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15 Best Tips How To Interview Someone For a Job [Step-by-Step]

I have analyzed a lot of methods to understand how to Interview someone for a job. For a sales job, a restaurant job, even for a waitress job, and for a teaching job  or a marketing job too. This article contains everything you need to know about this topic.

An interview is a critical recruitment factor. A company’s future will largely depend on a well-conducted recruitment process. It’s employees who create a business and thanks to them it becomes competitive on the market. Find out how you should properly conduct an interview, what questions to ask and what to avoid, and how to do it.

15 tips on how to interview someone for a job

1. Prepare questions in advance

Before the interview, you should prepare a set of questions that you want to ask the candidate. During the Conversation, you do not have to hang on to them. It is essential that they are asked in a completely natural way and resulting from the ongoing discussion. Try to ask all the questions but not necessarily in the same order. By asking the same set of questions to all candidates, it will be easier for you to compare them to each other.

2. Type of questions

You must always keep in mind what experience, skills, and abilities are needed in a Specific position for which a candidate applies. Create a specific picture of the character traits of the ideal employee. Ask questions that will allow you to determine whether the candidate has the features you are looking for.

3. What questions do you not ask?

Do not ask awkward or discriminatory questions. Do not ask questions that could put someone in a worse light. If you ask someone a question about his sexual preferences, you must have good reasons for it and ask the same question to all other candidates.

Questions must always serve something and be justified because of the requirements of a given position. Usually, they have no justification for questions about marital status, children, and plans related to them, sexual orientation, religion, origin, politics, attitude to smoking, drinking alcohol, past diseases, etc.

Questions in the interview should only take into account the traits and skills of the candidate needed to perform duties in a specific position.

4. How to start a conversation?

You should start the interview with simple introductory questions, which are designed to loosen the candidate and introduce a friendly atmosphere. First, ask a few closed questions that will not require a complicated statement. Then go to the open questions prompting a broader answer.

5. Answers to questions

Let the candidate think. Do not rush him with the answer or suggest it to him. You can help direct the candidate to the right answer, but never formulate it yourself.

6. Body language

Often the candidate’s behavior, movements, and gestures are more important than the meaning of the words spoken by him. Carefully observe the candidate and listen to the tone of his voice.

7. Notes

Remember to take notes during the interview. However, try not to write the word that the candidate says because it can be quite annoying.

8. Initiative in conversation

Do not let the candidate take the initiative in a conversation. The candidate is to be the center of attention, not the recruiter and the company. It does not mean that you do not have to answer his questions. Quite the opposite but you have to keep the conversation under control.

9. Questions of the candidate

Listen carefully to the candidate’s questions. Thanks to them you can learn a lot about him. If the candidate is asking about pay, raises and additional benefits, it may mean that he or she is too self-centered. If most of his questions circulate trainings, courses and promotion opportunities, he implies that he is a flexible person and he wants to develop his professional career. Control whether the candidate remembers your answers to questions.

If not, it means that he/she is asking specific questions in a conscious way to get an excellent job during the interview.

10. Description of the candidate

Ask the candidate about his pros and cons. Self-confident people will be able to name many of their benefits. If the candidate can not or will not want to talk about his faults, ask in what field he would like to be better.

11. Previous work

Ask the candidate for his past job. Please note why the candidate has decided to change the job. Ask if you can call the previous employer and if not why. Try to find out what was the relationship between the candidate and co-workers and superiors. Thanks to this you will know if the candidate is a conflict and stubborn person. Ask about your previous employer and pay attention to whether the candidate is loyal to him. If it were, it would probably be the same for you.

12. Ability to work in a team

Find out what the candidate’s cooperation looks like. Have you ever worked on a joint project and how it seemed?

13. Scenario questions

Ask the candidate a few scenario questions to find out how the candidate would behave in a particular situation.

14. Why this position?

Find out why the candidate became interested in this position. Ask also what he can tell you about the company. If he knows a lot, it can mean that he is interested in this particular job and not any other job.

15. Interests

Find out what interests the candidate has, what kind of hobby he has and what he likes to do in his free time. Interests reflect character traits. If a candidate wants to climb rocks and jump on a parachute, he/she has a risk-taking attitude. If he is interested in bird watching, he means that he is a patient and healthy person.

It is known that people like us are more like people. In this case, the interests may be of particular importance to which candidate you choose. Therefore, be careful that your preferences do not obscure the overall view of the candidate. Remember that you are looking for the right person to work in a specific position and not a new friend to chat.

If you ever wondered how to interview someone for a job, use the above tips. Thanks to them, you can quickly interview and hire the right candidate.

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15 Best Tips How To Interview Someone For a Job [Step-by-Step]


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