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UTV Salvage Yards Near Me

UTV Salvage Yards are the place for cheap parts for utility task vehicles. These junkyards buy utility vehicles and then sell them for used parts. You can visit the Yard and pull off the specific parts you need and just pay for what you take. There aren’t many of these specialized yards around, so if you have one take advantage of it. In this article, I will discuss my experience with the UTV salvage yards near me and share tips on buying and selling to junk yards.

Map of UTV Junk Yards Near Me

For “UTV Salvage Yards Near Me” or “UTV Junk Yards Near Me”, see the map below…

Because of the few junkyards that specialize in utility task vehicles, you may see limited results on your map. Alternatively, you can look for “used UTV parts near me”, ATV salvage yards near me, or “four wheeler salvage yards near me“. Additionally you can try searching by brand such as “Polaris salvage yards near me” or searching for terms like “side by side”, “ROV”, “SxS”, which are other common terms for UTV’s.

Operations of UTV Salvage Yards Near Me

A UTV junkyard is a locally run business that buys UTV’s and then sells them for parts. Some may sell used UTV’s, side by sides, and other powersport vehicles that are still in working condition, kind of like a used car lot. Most in my experience sell them off for parts as there is more value to be extracted out of the vehicle.

How do utility task Vehicles End Up In The Junkyard

Most commonly UTV’s will end up in a scrap yard normally through one of four ways: An owner junks it, an insurance company junks it, it comes from a UTV auction, or the police junk it. When it comes from a private owner the vehicle is often inoperable or the cost of repair is beyond the value of it. UTV’s junked by insurance companies because the vehicle was in an accident and the agent wants to offset the payment on the claim. When the police junk a UTV its usually due to an accident as well, except in this case the UTV isn’t insured.

What types of Utility Task Vehicles Will I Find at a Salvage Yard

At a UTV salvo you will see mostly four wheel vehicles made to do work. These vehicles for the most part will have steering wheels as the driving input. You will find some ATV’s like quads in the yard that have handlebars and the occasional golf cart or snowmobile sled, still a majority of the inventory will be utility task vehicles made for work, recreation, and sport. You will find some have beds, tows, and wenches for hauling or specialized work. Others types will be recreational or powersport for showing off and off-roading.

Some of the popular brands you will find are Can-Am, Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki.

How the UTV Junkyards Near Me Arranged

Most yards are arranged in rows with vehicle categories grouped together. For example, the UTV junkyard near me has a section for work vehicles, recreational vehicles, power-sport vehicles, and then other vehicles like quads. Then inside of each section you will see all of the brands kind of mixed together, so you want necessarily find a Can-Am section.

Sometimes finding the parts you are looking for can be a headache. The better arranged the yard is, the more easy it is to find your parts. Some yards keep an online database of their inventory. If the UTV salvage near you has this, you may be able to check to see if they have what you need, before you go down there. The other option to save yourself some time is to call ahead and ask. You can ask questions like “do you have a steering wheel for a Can-Am Maverick X3”? or “do you have a roll cage for a Odes Comrade EFI”?

How is The Inventory Managed

When a utility-task vehicle arrives it normally needs to be processed by a mechanic. It will have some basic prep work done, which may vary depending on the type of UTV it is.

Some of the basic prep work involves siphoning the gas and draining the oil. Some yards will remove the battery and the engine to be worked on and resold. Once it’s ready, then they put it out in the lot.

Now the general public has the opportunity to come pick parts. When it has been picked of all its value in parts the salvo either leaves it to rust or sells what’s left for scrap metal. A well-managed junkyard will sell it to a scrap metal facility to get all the value out of the vehicle and make room for more inventory. In my experience, few UTV junkyards are managed at this level.

Used UTV Parts Pros and Cons

The Benefits Used UTV Parts

Looking for UTV salvage yards near me to score some sweet ATV parts or OEM parts? You’re in luck! These hidden treasures can help revamp your ride without breaking the bank. Saving money is the most clear benefit of buying used parts.

Just because a vehicle is junked doesn’t mean there aren’t parts attached still in working condition. In fact, I have pulled brand new parts off a few. This happens when the previous owner tries to fix the vehicle by throwing parts at it and then junks it anyway.

Not only can you save money, but some yards even let you get protection on the parts you purchase. At many yards you can get a warranty for between $8 and $12 per part. This lets you return the used part within 30 days for exchange or credit if the part doesn’t work or fit. I recommend considering a warranty for parts that you feel are expensive.

Lastly, you can also find manufacturer assembled parts. This is ideal over purchasing after market pieces or retro fitting something from another UTV.

The Drawbacks of Cheap UTV Parts

The quality of the used part is always the biggest question mark. Remember that UTV’s are designed to be handled roughly and perform high intensity work. The parts you are picking have likely been under heavy stress and may not have much lifespan in them. This is why I recommend asking if your local UTV salvage yard offers a warranty on parts.

Tips on Selling Your Utility Task Vehicle to Salvage Yards

So you have a utility vehicle that you want to junk? Follow these steps before you negotiate a sales price with a junk yard:

  • Remove personal belongings
  • Return the license plates yourself to DMV (if it has plates)
  • Cancel your registration and insurance (if it is insured)
  • Siphon your gas (otherwise they will resell it)
  • Find your title, you need it to sell your UTV

Before you negotiate, find out the value of your UTV and assess the condition of it. The salvage yard is going to ask you a lot of questions about its condition before they give you cash.

UTV Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

A utility task vehicle salvage yard is by far the best place to get cheap parts. You will save money and you can even get a short term warranty on what you purchase. While there aren’t many of these specialized yards around, you can also look for ATV salvos that may also carry some UTV’s. If you are selling a UTV follow our guidance above to get max value in your negotiation with the salvo. This is what I have learned from the UTV salvage yards near me.

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UTV Salvage Yards Near Me


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