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The Moon...

Asad Khan to Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson Quran gives no reference to.light of Moon on its own. please stop spreading lies 25:36 does not stipulate that at all. Do your researcj properly on hindus being killed. do you even know what was the population of humans in india at that time let alone hindus. regression analysis may help you. its.impossible to have 70 million humans in tgat part of india let slone hindus.

Bill Johnson to Asad Khan
With reference to the Moon, it would be of help to you if you actually read the Qur’an.
I interpret this  verse….Blessed be he who hath placed in the heaven mansions of the stars, and hath placed therein a great lamp and a moon giving light!"
And this one ‘he it is who appointed the sun a splendour and the moon a light, and measured for her stages, that ye might know the number of the years, and the reckoning’. Qur'an 10:5
And this one ‘and hath made the moon a light therein, and made the sun a lamp’ Qur'an 71:16
Also this one, ‘blessed be he who hath placed in the heaven mansions of the stars, and hath placed therein a great lamp and a moon giving light!"  Qur'an 25:61
The slaughter/genocide of Indians was over a period of 500 years…wake up!

Asad Khan Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson mate the problem with you is that you are reading all this crap from the websites and think you know everything. first thing do you know arabic? 
The reference you gave was wrong, please check. you must know the language quran is in if you want to argue about minor details of translations of words for isntance siraj and noor as stipulated in the verse of surah Furqan as you stated. 
Sura Al-Furqan 25:61 which says,
Blessed is He Who made constellations in the skies,
And placed therein a lamp (siraaj)
And a moon which has reflected light.
Siraj is reference to sun and noor is light it can be reflected ir not reflected. Your argument is weak and without any understanding of the language and i dont argue with ignorant people who just want to argue based on ego and not knowledge so i will stop at this with you.
instad of the various translations by people and then becoming stiff necked on not accepting anyone's view first learn arabic if you want yo criticise it. so there is no point because you are talking without knowledge. There are other verses in quran where God has mentioned stars as lamps. 
second matter.on which i will argue with you is the plundering of hindus as i said before i am not saying hindus werent killed but 70 million is a wrong figure and impossible. again stop reading articles and willy nilly believing in it, use Common sense too. like i said you can do a regression analysis for the current population and the only way you can be true is that every person had over 120 children back in 1000, which is not common sense. 
as for killing hindus. there are.many.muslim conquerers of india and some of them were good and some bad. this doesnt show that religion is bad. 
These are acts of individual conquerers not God. some of the biggest number of histroty were killed by aetheist look at the history of Ghengiz khan and Hitler. 
If you dont like religion its one thing but justifying your answers based on hear say and reading articles without using common sense is quite arbitray. let me.just day this if you are right and there is no God which is the biggest wrong statement ever then when you and i die we have nothing to worry about. but if you are wrong imagine all the suffering awaiting you if you did not brlieve in God and there exists one. 
Mate there is still time use common sense and a person who.has intellgence like you xannot stay away from truth.unless they buold a wall of ego in which case no one xan do any bit of harm to God but themselves.

Bill Johnson to Asad Khan
You are desperately looking for some way  to explain the idiocy of these verses, it’s clear from your reply that you will not accept the fact that the Qur’an is packed full of errors and contradictions. 
What you have read in the comment I had written was just an example of one such error, and it was a correct reply to a previous comment I had received.
You ask me if I know Arabic, I suppose you mean, do I speak Arabic the answer is, No!
And I have no intention of learning it.
Do you speak Arabic?
I suppose you could lie and say that you do speak Arabic.
I would like to ask you these question’s. 
How many Muslims on this planet speak Arabic?
How many people who consider themselves to be Muslims can recite from the Qur’an, or have even seen a copy of the Qur’an never mind having read and understood it?
How many languages is the Qur’an written and published in?
Now about this genocide committed by the hordes of Muslim invaders into India, of course a figure of 70 million deaths is questionable, but that figure is the approximate and historically accepted total amount of people who were murdered, raped and enslaved and suffered forced conversion to Islam by Muslims on the Hindus over a period of 500 + years from 1000, from an approximate population in that time/era of about 100 million people. 
No one can give the exact figure of the slaughtered victims of Muslim persecution in India, and that includes you, so don’t pretend you can.
You say my answers are based on heresay, I would be extremely interested to learn from where you get all your information.  
Genghis Khan dabbled in all sorts of religions I believe, and regards to Hitler he was a Christian not an atheist, so it appears your not practising what you preach, you are making a comment without knowledge.
This is a ‘bobby dazzler’ of an idiotic statement you make, ‘when we die there will be nothing to worry about’.
So are you implying that when people are dead, they may find out that there is no Heaven or Hell, and so they will have nothing to worry about, even though they are dead?
I thought that it was hilarious coming from someone who suggests others should use common sense, what it does show is that they possess a gross lack of common sense themselves in making such a foolish comment. 

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The Moon...


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