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Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor Guide: Tips & Tricks for Dummies

Welcome to the dummies guide on how to get stronger in Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor. Here are some tips and tricks on how to progress further into the game, increasing your hero’s power level and leveling your heroes fast in the game.

Do the Adventure stages first

If you just finished the tutorial, do the Adventure story stages as far as you can (Main Menu->Adventure). You will unlock certain features once you progress further. I would say do the Adventure story stages until 6-5 where you will unlock everything in this game. Also, try to complete each stage with 3 stars. You will be able to collect the max star rewards (Tap the treasure chest) from each chapter. Not only that but you will unlock the raid feature for that stage where you can use raid tickets to instantly complete the stage.

Before attempting a stage, you will get to place your heroes and fairies. Makes sure to always place all your 4 heroes + fairies at a party. During battles, you will have 2 additional heroes that will fight alongside you, making it easier to finish a stage much quicker.

Auto mode or manual?

You can use the Auto mode where the game will automatically control your hero during battles. The downside is that your hero will not dodge to enemy’s attacks. I suggest not using the Auto mode if you are battling against bosses where your hero has to dodge to avoid taking tons of damage. Otherwise, Auto mode is great if you are farming stages for EXP and items.

Obtaining more heroes/fairies and element overview

I suggest saving your diamonds until you have about 1250. The reason is that you can use the 10x draw hero summon (Main Menu->Hero Summon) at a much cheaper price. You will also increase your chances of obtaining a higher rarity hero/fairy other than hero shards. If you want to obtain a high rarity hero/fairy much earlier into the game, you can try rerolling by uninstalling the app and reinstalling the game. I suggest not linking (binding) your account if you are doing this as rerolling will not work if you have already linked an account to your facebook.

If you need more hero/fairy shards to either unlock a new hero/fairy or increase your hero’s/fairy’s star grade by 1 (increasing your hero’s/fairy’s stats + power greatly), you can obtain them from either those elite stages which drop hero/fairy shards. You can also do the Trial of Hero stages (Main Menu->Trial->Trial of Hero) where you can obtain hero shards to unlock a particular hero per day.

Each hero will have its own type of element. There are 5 different types of elements in the game:

  • Fire (Red) element is strong against wind (Green) element
  • Wind element is strong against water (Blue) element
  • Water element is strong against fire element
  • Light (Yellow) and Darkness (Purple) elements are strong against each other

Strengthing your heroes – Upgrade heroes + Hero equipment

There are 4 main ways to strengthen your heroes:

  • Upgrade (train) heroes
  • Hero equipment
  • Upgrading hero skills
  • Hero spirits

You can upgrade a hero to increase his/her level. You will need Hero potions in order to upgrade a hero. Hero potions can be obtained from mainly the adventure stages and the Battle Royale (Main Menu->Challenge->Battle Royale).

Your hero will have 6 Equipment slots to equip your gear. Each hero has its own exclusive equipment which gains an additional stat if any of the exclusive gear is equipped. You can check each hero’s exclusive gear from the ability’s tab (Train->Ability->Scroll down). If you are unsure what gear to equip for your hero, you can just tap the ‘Auto Equip’ and the game will equip the recommended gear for that particular hero.

To obtain better equipment, you can either use your crystals to use the equipment summon (Main Menu->Summon->Equiment) or doing the Trial of Hero stages. Each equipment can also be upgraded to increase its level. You will need equipment ores in order to upgrade an equipment. Equipment ores can be obtained from the adventure stages and by playing at the Arena (Main Menu->Challenge->Arena). If you need Hammers to forge your equipment, you can find them mainly at the Trial of Limit stages (Main Menu->Trial->Trial of Limit).

Strengthing your heroes – Upgrading hero skills + Hero spirits

You can use skill tomes to upgrade your hero skills. The higher the level of a skill, the better the effects of that skill. Which skill to upgrade for each hero is entirely up to you. I would just upgrade all the skills for every hero. Skill tomes can be obtained from adventure elite stages or from Trial of Limit stages.

Hero spirits can only be obtained from playing the Co-op battles (Main Menu->Challenge->Co0op Battle) so I advise doing this every day. Similar to equipment, you can tap the ‘Auto Equip’ if you want the game to equip the recommended hero spirits for your hero. You can also upgrade hero spirits to increase their stats further. You will need spirit dust which can only be obtained from completing quests.

Fairy features

Similar to heroes, you can train your fairies to increase their level. You will need fairy desserts in order to train them. There are a lot of ways to obtain dessert but the one that I will recommend is by dispatching your fairies on different dispatch missions. Each dispatch mission has a duration and the number of fairies required to dispatch a mission. Once the duration is up, you can collect for desserts and other items.

Check out the exchange shop

I would highly recommend doing all the Trial and Challenge stages every day before checking out at the exchange shop. This is where you can exchange different currencies for various items. Which items to purchase is basically up to you. I would recommend buying the gems at the Emperor shop however since it is the only way to obtain gems currently. These gems can be used to socket your gear for bonus stats.

Joining a Guild

I suggest joining a Guild as soon as possible if you have not done so. You will gain access to different types of Guild features such as:

  • Guild Raid – You and your Guild members can battle a raid boss for various rewards
  • Events – You can complete events for tons of Guild points
  • Guild Quests – You can donate different items for talent stones and brave badges
  • Talents – This is where you can use your talent stones to upgrade buffs

Make sure to always check in from the Guild Info for free energy.

Daily Login Rewards + Events + Quests

Even if you do not play this game often, I would suggest to at least log in the ‘Event Login’, ‘7 days Login’ daily for various rewards. Check out the ‘Daily Boon’ as well to collect more rewards like the ‘Daily Sign In’ and the ‘Online Gifts’. As for Quests, prioritize the Carnival quests (Main Menu->Carnival) and the Daily Quests because they both have a time limit. I recommend completing 15 daily quests for tons of player EXP and diamonds. Make sure to also accept friend requests from other players so that you can send/receive friend points (Main Menu->Friend->Friend Request->Agree).

If you are new to this game, you can download this game on either IOS or Android.

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Dawn Break: The Flaming Emperor Guide: Tips & Tricks for Dummies


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