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In Love With Lovacado • Organic Avocado Skin Care: Full Product Line Review

I was given the chance this summer to PAMPER myself in the entire LOVACADO OIL PRODUCT LINE! And it's been a really great summer!

In my hometown, Toronto, also home town to Lovacado, I sat down with Claudia Murillo, Creator of Lovacado Oil, to go over her Avocado Based Skin Care Line, and to learn a little about Avocado's, and just why they are so good for your skin.

Turns out,
I've actually been neglecting this little green fruit as a skin care product for far to long!

And after a month long review of using nothing but Lovacado Oil products for their various purposes (which I will get into), let me tell you how this has also been my smoothest summer yet!

Since the main ingredient in all Lovacado products is Avacado's, I'm going to start off in today's blog, with some:


• With the many Vitamins A, B, C, E & K.. 


found in Avocado's, your going to want to get thes lityle guys into your daily routines right away!

If you remember a Previous post I did about the PHYTOCHEMICALS in Hibiscus Tea, you'll remember how necessary theymse phytochemicals actually are to your daily skin care routine, and just how much we love them!

(Refresh your mind on Phytochemicals and direct yourself to that article next. There will be a link at the bottom of this page.)

• An awesome fact about the Avocado, is it can serve as both a DEEP BRONZING TANNING LOTION, and as a SUNSCREEN at the same time. It also helps repair SUN DAMAGE. This is a 3 in 1 defense from the sun, for past, present, and future.

• Avocado's also contain STEROLIN, which has been proven to both SOFTEN SKIN and REDUCE AGE or SUN SPOTS.

• MOISTURE and WATER are locked in, and this AIDS to soften the appearance of FINE LINES & WRINKLES, also PREVENTING both fine lines & wrinkles, leaving your skin HAPPY & NOURISHED.

• The OMEGA 3 FATTY ACIDS make the Avocado plant an excellent source for a MOISTURISING lotion. 

• The Avocado is actually the fattiest edible plant on the planet, making it great for DRY SKIN, DEHYDRATED SKIN, AGED SKIN or AGING SKIN.

• Avocado's help increase the production of COLLAGEN.

And last on the list, but not least:

• Avocado's also contain LUTIEN. 

LUTIEN has been known for the effects it has in preventing MACULAR DEGENERATION, and has recently been noticed to have a positive effect on the HYDRATION & ELASTICITY of the SKIN. It helps PROTECT OXIDATIVE DAMAGE (FREE RADCALS) and also prevents THE LIPIDS, FATS & OILS in your skin from PEROXIDATION.

Many products and supplements containing Lutein are in fact now on the market with some rather incredible claims. The best form of Lutein however, is obviously, going straight from a NATURAL LUTIEN SOURCE, like Avocado's.

• Further more Avocado's & Avocado Oil is suitable for all skin types.


So why should we apply Avocado's topically to the skin?

 I mean - Isn't it better just to eat the Avocado then to apply it topically? 

That's what we are commonly told, isn't it?


If you have read before, you know I absolutely love debunking common misperceptions and myths.

Just as you will get so many Health Benefits from eating the Avocado, you will also reap the same benefits when you apply the Avocado to your skin topically. Both your inner body and your outer body need these nutrients. 

If you are not providing your inner body with proper nutrients, don't expect just a skin cream or facial to make your skin look good either. Your body needs to be healthy on the inside before it can even begin to look healthy on the outside.

The healthier your skin is before applying products, the better the chances that the products have in showing improvement in your skin condition.

Your skin is actually the largest organ on your body.. 

And its thirsty! 

It's actually just as important to use Avocado on your skin as it is to eat them.

Imagine this if you can: 

Your skin actually drinking the Avocado, just like it drinks up any moisturizer, plant, product or chemical you choose to apply.


Whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed into your blood stream. This means you'll want to use less chemicals and more natural sources. Using natural sources means it's only all positive elements and nutrients that your putting into your body.

Wouldn't you rather be absorbing Potassium, Vitamins A, B, C, E & K rather than synthetic poison number 9.. along with all of its friends 10, 11 & 12 accompanied by the miniscule amounts of say 0.02 collagen... .. 

Now, whilst this 0.02 percent collagen might actually be in the over the counter product you've just purchased, it isn't enough to actually effect your skin on an collagen producing level, or in any really relevant way. It really just contains enough collagen to say that said Collagen is indeed in the product.

So let me break this down for you.

Synthetic Collagen cannot be applied topically to be that greatly effective. It can be used, and effective in a treatments or masks, exspecially when accompanied by LED lights, but it isn't going to have any long term effects other than providing direct synthetic moistures at the time in which you are wearing it - for the most part.

This is where that part on your bloodstream and sticking plants on your body rather than synthetic chemicals starts to come together as well: 

As the synthetic chemical slowly destroys and kills the same surface it claims to "heal", on the other hand, the natural plant used topically will actually promote real, healthy cell  renewal, collagen growth, and so on.

There are also a lot of layers of completely functional skin that need this nourishment before it even reaches your blood stream. And vice versa versa, we can't just depend on things working from the inside out either.. How we treat our body both inside & out, is everything.

We have to moisturise and treat from both ends... ..

Again, we want to maintain and bring forth new life, not poison and burn off these soft tissues and tiny membranes with chemically enhanced, perfume enhanced garbage.

If I can't eat it, I don't want it on my face!

I try and use this theory through about 90 percent of my skin care regime.

Topping off collagen:

To achieve Collagen growth, one would either have to start eating natural foods that are high in things like say Vitamin C or Chlorophyll, or, start taking Collagen Pills. Another option of stimulating Collagen Production are LED Light Therapies combined with Collagen Mask, as the Led Light Therapy jelps to penetrate the mask - as per mentioned in my article Quantum Skin Care.

Also, using a natural product like Avocado Oil daily, with it's naturally sourced Vitamin C, actually promotes the growth of your own collagen production. 

This is surely a no fail approach to collagen.

So, the best way to get the most nutrients out of your Avocados is to both EAT the and APPLY them.

Avocado's however can be one messy facial product! 

... and who needs to waste a whole Avocado if your not ready to eat it.

That's why it is more convenient to carry in your skin care routine as an oil or easy to use resealable mask, like Lovacado offers!

It's also much more versatile and usable as a product rather than it's original fruit self. - I'd rather put Avocado Oil in my hair and on my skin than mashed up Avocado muck - Just sayin.

Avocado Oil is just like any oil, but thicker.

And for lots of things, much better than the average oil - Which is still better than the best thing they have at your disposal in the drugmart.

You'll also want to make sure that your Avocolado Oil is made out of actual Avocados and not seed. 

And, as I always mention, make sure that your buying unrefined cold pressed oil. 

This oil will be Dark Green and rich in colour, as apposed to light yellow Pressed Oils with higher expiration dates yet less vitamins and nutrients remain from the actual fruit itself. The more you refine, the less nutrients you are going to get.







LOVACADO OIL is not only NOT  made from seed, but it is made using actual HASS AVOCADO'S. Hass Avacado's are the tinier Avocado's with the MOST NUTRIENTS.

Also, you'll be happy to know that Lovacado products are not only NATURALLY SOURCED, they are also ORGANIC, VEGAN, GMO & CRUELTY FREE!

Here's a breakdown of the product line:




I can't recommend wasting a good brush however, when a Walmart or dollar store paintbrush will do just fine.

2. OIL - any natural oil will do ex. Coconut, Olive, Grapeseed, or Avocado

Bee friendly Honey is Honey that comes from bees that chose to live & work on the honey farm.. So your actually taking Honey from Happy Bees that chose to make extra Honey for you.

I'm going to go ahead and use the mask 2 ways.

One with just Water, and the other with Lovacado Oil, Hair Skin & Nails Natural Scent. I chose natural scented because obviously, it's in the purest form.

With Oil

I just love the thick Olive Green of the Cold Pressed Avocado oil.

Now, we're going to mix & mash the LOVACADO MASK together with my  3-4 Tablespoons of the LOVACADO OIL HAIR SKIN & NAILS. OR whichever of the ingredients you have chosen from the 3 ingredient Choices listed above.

Your going to want to mix this until its a nice creamy, even paste, ready to be applied to the skin. Make sure to break up any extra clumps.

Take your paintbrush and smooth or paint, the Lovacado Mask on, using nice soft strokes. 

Always remember to be gentle with your skin. 

With Water

Find something to do..

Leave the mask on for a duration of 10-20 MINUTES. I've even left this mask on for a durarion of 50 minutes during my out door shoot of this mask.. & my skin still felt so absolutely incredible afterwards! Chemical lacen masks would have left my skin with nasty burns.

Instead it softened my skin to a maximum softness and I also noticed it helped me exfoliate my skin afterwards  helped assist in lifting any dry skin I had - exspecially around the creases of my nose.

It really goes to show you the difference between giving your skin the actual nutrients it needs, and not just a regime of chemicals, mostly designed to just pull on your skin, just enough to provide some temporary firming effect.

Over time these chemically enhanced products do a lot of damage to your skin, especially when abused. 

The trick is to, at least, find a happy medium.. 


just ditch the drug store products entirely!

When it comes to skin care, I only use natural products.. I'm just so over all the garbage out there - in fact I've washed my face with only oil and tea for the last 2 years, and my skin is the clearest it's ever been.

Ok.. So realistically, you'll be doing these facials in the comfort of your own home.. but the fact that this mask is that easy to wipe clean.. here I am making this blog match with my outdoor theme.


No one said the mask itself, was going to be pretty...


But it's definitely worth it!

You can remove the mask by either washing your face with face products


You can even, simply wipe the mask away clean, leaving the oils to moisturise. 

Once the Lovacado Mask is finished, and your skin feels soft and subtle, Go ahead and use a nice natural oil as a moisturiser to give it that extra boost of moisture, locked & sealed, if you haven't already used it in your mask that is.

Since I have zero water supply out here, and none of that really matters.. 

I'm just going to wipe my mask off, and I'm good to go.


Deeply researched & personally evaluated, the oil from the Avocado doesn't just moisturise dry skin , it absolutely locks in the moisture like no other product I have seen before. In fact, the first time I applied Lovacado Oil to my body I noticed the moisture was locked into my skin over a period of the next 7 days. 

This is unbelievable!!! Seeing as how my legs tend to be 2 forgotten stems of Ashy. 

Over the counter Moisturisers only mask the dryness, and usually only works until the next shower. 

Lovacado Oil on the other hand had me covered all week in the smoothest way possible. I can't put into words how rich, smooth and healthy my skin looks. My skin is in absolute nourishment, and I am now IN LOVE WITH LOVACADO OIL..

The HAIR SKIN & NAILS comes in 4 AWESOME SCENTS. My favorite was the LAVENDER , its just the lightest softest smell, & perfect for relaxing.

As a tanning lotion I mentioned that some of the nutrients in Avocado's help protect, fight & repair against SUN DAMAGE, and provides SUV PROTECTION.

Avocado's will even go as far as brightening and lightening Sun Spots. But don't worry, this wont effect your ability to achieve a golden brown tan. 

I was pastey white this morning..

Lovacado Oil is now my FAVORITE oil for TANNING. I just loved how this thick oil wasn't greasy at all on my skin, and I dont pick up tons of pesky sand from being slimy. 

This is a big deal to me, because I love the beach, but I hate the sand sticking to my sticky body.

Ok, so now's a good time to mention, how I just talked about sticky body parts. This is pretty much made up of sweat btw.. I know - Gross,

What's NOT GROSS, is that Lovacado Oil actually keeps my body from going through that sweaty fealing. Im perfectly moistened.. even glistening, but not perspiring. This is pretty awesome.

A little Lovacado Oil goes a long way. It's nice that I only have to apply it once even though I'm literally in and out of the water all day.. IN & OUT OF THE WATER.

On top of that, Lovacado Oil Hair Skin & Nails, left my skin just so INCREDIBLEY SMOOTH OVER THE COURSE OF AT LEAST THE NEXT 7 DAYS.

Its like my BODY had just had an AVOCADO OIL MASK during my soak in the sun!

But this stuff does so much more than act as a tanning oil - dor me, tanning is just another reason for me to abuse it and need more bottles.

 I've also been using the Hair Skin & Nails on my HAIR as a SERUM, & as a HOT OIl TREATMENT. 

Currently, I actually have some Hair Damage from the last time I bleached my hair. I forgot to pay attention to the rules of Healthy Bleaching and washed it 3 days in a row after having bleached it. 

So currently, I'm living in a world of brittle broken hair and a hair cut I never gave myself - it chose to break this way.

Inches lost & hair in need of repair..

A total disaster, in any event.


Lovacado Hair Skin & Nails to the rescue! 

First I needed that DEEP TREATMENT!

This immediately brought my hair BACK TO LIFE!.. and had me less worried about the snapping - though I'm actually past the point of saving it.

I'm entirely at the point now, that if it's gona snap, it's gona snap. There really is a point of no return when talking about bleached hair, but it really isn't necessary to lose all of it right now, and this month has been Risky Business & Breakage City.

As a SERUM Lovacado Oil really has done wonders for my hair, and its snappy, brittle, thin condition.

My hair has since stopped breaking, and has reverted back from extreme damage to rescuable. It's starting to look good again, and as per mentioned Very very rescuable. Keep in mind I could have lost a lot more of it, had I neglected to find a good moistening vehicle.

A synthetic serum couldn't wouldn't shouldn't of done this repair. Most synthetic serums are actually just masking products, and will actually assist in drying out your hair even more than the state it's in.

On the other hand, Lovacado Oil will actually go in to both heal & moisturise from the roots, down the shafts & right down to the tips, leaving your hair soft and manageable.

And again - I just loved how this oil provided so much healthy moisture, but isn't greasy. 

My hair , skin & Lovacado are now the best of friends and will continue to have our Hot Oil Treatment dates once every 2 weeks. 

In the meantime it's also a great every day to day serum, really penetrable and also really good at delivering the proper nutrients to my hair that it both needed & needs to look vibrant & alive again.


I use it to MOISTURISE my face & my body. 

I use it to REMOVE MAKE UP. 

I also use it to wash my face as a FACE WASH morning and night, without having to use harmful facial cleansers on my skin at all.

You can even MIX it in with your favourite moisturiser, or apply it first as a facial SERUM.

You can also do an OIL MASK for Face or Body, with the Hair Skin & Nails alone. 

Yes - You can mask up your entire body with this stuff! From HEAD to TOE.

I use it TANNING, and as a LIGHT SUN BLOCK and as a SUN REPAIR - it's a 3 in 1.

And I just soak up all the Avocado Skin Care Vitamins & Benefits at the same time.

You can even use it as a hand moisturiser! The 4 choices of scents are that perfect hint of pretty. 

And since... 

I've already moistend my body with it, and my hands are the vehicle in which I used.. I am moisturising my hands..

So 1I've noticed that my nails are really shiny lately.  They are actually nice & white and achieving optimum nail health, for sure! - Just like it's name I guess..

SO YA! - HAIR SKIN & NAILS, without even having to think about your nails!


Here, I'm on the St. Mary's River showing off my new Boardwalk Fresh Feet!

I just love the smell of fresh Peppermint Foot Spray in the summer. Especially when I know it's Organic!

The Peppermint wakes up those exhausted feet and tired senses to something vibrant and fresh!


Avocado Oil is actually known for it's ANTISEPTIC & ANTIBACTERIAL properties! so again - Good for feet.

At the same time the Avocado Oil hydrates those feet, locking in moisture, & preventing cracks or even wrinkles - yes foot wrinkles.. it's going to happen.

It's just ANTI AGING sense from head to toe.

In fact, this whole Lovacado Oil Line is looking more like day to day common sense.

The Lovacado Eco Foot Spritzer also contains a couple of other great essential oils good for refreshing those tired and/ or swollen feet, including, Eucalyptus, Sweet Orange, and Which Hazel.. in case you're wondering..



The Detox Massage Oil, Good for helping assist with the break up between you & CELLULITE, is made up of 2 great oils, both Avocado Oil and Hemp Oil.  


When rubbed in circular motion , this product is good for helping smooth out cellulite and detoxing the body. 

And again, as per mentiond all products absorb through our bloodstream.. So, all the essential oils are going to go in and get absorbed through your pores, & into your bloodstream, & can than effectively flush out and detox your body.

Also, increasing your water intake will help this product flush out and detoxify your system at it's highest potential. 

Staying away from products that cause the toxic bloating at this time, will also help speed up the results. 


Say your purifying the water in a glass from rust, it wouldnt make sense to stick a spoonfull of rust in the water during this process - would it?

no. It wouldn't.


The reason you want to continuously rub out the cellulite in a circular motion, is so that you can actually bust and break up that tuff lumpy access fat that's causing those unsightly cellulite lumps.

Cellulite has no easy solution, she's a tough girl and she's fighting you to stay.

So you'll want to start breaking them up with this vigorous rubbing, this is what your doing - busting up those solid masses.

Now that your doing that, the essential oils, travelling through your bloodstream and into this cellulite, is going to start detoxing your system, and bustin all of this up.

Not only that but the anti oxidation & detoxing properties in the essential oils are also going to add some extra scrubbing power - kind of like a saponification like action ,added to the circular movements of you, physically busting them down.

And I'll remind you:

Your going to want to help along the flush out process by DRINKING LOTS OF WATER. You water intake will also determine your results.. So drink as much water as you possible that you are comfortable drinking. 

Find more information about Lovacado Oil @

Normally I'm in Toronto, but..

The photos for the entire Lovacado Review were taken in front of, & along the Boardwalk, of the Sault St. Marie Ontario International Border, along the St. Mary's River. 

This bordwalk runs into the home of WhiteFish Island, Wildlife & Fish Sanctuary - A great place to enjoy & be an  Eco Tourist for the day.

Here you'll find gorgeous wetlands, Fast running waters, & crazy trails.. Trails in which disappeared, & even had me LOST!

Holy Alice In Wonderland!!!

Some One Call A Rescue Team!  
- No rilly! This Island is a jungle!

The Island, on St. Mary's River, runs into The Great Lakes, and is infact Lake Superior.

The Norgoma, the boat I shot the Detoxifying massage oil at, is actually an old boat permanently stationed on the boardwalk that has now been transformed into a tiny Museum.

Such a beautiful piece of Ontario! 

I was literally breath taken and absolutely in love with everything here. 

It really gave me some time to put everything into perspective, and how green I really want my life to be.. and the things I'm going to do to make that happen.

I just love thow the Boardwalk here, it's very comparible to the Boardwalk in Toronto's Port Credit, except it runs into this Metal Infostructure, the international Bridge & over the absolute most beautiful fast running lake I could have ever imagined.

One second your on the Boardwalk.. the next, your on the Island! The next, under this incredible bridge. 

Take another turn or 2 and suddenly your surrounded by frogs, lilly pads and that kaotic Eco Habitat.

In the day time the island is run by Geese, and the water is so clear you can clearly see the abundance of fish! 

And at night it's beavers and bull frogs! 

It really was a breathtaking journey.

With some really awesome products to get me through the summer!

I may have to leave the Sault, and get back to life in the city..

But at Ieast I'll never have to run out of Lovacado Oil !!! 

When you've finally got the right light Aaand...
Evil Sun! Stop Messing up my selfies!



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In Love With Lovacado • Organic Avocado Skin Care: Full Product Line Review


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