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A Complete Guide- How You Can You Earn By Post Free Ads

Post Free Ads

We live in a digital world where technology has transformed our lives for the better.

We read daily news on our smartphone, shop for our favorite clothes online, book holidays on an app and even hire people for different jobs with the help of the internet.

How Online classifieds will help us

But now, free Classifieds websites on the internet have made it possible to buy and sell anything online, whether new or used.

You can buy and sell various types of used products online – from used mobile phones to used cars.

This means that you can earn a reasonable amount of money by selling used products online using free ads posting sites like

Do you want to make money by post free ads for your used items, If yes, then read on!

Advertise on Free classifieds

We have seen a lot of ways of advertising.

Advertising in print media, issuing brochures, pamphlets, etc. are ancient and to make advertising more effective in today’s fast-paced world is crucial to improving business.

Even in visual media, there are a lot of ways of advertising – TV channels, youtube, flash ads in web pages, etc.

While all these forms of advertising consume a sizeable part of the investment, advertising via an online free classifieds ads website is an option you should never miss out.

There are various ways to advertise your business & earn both online and offline.

Classified ads being one of them have lots of advantages when it comes to advertising online & earning online with your old used goods.

Our basic communication, be it with friends or colleagues is through mediums such as WhatsApp/hangouts/windows live chat.

free A Complete Guide- How You Can You Earn By Post Free Ads

Online Classifieds Ads:-

Advertising has also progressed from print to digital, thanks to the shift in user’s behavior.

With the increasing number of people searching for data online, advertising in digital platforms such as online classifieds provides higher reach at reasonable costs.

If you are an advertiser looking to reach your target audience through online classifieds, follow these tips to create effects ads and stand out of the crowd.

Visuals grab attention

Online classifieds have a lot of ads.

How do you ensure that someone who looks at a page with 40 plus ads clicks yours?

Here is an example.

Imagine you see these two ads online.

Which one are you most likely to click?

The left one of course! Instead of lengthy and drab text, grab your reader’s attention with attractive visuals.

Once you get them to click, you have crossed half the bridge.

Have a powerful headline when post free ads

The reason behind writing a headline for your ad is to state briefly what you are selling.

Tata Nano Car for Sale noticeably states what you are trying to sell instead of an ad which says Car for sale.

By using the first option, you are eliminating buyers who are not looking at hiring a small car such as Nano.

This would give you better leads than a generic headline.

Creativity sells, always!

Heard of the famous adage, ‘’in the land of the blind, the man with one eye is the king?’’

What we are trying to tell you is to be different to stand out from the crowd.

It could be through a witty or funny copy.

Pique your reader’s curiosity. Bring out the creative side in you and see the number of people who click on your ad, double.
Have a strong call to action

What is the point of someone reading your ad but not knowing what to do after that?

A clear call to action, be it asking them to call you, send an email or even visit your website would result in a conversion.

If you are in the marketing team, we understand that the only language that is spoken by your manager is ROI.

Therefore it is important to measure your ROI with clear action steps.

Choose the optimum length

The length of the ad determines how powerful it is. Too short?

You would probably not give enough information for the reader to take action.

Too long? No one is interested in reading your company’s life history.

The best way to go about doing this is to write your text and then proofread it to see where you can cut and then go on trimming.

Online classifieds are by far the cheapest way to advertise to reach more eyeballs.

More eyeballs translate to higher chances for you to sell. Happy Selling. 

For any product to Buy, Online Classifieds is the best way to Buy.

Even you can Buy New Used like Bike on an Online Classifieds for a better price.

Selling your house in online classifieds

For Example Adaalo as One of the Top Category- Real Estate where in you can post free Ads from Navi Mumbai for apartments for rent, commercial property, office space.

You can also take help from real estate agents for the Best PG Accommodation, house for rent, or any property for rent on adaalo.

Earning online by post free ads

3-Real-Ways-To-Earn-Online-By-Posting-Free-Classified-Adaalo A Complete Guide- How You Can You Earn By Post Free Ads
Post free ads infographics

Why Post Free Ads:-

It’s free –

Other forms of advertising need some payment. Online free classifieds ads posting is completely free.

While there are some free classifieds ads website which charges some amount if you exceed ads limit set for a day, most of the websites offer the service for free.

Wide visibility –

You can channel your ads to a particular target audience and even track those who have visited your ad link.

Your ad can reach a large group of people, inside and outside the country unless you set any limit for who can view your ads.

Fits anyone –

Online free classifieds ads can be designed according to your convenience. Students, freelancers, housewives, job seekers, agencies, business start-ups and a lot of other groups can use classified ads by writing the ads that suit their requirement.

Wide variety –

There are a lot of categories available in Free classifieds ads websites.

It lets you buy or sell anything that is placed under these categories. Every now and then, these categories get updated to include new items that one can think of.

Designing your ad

Job seekers –

People who are in search of jobs can advertise their availability by posting ads.

They can post their qualification details and the work environment they are looking for can be written in their ads.

Like people who are advertising for job openings, job seekers can also post their ads which will help employers find their workforce easily.

Traditional business –

Businessmen doing traditional business can improve their profit margin by advertising via classified ads.

Not only that, traditional business gets a new definition among online community by posting ads increasing their potential customers.

Your ad should have all the details, the type of business you do, store details, products that you sell, etc.

Including whether online shopping is available in your ad post will help customers to order online from your store.

Category wise ads –

Once you know what you are about to advertise, you have to decide the category in which you are going to place ads. Pets, events planning, jobs – categories are never ending.

Sometimes when your ad doesn’t fall under any of the specified category mentioned on the website, you might feel confused where to place it.

Think about your customers’ viewpoint and place your ad in a category where you can get lots of potential customers.

Place ads wisely Posting Free Classified–

You can place your ads in more than one classified website if you wish to.

But while placing the same ad in a single website under category might end up in removing your ad on account of duplication.

In worst cases, you might get blocked from placing ads when the website senses that your ads are misleading.

If you are placing more than one ad on the same website, be sure you make differences in your ads.

You can rather use few or more classified websites for placing the same ad.

For those who haven’t started using classified websites, it’s never too late.

Start using it to reap the benefits of the online classified website for free.

It is the right choice and the clear one for a better way of online advertising.

Online advertising

Advertising is much cheaper than bigger display advertisements used by businesses.

Online advertising is one of the most important effective ways for businesses of all small to Large sizes to spread out.

Online Classifieds offer one of the best home appliances or kitchen appliances, Where Ad owner can buy or sell Air conditioner or Air cooler, Washing machines, Water Purifiers by post free ads.

ad1-1 A Complete Guide- How You Can You Earn By Post Free Ads

Choosing free classified website to suit your business to earn online by post free ads:-

When there are thousands of websites to post free ads, it’s natural to get confused which one to choose.

It’s wise to go with a website that specializes in a particular field related to your product or service.

For example, if you are into automobile business, choose a website which had already established a name specializing in automobile category over other websites.

Usually, people tend to search in classified websites depending on the variety it offers to users in a particular category.

Don’t just stick with only one website to earn online.

Choose few websites specializing in services related to your business and post your ads in all short-listed websites.

For any product to sell, Online Classifieds is the best way to sell.  Online classifieds helps in selling out things you don’t need anymore.

For example, Even you can sell your used furniture on an Online Classifieds for a better price.

Updating ads or post free ads regularly for more replies.

It’s very important that you go through the policies of the websites first before posting free ads.

In most websites, there are no limits on the number of ads you post. But in some websites, above a certain set target, say 3 ads a day, they tend to charge for every ad you post above the limit which will add to your advertising costs.

The longer your ad stays on the website the more traffic it receives.  Set a time period for yourself and constantly keep updating your ad. It helps in placing your ad on top of the search list. There may be thousands of ads but very few will take the time to move on to consecutive pages lying further ahead.

Set a time period for yourself and constantly keep updating your ad.

It helps in placing your ad on top of the search list. There may be thousands of ads but very few will take the time to move on to consecutive pages lying further ahead.

Online and offline business

Classified website ad can be modified with the way you like your customers to do business with you. Whether you want them to visit your shop in person or just transacting online is enough for you, anything can be done by advertising it right.

Sometimes, it will be a back breaking job to post ads for each and every product you sell. You can just post an ad saying about your official website and divert the traffic to visit your website from where it will be easier for users to shop online.

Even if you are not having your own official website, no problem! All you need to do is post free ads saying about your shop and the offers to make them visit in person. Providing clear, precise information

The first few words that appear in your ad posting make all the difference. Let your wordings allure the user to open and read your ad completely first.

Provide all the information regarding the product or the service you offer.

Model, price, year manufactured anything that you feel is important for the buyer to know while browsing itself.
Provide your contact information clearly. Also mentioning the number of working days it will take the product to reach customer site will help them plan accordingly for their convenience.

It might take some time in the beginning to attract users. As time goes on, and you follow all the above-mentioned tips in advertising, classified websites prove to be a great, cheap tool to advertise your business reaching a wide lot of people. With a prolonged presence online, the trust and credibility factor also increases among the users.

online advertising was conducted via E-mail.Online advertising includes E-mail marketing, search engine marketing-SEM, Social Media Marketing-SMM and also many types of display advertising. advertising uses the Web and E-mail to move direct sales via electronic commerce in addition to direct sales from the website.

Adaalo Classifieds helps in getting there Hobby Classes, language classes, professional courses, driving classes or any other computer courses to continue as one’s choice.
By uploading photos you can look for the Pet care. Classifieds helps you in getting business opportunities.

Choose the Best Ads Posting Site:-

If you want to post a free advertisement online, whether for buying or selling a product, you should first choose the right ads posting site suited to your needs.

Since there are lots of sites available online, you might get confused on identifying the right one.
In order to find a classifieds site suited to your needs, you can easily search for them using a search engine like Google.

A genuine free ads posting sites website such as ADAALO can help you in buying and selling new or used products within a short span of time.

Know your customers

If you have something to offer, whether a service or product, you should first learn about your potential customers.
Therefore, knowing your customer is important in order to achieve success in any business, and the same applies to e-commerce. Though free classifieds sites are usually used to promote services and products online, you can also use them for other purposes such as searching for a Used Car, Used bikes, Used Mobile & Suitable job as per your profile also you can find a bride/groom or wedding planner online in Adaalo.

What Should You Write?

Posting ads on an advertising site like are free. Well-written ads gain more responses from potential customers.

You should write your advertisements in a professional and engaging manner. The best way to write an effective ad is to write it after thorough research. You should also update your ad as and when the need arises. Most free advertising web portals allow users to edit their published ads.

Do You Want to Post Multiple Ads?

Most ordinary ad posting websites impose restrictions on the number of ads a user can post, but ADAALO does not! You can post multiple ads using ADAALO.

However, care should be taken that one doesn’t spam the website while doing this! One must follow the terms of use before posting ads.

Adaalo helps to sell your product or Post Free Ads helps to sell faster. It has all Top Category and Sub Categories like mobile accessories, iPod mp3 player,

You have a business opportunity, relationship manager, interior designing, security guard Job in times jobs Category. In Services you can Car rentals, Tour packages Musical instrument, fitness equipment, feng shui items are also found in their respective Category

Musical instrument, fitness equipment, feng shui items are also found in their respective Category.

Hope you like this blog about online free classifieds, do let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

Good luck 🙂

Adaalo team

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A Complete Guide- How You Can You Earn By Post Free Ads


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