche

You can have an up-to-date and relevant authority site on house sitting.

This niche has got it all – an obsessive audience with money to spend lots of products on sale, tons of social media sites, loads of blogs and forums with an easy to reach target audience.

You drive traffic from blog commenting, guest posting, forum marketing, interacting on social media with influencers. (See 5 types of content that'll bring you more traffic)

You get your content ideas from seeing what's popular on other House Sitting blogs and related blogs and simply write something bigger and better, bolder and stronger.

Make the other ones pale in comparison.

Your profits can grow in no time thanks to the passionate audience in this exciting niche market.

By networking with others in the niche, sharing their content and linking to them, your website will grow.

Just watch as they return the favor.

And don't forget to build your email list so you can continue to build your relationship with your audience, drive traffic back to your newest content, and promote to your audience.

What You'll Need To Get Started:

  • A reliable web-host from the likes of WP-Engine (or Bluehost if you're on a budget)
  • A brandable domain from NameCheap
  • A premium theme from Studiopress
  • Image & graphics from Photodune from $1 (don't take images from Google you'll end up in legal trouble)
  • An auto-responder to build your email list and contact your customers – Aweber is just $1
  • The number #1 email capture tool on the market – OptinMonster, so you can grow your list fast.
  • A set of 12+ free tools that'll blow up your email list and exponentially grow your site from SumoMe.
  • Need more resources? See our recommendations and favorites here.

(P.S. If you'd like to download a free list of 1,781 profitable niches click here or the image below)

1781 niches [new]

What You Can Use This Report For

There are no limits as to what you can use this niche report for, you'll find it useful whether you're looking to research new blog ideas, small product review sites, eCommerce, info-products or other business models.

HOWEVER most of the reports I create, including this one, make great topics for authority sites and blogs as I give you niches where there's a lot of money being spent AND huge demand, big online communities (forums, blogs, social media groups), lots of influential people to network with and a ton of good affiliate products to promote and more.

These niches make for great authority sites / blogs as they have multiple traffic sources, different ways to monetize, endless content ideas, easy to find traffic, scope for growth and more.

How you choose to use them is up to you but make sure you DO use them as simply researching will get you nowhere...taking action will!

What Next?

Remember, there is no such thing as a competitive niche.

Every niche report shows potential of an existing market.

It's your job to take your unique angle and zoom into a sub-niche.

It doesn't matter if millions of people read this niche report.

There is still plenty room of growth.

Do your research, find your sub-niche, and take the next step with our start here page.

If you still can't find your profitable niche, use our 7 Easy Steps To Finding Your Profitable Niche.

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