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Dreams of Waco and Ruby Ridge

The essence of the true insurrectionist is to fantasize constantly that either the majority of his fellow citizens or god (usually both) are on his side, that they see what he sees. The fanatic's sincerity of mere belief does not magically render the beliefs as empirically accurate and provable, anymore than the insistence that you can fly will help you when you take a header off the Empire State Building.

Sincerity of belief simply morphs into rote, tautological affirmations. Think about the average Faux News viewer (but not for too long). They are not tuning in to get informed, but to be affirmed, to have their prejudices and incorrect assumptions spoon-fed back to them, preferably by some interchangeable bottle-blonde who probably gives spectacular head to someone with power and/or money.

As much as I loathe and disagree with those folks, I can't say as I completely blame them. The world is changing more quickly than many of us can keep up with it; indeed, it changes so constantly on so many fronts that it's difficult to imagine someone who can be in the game 100% of the time. Such a total consciousness would be mentally and physically crippling.

The comfort of affirmation is the comfort of the womb, the soothing sensation of a pool of warm water, the full-body hug of heroin (so I've heard). Forget the cognitive dissonance of these angry, fist-shaking codgers openly wishing for nothing more than the golden opportunity to sell their grandchildren's' futures down the road, in exchange for a sack of magic beans.

Shame on them. It's all about the Skinner box reward of pushing the outrage button and getting a pellet, without having to go through the effort of having to think any of it through.

This is not a situation that needs to end with violence, not at all; they may crow about holing up in the ranger station for years, but all it takes is a checkpoint on a rural road to shut down their influx of ramen and beef jerky, cut the power, and shit gets real. There is no need to give these assholes the martyrdom they so clearly desire.

But hey, if it does turn out that way, so be it. Pretend they're black guys carrying pocket knives or something, if that helps.

The overall goal of these militia fools is to motivate and mobilize like-minded individuals to "act out" similarly across the country, where they may see fit. It is possible for the majority of sensible people to dismiss them as goons and idiots, as they certainly are. And yet it is important to understand that while these folks are a minority, they are a noisy minority, one with weapons, and "prepper" fantasies, daily routines of training and preparing to react to the eventual, ordained overtake of the so-called elected gubmint by the Zionist occupiers or what-have-you. Someone that doesn't look like them, and for some reason wants to exterminate them and their wonderfully rustic and wholesome way of life, some bullshit like that.

It's no small coincidence that one of the prime instigators of this nonsense is a son of freeloading dipshit rancher Cliven Bundy. These assholes have welded themselves to the bizarre notion that they live under a tyrant, yet inexplicably engage in a wide range of activities protesting said tyranny, from the usual verbal farts on Free Republic or Stormfront to taking over a ranger station in Outer Buttfuck, Oregon.

Well, here's the deal, Chief -- you can't have it both ways. If Obammy is indeed a pitiless tyrant conspiring to forcibly seize your precious freedoms, then I expect to see you pushing ass out of the nearest Wal-Mart that has been converted to a re-education camp, or whatever the current fever dream is that you dumb motherfuckers are collectively dreaming. Either this bastard dictator is crushing you under his boot heel, or you need to stop snorting rubber cement. Having to pay to use public lands, or getting punished for abusing public lands, does not count.

I do have some affinity for these folks; after all, I live in their midst, and count some of them as neighbors and friends. They are correct in stating that the people who run this country have left them behind. They are incorrect in blaming it on Obama; as the current iteration of Imperial Custodian, he is merely doing what he has been charged with by his dark overlords. It has ever been thus, we simply didn't always have the technological conveniences to re-calibrate our perspective on such things.

But we cannot go on like this for too much longer; at some point the levee will have to break. The federal government currently faces a precarious choice:  either try to ignore these morons and let their moron associates get emboldened and start something else; or engage them in the ranger station and risk someone getting hurt. They have to figure something out, sooner rather than later; as a wise man once said, if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.

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Dreams of Waco and Ruby Ridge


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