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Jeep Salvage Yards Near Me

If you are a Jeep enthusiast and are looking for used parts for your Jeep, the salvage yard is the way to go. Some of these junk yards are exclusive to Jeep’s and their entire inventory is full of wrecked Jeeps from various years and models. In this article I will show you if you have a Jeep salvage yard near you, how the Jeep salvage yards near me operate, what you need to know about buying used Jeep parts, and tips for selling your Jeep to a junk yard.

Map of Jeep Salvage Yards Near Me

For “Jeep Junk Yards Near Me” or “Jeep Salvage Yards Near Me”, see the map below…

If you are not seeing a lot of results on the map it’s because Jeep junkyards are few and far between. Most of the best Jeep junk yards are located in the Midwest and states that have a lot of snow. You can check other local junkyards here.

How Does a Jeep Salvage Yard Operate

Jeep junkyards operate on a local level. The jeep salvage yards near me are a two-way business that both buy used or wrecked jeeps and then sell them off as used parts.

How They Get Jeeps

There are various reasons a jeep might get sold to a salvage yard but the two most common are it was in an accident or parts needed to be replaced and the owner deemed the repair job not worth the cost. In these cases, they work out a deal with an auto junkyard to either drop off their Jeep or arrange to have them haul it away on a wrecker.

Additionally, they may get one directly from an insurance company. When a Jeep is in an accident the insurance company is responsible for the wrecked vehicle. If they are replacing the Jeep, then they take the wrecked Jeep, sell it to a salvage yard, and then recoup some of the costs they paid on the claim.

How They Process Their Yard Inventory

When they buy a wrecked Jeep they don’t send it directly out to the lot, it has to be processed first by a mechanic.

The mechanic drains the gas, antifreeze, wiper fluid, and oil. Gas and oil get stored in large container tanks, the gas is resold and the oil is sent to a recycling plant. Liquids like antifreeze and wiper fluid are drained into consumer-size containers and resold for cheap.

Some, but not all, Jeep junkyards may also remove certain parts like the battery or the motor. If they remove the battery they test its charge and if it’s not good, they restore it and then resell it as a used battery. If they decide to remove the engine, they will sell it to a 3rd party vendor who will restore it and then resell it with a warranty.

After the vehicle is processed by the mechanic, it is ready to move out to the yard.

How a Jeep Junk Yard is Arranged

The Jeeps are arranged in the yard in rows.

A well-managed Jeep salvage yard has them grouped by year and model. Where you can find a specific section of the yard for:

  • Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Grand Cherokee SRT
  • Renegade
  • Rubicon
  • Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited
  • Compass
  • Patriot
  • Even Army jeeps, Post Office trucks, and other non “Jeep” brands

The Jeep salvage yards near me keep a computerized inventory of all the Jeeps in the lot. If you ask them if they have a specific year and model they can tell you exactly where it is located in the yard. Additionally, you can sometimes ask about specific parts. Many salvage yards have a warehouse and you can ask specific questions like: “Do you have an alternator for a 2006 Grand Cherokee?”

What Kind of Used Jeep Parts Can You Find?

You can find almost any kind of used Jeep parts at a junk yard: windshields, tires, mirrors, doors, engines, tops, seats, etc. What’s even crazier sometimes you can even get practically brand-new Jeep parts. What sometimes happens is the previous owner will try and fix his Jeep and just throw parts it. When it doesn’t work, they sell it for scrap and there is a bunch of brand new parts for you to salvage.

Specialized Jeep Wrangler Yards

While not easy to find, there are a few yards that specialize specifically in Wranglers and their parts. These yards may have a few other Jeep models but are predominantly Wranglers. You can find Rubicon’s, Sahara’s, Sport, Unlimited, Sport Unlimited, JK, TJ, JL, and YJ, and other variations on the Wrangler. You can check our Wrangler salvage finder here.

What Happens After The Jeep Is Stripped?

When the vehicle looks like a skeleton and they feel like it’s been stripped of all its value, they sell whatever is left for scrap metal. This allows the salvage yard to make room for more inventory and get every last bit of value out of the vehicle.

A well-managed junkyard will sell off its inventory for scrap metal every 3 to 4 months. A poorly managed one will let the Jeep rot out in the yard.

Wanna See What a Jeep Salvage Yard is Like?…

This is the Collins Bros Jeep Annual Wrecking Yard Tour! Lots of great Jeeps in this video. If you love Jeeps, watch this:

Buying Used Jeep Parts at a Salvage Yard

The Advantages of Buying Used Jeep Parts

The first benefit of course is the cost. You can get a battery for about $14, an alternator for about $18, or even a door for about $60. There are more parts available and at cheaper prices than you could ever find on eBay. Additionally, you can get parts yourself for cheap and then resell them on eBay for a profit.

Even though the parts are used, many businesses offer the ability to purchase a parts warranty. For about $6 to $10 bucks you can get a guarantee on what you are buying. If the part doesn’t work you can bring it back and get a new one.

Another advantage is that the spare parts sold most likely were assembled by the manufacturer of the car. This is an assurance that the parts are of high quality and original.

For tips on pulling used parts, read this article.

Disadvantages of Buying Used Jeep Parts

It’s possible the used parts you buy may not be durable. You can’t be entirely certain if the part you are buying is near the end of its life. Sure you can check the odometer if it’s still there, but that doesn’t always mean that’s the number of hours recorded on the used parts. It also matters if the previous owner rode their jeep really hard like many of us do.

Another disadvantage is if you don’t purchase a warranty or they don’t offer a warranty you are stuck with bad parts. Lastly, there is no guarantee that you are going to find the right spare parts for your Jeep. You can walk around the yard all day and never find the exact piece you are searching for.

Tips For Selling Your Jeep to a Salvage Yard

When you decide to sell your Jeep to a salvage yard, there is some important information you need to know.

  • Drain all of the gas out and save it for yourself
  • Take all of your personal belongings out of the vehicle
  • Cancel your insurance, registration, and plates yourself (don’t have the junk yard do it)
  • Know the value of your vehicle before you negotiate

Salvage Yard Scams

Salvage yards often try and use a trick called delayed payment. This happens when you negotiate a price over the phone and you need them to come to pick up your Jeep on a wrecker. The tow driver shows up and doesn’t pay you. Then the salvage yard tells you that Jeep isn’t worth what you agreed on and they try and offer you a lower price.

Never let them tow your jeep until you have payment in hand. Don’t sign over the title either. Also, it’s beneficial if you can have a written agreement.

Another trick, some junk yards will try and get you to pay for the wrecker. You agree on a price over the phone and then they show up to haul away your vehicle they charge you for the wrecker. This isn’t always a junk yard scam either, sometimes the tow driver tries to take advantage of you so he can pocket a few hundred bucks.

Lastly, they may try and tell you that your Jeep is worthless, but they will haul it away from you for free. This is a trick to try and make it seem like they are doing you a favor, when in reality to them no Jeep is worthless. Remember when they are done selling the used parts off of it, they will sell the rest of it for scrap metal.

For more tips and scam information, you can read this article here.

Resources for Jeep

The Grand Cherokee Forum community is a dedicated online space for enthusiasts and owners of Grand Cherokee’s vehicles. It offers banner ad-free browsing, creating a seamless experience for its members. Within the forums, top contributors share insights and knowledge about these iconic SUVs, making it a valuable resource for troubleshooting, maintenance tips, and discussions about the latest Grand Cherokee models. Users can engage in table undo redo drafts to craft their posts meticulously, while the image gallery allows for visual storytelling of their Grand Cherokee adventures. Whether you’re seeking information on an old thread or even older thread or looking for auto wreckers for spare parts, this forum provides a welcoming and informative environment for all Grand Cherokee enthusiasts. A forum community dedicated to Jeep enthusiasts is really necessary to put and gather your knowledge.

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Jeep Salvage Yards Near Me Conclusion

Jeep junkyards are a gold mine for parts and saving thousands of dollars. Whether you are buying or selling to them there is a lot to consider. While there are a lot of great businesses out there, I strongly advise you to use common sense and good judgement when dealing with any kind of junk yard.

While there are some drawbacks to buying used Jeep parts, there is so much money to save. You will not find parts for your vehicle anywhere this cheap. Besides if Jeep salvage yards or auto junk yards in general didn’t exist where would all these wrecked vehicles go?

Despite the many disadvantages that are associated with junkyards that buy cars I still think that they are the best. Where else do you find spare parts at a cheap price? Where would we take our wrecked cars if salvage yards that buy cars did not exist?

Salvage Yards help clean up our environment, keep our communities clean of broken-down vehicles, and encourage a recycling process. That is what I have learned from the Jeep salvage yards near me.

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Jeep Salvage Yards Near Me


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