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When Life Hands You Lemons πŸ‹ Mask Up πŸ‹ Hotel Room Skin Care Using Just The Free Amenities β€’ DIY Natural Chemical Peel Facial & Scrub β€’ Your Hotel Room's Got You Covered β€’ Leave The Heavy Products At Home

As Per Usual,, I'm On The Road Again.

I've Been Doing This For Many Years Now...

Selling Our Muscle Mist Pain Spray Across Ontario,, Along With Many Other Various Projects Through Out The Years.

But I Do Like It. I Have Many Friends Across Province, It's Always Nice To See Them. 

It Also Gives Me Time To Learn About Ontario & The People That Live Here, As As Well As The Economy... Or The Collapse Of It.

I Get To Watch It Change, And See It's Vast Beauties.

... Vast Poverties ...

Vast Disabilities ..

And A Lot Of Different Skin Conditions ..

A Lot Of Stuff.

●●●  Etc .

It Actually Helps Me Become Better At What I Do And Helps Me Analyze Things On A Next Level,, Since I'm Pretty Good At Breaking Down Thoughts.

One Thing That Being On The Road So Much Has Taught Me The Most,
Is ~ How To Pack!

And For That That, I'm Grateful.

Seriously, I'm Only 5.1 And About 95 Pounds Soaking Wet,, My Feet Are Only Size 3. 
Even Wind Can Prevent Me From Getting Where I'm Going !

Lift Wise, Im In Good Shape, But Just Because I Can Lift, Doesn't Mean I Want Too !

Nor Should You,,
And I Promise You, You Wont !

The Most Important Part Of Packing, Is Not Leaving Home Without Anything Your Going To Need,,

But Also To Pack As Light As Possible, So That Your Luggage Doesn't Tire You Out!

Tip: Get Yourself Something On Wheels.

With A Long Handle.

What You Wont Need Is Your Entire Skin Care Regime.

You Are However, Still Going To Get A Great Spa Like Experience.. That Promotes Actual Healthy Skin!

How About A Mini Peel,, Or A Tea Facial,, A Coffee Sugar Scrub Perhaps?

You've Really Got A Few Ideas To Go On Just From Those Vanities The Hotel Has Provided For You. 


It's Time To Get Creative !

Are You Currently Bummed Out At The Moment, Because This Article Is About Hotels Rooms, And You Are Currently Not In A Hotel Room?

Well Don't Worry, Because You Can Still Find All These Ingredients In Your Very Own Kitchen,, And You Are Still Able To Do This DIY From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

So Traveller  ( Or Home Stayer ) ,, Got Any Ol' Moisuriser Packets, Samples Stacked Away?

Of Course You Do ! ~ Bring Those. Just Those. Thats All You're Really Going To Need From Home.

And If You Don't Have Sample Moisturisers, Or I Like To Call TO GO Packs, Well You Don't Really Need Them. So Nevermind I even Mentioned It.

You Can Also, Always Pick Up A Nice Organic Coconut Oil While you're On The Road. 

If This Is An Island Vacation! .. Then 
Your Going To Want A Bottle Of 
Coconut Oil For Your Hole Entire Body AnyWays!

Should You Have An Oil At Home 
You Already Like To Use, You Can 
Stush A Small Amount Into The 
Travel Size Bottles To Lighten The 
Load, And Still Be Prepared.

This Is Your Moisturiser!

Tip: You Can Find Travel Bottles At The Dollar Store, Convienient And Easy To Find. 

● ● ●

So Now You're In Your Hotel Room Wondering,,

" How Do Any Of These Free Amenities Have Anything To Do With Skin Care.. "

Look Again, My Dears ,,,

,,, By Your Coffee Machine To Start.

Those Are All The Ingredients Your Going To Need For A Gorgeous Spa On The Go, Facial And Treatment.

Perhaps Even A Mini Peel !
Since Today, We're Encorporating Lemon Tea From The Free Amenities Offered By The Hotel. 

If You Don't Have Lemon Tea In Your Tea Tray.. Hotels Often Offer Fresh Oranges In The Am, At Breakfast. So Go Ahead & Substitue The Lemon For A Couple Squeezes Of Orange Juice.

Your Still Going To Get A Great Facial Today Weather You Find Those Ingredients Or Not. That Little Tray Already Gives You An Abundance Of Great Options Still.

I've Already Covered Coffee Many Times Throughout EcoBlonde.Com, So I'm Going To Go Ahead And Leave The Best Pertaining Links At The Bottom Of This Page, So If You Are Doing A Coffee And Sugar Facial And Scrub, You Can  Go Ahead And Refer Down There. 

There You Will Find All The Coffee Benefits For Your Face As Well.

In There, You Will Also Find The Benefits Of Sugar & That Sugar Is The Derivative In Which They Produce Glycolic Acid From, Which Is Something Else We Are Going To Dicuss In This Particular Article.

I've Also Already Covered Tea Many Times,,

But This Time I'm Using Thile Lemon Tea From Higgins & burks Provided By This 
Particular Hotel..

So, It's A Little Different This Time, Slightly Tweaked, Since We Are Adding The Extra Benefit Of Lemons ( Or Oranges  ), To The Sugar/ Glycolic Acid This Time, To Create That Mini Peel Efftect.

You Can Use Any Of The Coffee Or Teas, That Your Hotel Has Provided For You As Free Amenities.

Today I Had 2 Choices Of Tea Bags Worth Applying To My Face.

I'll Get Around To Using Them Both, I'm Sure,,

The Coffee Itself Is Already In The 
Perfect Packaging And Can Be Used 
As A Smooth Luxurios Coffee Filled 
Face Cloth.

Just Soak, And Proceed In Washing Your Face With This Silky Heavenly  Coffee Pillow. ~ Step 1.

I've Always Wondered Why They Don't Actually Make Face Cloths Like These, Naturally Stuffed With Antioxidants & Nutrients.

Perhaps Some Day You'll Actually See Me Drop That Line Of These Stuffed Face Cloths,,.
~ Completely Hotel Inspired.

Using Warm Water, Soak The Coffee Sachet.

Use This To Tone, Lift, Reduce Eye Puffiness, Hydrate, Anti Oxidate, & Tint.

In Fact Coffee Actually Helps Balance Your Skin's PH, So Keep Calm And Balance On.

This Just Means That Over All, Coffee Is Really Great For Your Skin!

You Can Also Rip The Little Coffee Filled Pouch Open And Make A Coffee Sugar Scub! 

➡As Per Mentioned, Link Below Provided 

Now I'm Show You A Lemon Tea Facial, As Described Above.

This Lemon Tea Facial Is What I'm Currently Wearing In The Picture Below.

• Empty 2 Tea Pouches • Lemon Tea Into A Glass & A Small Amount Of Warm Water.

Now, Ad 2 Packets Of Sugar & Stir.

If This Is An Island VactaionVactaion,, Use The Fresh Coconuts & Extract It's Fresh Coconut Water Instead Of The As Directed Water. 

Fresh Coconuts Are Also Incredible For Your Skin.

• Let The Mixture Extract & Soften For 3 To 5 Minutes.

• Apply Softened Extracted Mixture To Face.

You Can Apply This Facial In Layers Until You Are Satisfied With The Coverage. 

Once You Have The Mask Applied,, It's Time To Wait It Out.

• You Can Wear This Facial Any where From 10 To 20 Minute's.

When You Are Ready To Wash This Facial Off,,


• You Can Now Use This Same Facial As A Deep Exfoliation Treatment, Deep Within The Stratus Corneum.

Just Ad A Tiny Bit Of Water Into Your Hands And Begin To Scrub lightly In A Tiny Circular Motion.

This Exfoliation Will Make Your Skin Feel Soft And Smooth Like Silk.

• Now, Either Reach For That Sample Packet That We Discussed Earlier,, Moisturise, And Go!

I Happen To Have A Ton Since My Girlfriend Was Just Recently Working For Vichy.

That Means, Hella FREE STUFF For Moi.

(Thanks Kimberly!,, Since We All Know That I Wont Actually Buy Most Of These Garbage Products Any More!.. Except The Face Wash, I Do Enjoy - Vichy Purette Thermal Cleansing Foam For Sensitive Skin. This Is The First Of Vichy Products That Doesn't Burn My Eyes.)

Or Better Yet,,

• Grab Your Oil.

It's Way Better For You Than These Rachet Old Chemicals AnyWays.

You Can However Find Satisfiable Chemical Based Skin Creams That Are, At Least, Dermatology Tested, And Are Often Starting At Half The Price Of Your Local Drug Stores,, At Your Nearest Medi Spas.

Should You Value Your Chemically Based Creams. At This Point, At Least Make Valuable Decisions On Which Ones You Are Willing To Put On Your Face In.Your Every Day Routines.

Again; Coconut Oil, Avacado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Olive Oil & Etc. Are All Really Great Moisturizers For Your Face! ~ I Personally Love Them All.

I use These Oils As Make Up Removers, Facial Cleansers, Moisturisers, Sun Tan Lotion, Uv Protection, And Oil Pulling , And Teeth Whitening The Most.. All Great Reasons To Have A Bottle On You At All Times.

The Bottles Are Heavy, And The Whole Point Was Packing Light ~ Right?

That's why I suggested The 
Travel Size Tubes. ~ These Are Also Great For Any Larger Products You See Yourself Not Living Without, And Finding The Most Necessary To 
Bring Along With You.

Just Remember Just Because I Chose Lemons Doesnt Mean You Can't Do This atreatment Without Them.

There Are Many Other Options For These Masks, Still Just Lying Around Your Hotel That You May Be Overlooking,, Ingredients You Can Ad To These Masks, That Are Also Filled With Your AHA's And Citric Acids, That Will Akso Help Promote The Benefits Of Your Mini Peel

Like The Morning Oranges..

Go Ahead And Squeeze Some Of The Orange Juice In .

Or The Coconuts, Coconut Milk, We All Know Does Wonders For Everything!

And Even Tea, You Can Actually Substitue Your Water With Actual Tea, F You Could Be Currently Drinking.

This Can Also Be Done With Yout Morning Coffee! **The Added Coffee Boost To Any Mask Is Always A Great Idea.

Don't Worry About Cream And Sugar, 
Both Of These Are Actually Great For And Should Go On Your Face .

So Go Ahead And Dump That Left Over Coffee In, Instead Of Water ~ Great idea !

It's Full Of Of Awesome Facial Nutrients !

Some Of The BENEFITS Of 🍋LEMONS 🍋 For Your Skin Include: 

• Deep Cleansing 

• Clear Skin, Good For Black & Whiteheads

• Regulates Oil  Production

Brightens Skin & And Fades Age Spots, Keratosis Or Karitinization, Hyperpigmentation & Acne Scars

 Softens The Appearance Of Fine Lines And Wrinkles.

• Lemons Contain Alpha Hydroxy Acid. AHA's Promote Healthy Collagen Growth.

• Promotes Deep Exfoliation Within The Lipids  & Healthy Skin Renewal

• Citric Acid Contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids

• Citric Acid Is Also An Ingredients Used In Chemical Facial Peels.

So Why With The Sugar Now ?


~ Glycolic Acid

Sugar Is Where Your Going To Find Your Glycolic Acid.

Glycolic Acid Is Actually Derived From Sugar.

Glycolic Acid Is Like A Lipid Cleaner. It Cleans In Between The structure of Lipids To Purify  Skin From Dead Skin Cells binded between The Lipids.

This Promotes Deep Exfoliation Within The Skin And Encourages Healthy Skin Renewal Within The Stratum 
Corneum Thus Helps With A Healthy Cell Turnover Rate.

Like The Citric Acid, Glycolic Acid Is Also Used In Chemical Peels, And Gets Deep Within The Stratum Corneum To Help Sleph Off Those Dead Skin Cells. 

Also Good For Brightening Skin, Fading Age Spots, Keratosis Or Karitinization, Hyperpigmentation, Acne Scars & Softening Up Wrinkles,, All While Promoting New Cell Growth.

Also In Likeness To The Citric Acid, The Glycolic Acid Also Has Alpha Hydroxy Acid. This Helps The 2 Ingredients Work Together Beautifully To Accomplish the Same Goals.

In Fact Citric Acid & Glycolic Acid All Have A Lot In Common When It Comes To Skin Care.

.. As Do Lemons And Sugar.

So Together These Ingredients Are Really Only Concentrating And Sharing The Same Goals.

Basically, As Per Mentioned, This Facial Has A Peel Like Effect,, Without The Discomfort, Or Chemicals Like That Of An Actual Chemical Peel.

Lemons And Sugar Are Where Chemical Peels Came From, And The Ingredients Have Been Extracted, Tested, And Synthesized To Make Them Into Icky Chemical Peels.

I Would However, Never Reccomend A Chemical Peel.

I've Had Them On My Skin Many Times And See Nothing Right About Chemically Setting Your Skin On Fire, Just To Cool It Down.

These Same Results Can Be Acheived through A Good Healthy Natural Skin Care Regime,,

And If Neccessary A Couple Wonderful Micridermabrasions Will Assist A Healthy Skin Regime Nicely.

Microdermabrasions Are A Chemical Free Way Of Cleaning & Exfoliation Pores, While Removing The First Couple Layers Of Dead Unnecessary Skin While Manipulating, Sucking & Sanding Down Acne And Acne Scars Through A Gentle Massage Like Experience.

And Since A Chemical Peels Can Actually Be Just As Effective At Burning Keratinosis Into Your Skin As It Is At Relieving It..

Why Not Use Something Else, That's Natural, And Just As Effective, Especially If The Regime Is Continued Over Time.

Like These Lemon Suger Masks !!!

This Facial Really Helped My Skin Shine Today !

I'm Really Starting To Love Finally Being Able To Forget What UnHealthy Oily & Enlargened Pores Look And Feel Like ! 

Since,, At The Moment They Are All Looking, Nice And Tight, Prim And Propper !

So Basically It All Boils Down To ~ I've had A lot Of Food On My Face Lately. 

And Not Just This 1 Quick DIY Lemon Tea Mask, Which By The Way,, 

Is Still Freaking Awesome !!!

Since I Have Been Working On Creating The Finishing Touches To Dollface Naturals In The Last Couple Months.

I've Literally Worn A Million Masks !

And I Have To Say I Really Love How Clear And Perky, Almost Poreless, My Skin Is Lately.

It's Actually Quite Incredible, And I've Never Been So Clear As I Am Today, Since I Started This Very Concentrated
Plant Based Regime.

There's Been So Much Chemistry To 
Mess Around With While Brigning 
You DollFace Naturals 
New Collection Just To Make These Masks The Most Pliable, And Enjoyable For Your Face..

That There Has Even Been Periods Of Where I've Even Worn 3, Maybe 4 Masks A Day Throughout The Process.

I Did Expect Great Skin.

But I've Never Expected Such Incredible Results As I Am Seeing Today.

Since No Other Regime Has Ever Been Able To Provide Me With These Same Results, Or Even Close Too. 

Perhaps I Could Even Go As Far As Comparing To The Results That I've Had Recently, To Kate's LED Facials That We All Know That I've Literally Cried Over Joy'd From Those Results As Well.

It's Been Quite The Difficult Journey To Master My Own Dificult Skin.

In Conclusion,, I'm In Also Absolute Delight, That I Can Stand Behind These Products, Knowing That They Are Actually The Best I've Ever Tried.

And Am Astonished,, That I'm Actually The One That Created Them.

I've Always Known My Skill Was Quite Gifted And Have Been Quite Confident With the Knowledge I Have Of Working With Herbs For Almost 20 Years.

 I Will Still Admit What I Came Up With,, I'm Sure With Really Blow Your Mind As Much As atmThey Truly Blow My Own.

What You Wont Get Is Burnt.

What You Will Get Is,,

• Tightened Pores You Will Expect To Pop But Wont Have Too

• Tighter More Awake Eyes, Tighter More Awake Face

•Lively More refreshed Skin, New Skin, Soft Skin, Smooth Skin, Less Weinkles, Less Acne

• Brighter Skin & Help With Actual Skin Conditions.

●●● Etc.

And ~ As Per Mentioned,, Here Are Those Benefits Of Coffee & Tea For Facials & Skin Care Links, Already Covered By EcoBlonde.Com.

● ● ● 🌿 ⬇⬇⬇🌿 ● ● ●

Instant Coffee Coffee Sugar Facial & Scrub

Tea For Health And Beauty

17 Ways I Personally Use Coconut  Oil

Medium Chain Tryglycerides In Coconuts


Kit Von

This post first appeared on EcoBlonde.Com, please read the originial post: here

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When Life Hands You Lemons πŸ‹ Mask Up πŸ‹ Hotel Room Skin Care Using Just The Free Amenities β€’ DIY Natural Chemical Peel Facial & Scrub β€’ Your Hotel Room's Got You Covered β€’ Leave The Heavy Products At Home


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