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19th January 2016

These two so openly advertise the depravity that Islam so willingly gives birth to.
This trash should be publically condemned and ostracised by all Muslims...but don’t hold your breath waiting.
Islam is without doubt incompatible with free Western democratic society and its values of mutual respect and tolerance of each other, equal rights for everybody, men, woman and children, with freedom of speech and expression, with freedom to choose.
There are people though who are unable to accept the fact that Islam is a strict orthodox religion that demands submission, blind obedience and the death of all Kuffar not forgetting the death of apostates. With other punishments including blasphemy, amputation, crucifixion, flogging, FGM, and being savagely killed/murdered for being homosexual, and all these horrendous laws are still applied today in certain parts of the world.
And if extreme Islamic Muslims could get away with it today it would also apply here in Europe and the rest of the world. 
But we still don’t seem to be able to get rid of all these ill-informed slack arsed lefties who without the slightest provocation will shout out Islamophobia, all of them are nothing more than idiots who are only fit for scorn and ridicule, they don’t realise that what they are calling for with their ridiculous outflow of verbal garbage is to outlaw freedom of speech and expression, they are also implying that Islam is an acceptable way of life in a western democracy, most of them in their docility to Islam will continue to blindly refuse to accept the true facts that the real world places before them.

Mail Online
Sickening moment two henchmen of ISIS executioner  ihadi Sid giggled as they watched beheading video while eating meal in London restaurant
More from the Mail...

The only thing this article’s got to offer is a fair old portion of sour grapes, jealousy and Envy.

Brasstrumpet to Bigrunner
No! "Politics of envy"... again!
What a load of dross. Cliched, simplistic, idiotic right wing dross that aims to turn the argument into an emotional one so it can be dismissed out of hand. "Politics of envy"... repeated by the drones for the benefit of the simple. The crutch that the call a philosophy. Everyone who doesn't like what they have to say is jealous of all the stuff they have. Morons.

Maceasy to Bigrunner
Nobody envies these plutocratic idiots. You don’t like the truth, go read the Telegraph.

  • Maxxiboy339  to Bigrunner 
  • Did you bother to actually read it? I take it you didn't. Frankly pathetic response.

  • Lastdays to Bigrunner
  • Politics of envy. Just people with a victim mentality 
  • ranting at the world. 
  • Change the record, you unspeakable bore.
  • The fact that you cannot conceive of people being indignant about inequality on behalf of others, and not because 
  • they want something for themselves, says nothing at all about them but does say a great deal about you.

  • martinedelweiss to BrassTrumpet
    Er, the Left Wing Argument is pretty emotional too.

  • ThirdBifurcation to Oxford 
  • But the politics of envy are top down as the rich covet what little wealth the poor have, demanding ever larger portions of the economic pie.
    Then use their influence to stack the cards against everyone else

    rootietootie to Oxford 
  • 'Politics of envy'? 
  • Just a cute little phrase invented by those like you who want to shut
  • people's mouths when they express their disgust at the greed of the plutocrats.
  • If the statistics that Oxfam revealed don’t disgust you, you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • BrassTrumpet to martinedelweiss 
  • Regardless of the left Wing Argument, shouting "politics of envy" is idiotic.

  • Felipe1st  to Bigrunner
    Push them down any more and you might find you and people like you will need to hide inside, out of harms way, for the rest of your life.

You don’t see much of labours pin up boy and advisor to former Labour leader Ed Milliband these days, I’m referring to the one and only Russell Brand…do you?
Anyway lets have a look at these lefties and see what if anything of worth their mission consists of.
At the moment it seems that Labour are happy to continue to sing the praises of mass immigration, nationalisation, to keep people poor and languishing and trapped in poverty living in run down tower blocks, maisonettes, and old terraced houses.
But there are other points to consider like defence for example, and the so very eloquently and clearly explained to everybody the future of our submarines and Trident, this was a gaff of immense proportions, Jeremy seems to love making a fool of the Labour party.
Then there is some form of dialogue with the Daesh, that was very silly indeed, to even suggest such a thing is for sure the coup de grace for Jeremy.
The bulk of Labour are know longer kidding themselves or anybody else for that matter, they know the games up, they know they cannot carry on like this, unless there are radical changes with the labour party they are never going to get elected to govern this country. 
You can all rest assured that Jeremy will not remain leader of the opposition for the long haul, because Labours predicament is far too dire, he can only make things worse for Labour.
They still need to solve the problem of his replacement and find someone to take on the roll of Labour Leader, and they have not got one single politician who is willing at this moment in time to put his/her political career on the line when Jeremy goes…a poison chalice if ever there was one.

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19th January 2016


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