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Westcountry Wildling Blog
Blog of a 20 something Staffie mum, photographer, and wildlife enthusiast living in Cornwall, England. Passionate about conservation, exploring, natural living, and creativity. Hoping to inspire you to bring some more nature and adventure into your life!
2018-06-25 20:06
Day eleven, much like day ten before it, was sadly spent with a migraine. Unable to move far from my bed I relaxed listening to the birdsong outside, occasionally taking time to peer out the… Read More
2018-06-12 17:59
Has it been another 5 days already? Wow. I honestly haven’t achieved a lot over the past few days, at least not wild related, due to somehow injuring my hip. It hurts like hell to walk… Read More
2018-06-01 17:05
There’s been a lot going on in my life since I last posted, and as such there are a lot of things to chat about, but I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump. Not just blogging, th… Read More
2018-05-07 15:54
Looe Island is one of those places that I’d always wanted to visit, but never quite made it to, so when I saw that the Cornwall Wildlife Trust (whom the island belongs to) were doing g… Read More
2018-03-20 16:37
Today marks the Spring Equinox, the first astronomical day of Spring, and much to my surprise it actually feels pretty Spring-like outside (well, so long as I look past the patches of yet-to… Read More
2018-01-31 13:02
How many times have I tried to grow avocados over the years? Lots (I’ve lost count). How many have been successful? Precisely none. Well, until now that is. Against all odds, I have no… Read More
2018-01-05 16:50
With the exception of feeding the birds, our garden has been neglected over winter. Cold blustery winds and the rain don’t really inspire me to get outside much, but one of my goals fo… Read More
2017-12-31 18:14
2017 was a rollercoaster of emotions. From the loss of loved ones to the gaining of new family members, it was certainly a year that was full of surprises and not all of them good. Howe… Read More
2017-12-30 16:20
The start of a new year is a time understandably filled with traditions, folklore, and superstitions. Here in the UK, we’re no strangers to saying hello to the start of a new year with… Read More
2017-08-30 19:11
Monthly favourites posts are something that I tend to see pretty regularly on fashion and lifestyle blogs and I always love reading them. I guess I’m maybe just pretty nosey (I also lo… Read More
2017-08-19 04:44
The weather has been all over the place recently and honestly, it hasn’t felt much like summer since the heat wave we had back in June, at least not where I am. The rowan tree across t… Read More
2017-08-10 15:00
Every Thursday over on Twitter is Folklore Thursday, a twitter chat using #folklorethursday where people share related stories, blog posts, images, and facts. I adore myths and legends… Read More
2017-08-08 14:48
Whether you read my recent blog post, Plastic Pollution Problem, or not, the chances are you already know what a devastating effect plastic is having on our planet. There are trillions of pl… Read More
2017-08-05 21:40
I’d planned on having published a few more National Marine Week posts by now, but I’ve spent the past few days holed up in bed with a migraine and the thought of being anywhere n… Read More
2017-08-01 13:13
The sea is full of plastic. Trillions of minute particles that permeate every ocean on our planet. I’m certain that most of you know what a huge problem this is, and I’m pretty s… Read More
2017-07-29 11:11
Living in Cornwall means I’m surrounded by the sea, so what better place to start National Marine Week than with a celebration of the Cornish coast? As a county, we have one of the lon… Read More
2017-07-28 17:55
I adore being near the ocean, but that’s hardly surprising as I’ve spent my life living in the south-west of England… We’re literally surrounded by water! If I… Read More
2017-07-11 20:55
Many people don’t know this, but Cornwall, Devon and the Isles of Scilly have a thriving stick insect population. They have been living wild in the south-west of the UK for over 1… Read More
2017-07-02 18:23
30 Days Wild 2017 ended in total contrast to how it started. Day 1 was scorching hot sunshine whilst days 29 & 30 were more typical of the Cornish summer: gloomy, grey and damp. It provi… Read More
2017-06-29 18:48
It’s been a week filled with incidental wildness. On Thursday evening I went up to Plymouth, before starting the journey to Worthing the following morning, heading off to spend the wee… Read More
2017-06-25 11:11
With it being too hot to do anything much during the daytime recently, and feeling inspired by the flutterings of micro moths in my bedroom, I’ve decided to embrace the darkness. … Read More
2017-06-21 15:44
It’s actually sunny weather for the solstice! This is a miracle to me because for the past few years it’s either been raining or I’ve been too ill to enjoy the day. I&rsquo&hell…Read More
2017-06-20 21:28
As the heatwave continues so does my desire to stay close to home. I’ve never been the kind of person who can handle sunbathing all day, I’d rather stay cool and venture out in t… Read More
2017-06-14 11:11
Day 12 was a laid back approach to 30 Days Wild, though not through choice. I watched the garden birds and smiled at the sight of a squirrel in the local graveyard. It was the first one I&rs&hell…Read More
2017-06-11 21:57
I’ve always been intrigued by the miniature world of creepy crawlies. Flies both fascinate me and make me cringe simultaneously, I find spider eyes endearing, beetles often leave me in… Read More
2017-06-05 22:22
Constant rain accompanied by blustery wind has been the theme of the day. Not once has it let up, and last time I checked it’s forecast to last through the night. Had it been less of e… Read More
2017-06-04 21:35
My first wild activity of the day was carefully saving a tiny spider from the bath before I showered this morning, which was easier said than done! Evidently didn’t realise I was… Read More
2017-06-03 21:02
It’s been a day of contrasts weather wise. Dark gloomy skies and a heavy downpour this morning gave way to beautiful sunshine late afternoon. Sadly, weather like today’s often&nb&hell…Read More
2017-06-02 18:56
It was a damp start to day two here in Cornwall, which meant it was a perfect excuse to catch up on some posts in the 30 Days Wild Facebook group and read some blog posts about other people… Read More
2017-05-27 20:38
Seeing as everyone else is mentioning it… There happened to be some weather last night (major understatement). Given the nature (heh) of this blog, it would be kinda crazy for me… Read More
2017-05-20 20:16
It’s been a few months since I posted here (okay, nearly a year if we’re being honest) and things look a little different to the last time anybody saw the website. I’ve giv… Read More
2016-08-18 21:27
If you live in England then you’re no stranger to a bit of rain. Often people start the school holidays with great intentions of getting their children learning and engaging with… Read More
2016-08-08 15:38
Does the novelty of having your kids home for the holidays quickly wear off as soon as they start screaming “I’m bored”? Are you looking to find ways to keep them amused th… Read More
2016-07-27 19:55
We’re at that time of year where every shop seems to be stocked full of pesticides, the TV narrative is “kill all weeds!” and, most people don’t seem to think twice a… Read More

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