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The Ultimate Guide to Write a Superb Blog Post

The Ultimate Guide to Write a Superb Blog Post by Content Writing India

Are you into blogging?

You know, one should never get into the battlefield without proper preparation and protection. So, it’s about time that you should get yourself ready for the battle.

To be victorious, you are definitely going to require a lot of arms and ammunition in the form of learning curves, plugins, social platforms and marketing techniques to give shape to your ideas that bring brilliant results.

But, all your hard work will go to waste if you have an amateur writing skill. Readers will not be swoon away with a clumsy piece of work. Make sure that you write like a pro. If you skip this step, you are ultimately going to lose.

So before you start your voyage of conquering the world of blogging, why not have a few tricks of the trade, up in your sleeves.  
Expert Tip: Put forth some of your powerful ideas that will make your audience taken aback.
Time to lay the groundwork before you enter the battle arena.

Step 1: Tease Your Readers With a Killer Headline

Headlines are like a map, it guides a reader. Without a roadmap, will it be possible for you to find a location? Obviously, NO!
Craft a headline that a reader cannot resist. If your post goes in multiple directions, your viewers will simply scratch their head, without having an idea of what you are trying to convey.
A headline with full clarity and conviction is all that a reader favors. It is time that you extract out all your creative ideas and creates a catchy headline that can simply lure the Audience to your post.

Follow these points to make a succinct headline:

Point 1 – Choose a Topic that is Tempting!

Want your blog to get noticed among every other topic prevailing? Well, you are at the right place!
The first and foremost thing that you really have to focus on is to provide an accurate solution to your audience. Your viewers are going to have random questions and thoughts and they seek for answers. Your headline must promise your readers that they are going to find answers to their questions.

Point 2 – Fill your Headline with Powerful Words

Remember, your headline should not speak something unreal. Keeping it real will invoke curiosity in them and in turn, urge them to click your blog link.
To keep your headlines ruthlessly concise, simply try to ignore unnecessary words and fill it with strong ones.

Point 3 – Tease, don’t Satisfy 

This is one of the silliest mistakes that a blogger makes by giving way too much on headlines. Headlines are not meant to give a solution.
Readers should not get bored, rather they should feel the urge to read further.

Point 4 – Get Inspiration from the Professionals 

Okay, now this is a tricky part. Once you are done with research and other related stuff, now, it’s time to transform your headline into something impressive.
Want to know the smartest way to master the style of writing?  
Get inspired.
Internet will give you an enormous amount of ideas which you can incorporate to create a perfect headline for your blog post. Always remember, in order to grab the eyes of the readers, you should have your own thought and voice.

Step 2: Write an Introduction that can Catch the Glimpse of your Readers

The Ultimate Guide to Write a Superb Blog Post by Content Writing India

Once you have tempted your readers with your headline, now it is your job to keep them engaged.  

As a blogger, you just have one responsibility and that is to make your audience happy and keep them contented. You can simply not ruin that. 
The more you get to know about their interest and behavior, the better you can write for them.
The way you craft your introduction plays a major role in captivating your readers.

Try these tricks in order to seize audience attention:

Point 1 – Get into Character

The key is to trigger the emotions of a reader. Make sure that your readers experience the emotions that you put forth.
All you got to do is to infuse your feelings into your write-up and let the words raise interest in your viewers.

Point 2 – Make your Readers Read the Entire Post

Want your readers to scroll down till the end? This is where you need to show your creativity.
Build your post with short sentences because long paragraphs can be quite tiring to read. Eliminate unnecessary words, making it look short and crispy.

Point 3 – Slip in your Audience Shoes

An ultimate key to achieve this is to understand what your audience actually wants.
This is actually a wise way to connect with your audience and make them feel that they are not alone and you perfectly understand what they go through.

Step 3: Convey Advice that’s Impossible to Ignore

The Ultimate Guide to Write a Superb Blog Post by Content Writing India

As mentioned earlier, headlines act as a roadmap. It becomes a deciding factor for viewers whether they should head towards this road or to revert. Now you need to deliver your readers all that you have promised.

See the points below will surely help you delivering valuable advice:

Point 1 – Show Light on Something Unexpected

Most of the readers nowadays love to consume fresh information.
Your post should be eye-opening to them. Try adding some new perspective or twist in the tale. Deliver something unexpected that can be truly helpful for your readers.

Point 2 – Never Forget to Add Subheads

You should know that majority of the online readers are scanners. They are not going to read line by line to get your point.
By using subheads, you add value to your content. Try adding them to every two paragraphs. This will keep the viewers engross to your post.

Point 3 – Find the Winning Formula

Start paying attention to the minor details, as it affects the flow of the entire post.
For instance, if you are writing 3 steps to prepare a recipe, make sure that each paragraph should have a consistent number of words so that it does not look disorganized. Try ending each paragraph with a call-to-action.

Step 4: End with a Motivational Boom

Now, when you have reached the finishing line, it’s now time to post your blog. Make your audience believe that you have given them everything, as promised in your headline.

Tips to craft a motivational conclusion:

Point 1 – Not to Start at the End

A common mistake that is made by bloggers is introducing new information in conclusion. This results in an absurd ending.
If you start incorporating new tips at the end of your content, it will be nothing, but a shock to your readers.

Point 2 – A Pep Talk will be Good

Induce enthusiasm among your readers and motivate them how things can change if they have paid heed to your advice.
Make them realize that it is never too late, they can still make the most of it. They should not just read your blog, but also take instant action.

The Ultimate Guide to Write a Superb Blog Post by Content writing India

Step 5: Last but not Least, Polish your Post

Okay, your post is done. Now, what’s next?

Take a break and then come back to your post in a fresh mind. Editing is essential, as it helps your viewer to have a smooth reading experience.
To keep your reader’s attention intact, it is crucial that you make your blog clear and succinct from the very first sentence till the last.
Whenever you are ready to edit, make sure that you slash all unnecessary words, break large paragraphs, infuse emotion into your content, use simple ideas and remove repetitive words, motivate your audience, add bullets and headings, and always be consistent.


The battle to get reader’s attention is not easy. You need to keep writing and whet your skills so that you can bring your words in the front line.

This guide will simply bring out the blogger in you so that you can post like a pro. You will soon find out that this blogging arena is no more scary for you. And the battle you were preparing for is already won!

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The Ultimate Guide to Write a Superb Blog Post


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