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Capitalism Is Freedom. Socialism Is Slavery. Choose Wisely.

By Eddie Howell

Capitalism, better described as a free market economy is economic Freedom, while not promising any individual outcomes. But for society as a whole, it can produce widespread prosperity that socialists can only dream about.

Crony Capitalism, which is virtually fascist corporatism, is a morally illicit relationship between corporations and Government, Put simply, the government wants to pick winner and losers in the economy in response to bribes, campaign contributions, and general cronyism, while corporations want government protection from competition, and special government help with their business plan (known as rent-seeking).

It should go without saying that Crony Capitalism is not capitalism, but a perverse system of favors, short cuts, and power-seeking, which gives capitalism an undeserved bad name. The antidote is politicians and businessmen of a character whose ethical standards won't permit such behavior, and legislation designed to enforce honest dealings and keeping the government out of the economy. A more robust anti-trust environment would be a great help also. The continuous big mergers destroy competition and jobs.

Joe Biden, the socialists' choice
Socialism rather quickly descends into abject slavery with lawlessness, strictly arbitrary and changing rules designed to keep the most ruthless criminals in power, and the citizens without rights, punishing any and all attempts to restrain or remove the regime. The government will control every aspect of human life. 

Socialist bosses hate the middle class, because (1) they could, and often have become rich, and (2) they have ideas about their rights (unalienable, endowed by the Creator, etc.), which socialist leader do not accept. So, good-bye, Constitution. 

The promised utopia is never delivered. It is an impossibility because it runs counter to the laws of economics and human nature, and it ultimately anti-human. Socialism, like communism, is war against the human race. Figures like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and lesser monsters like Castro and Ceausescu will inevitably arise. Labor camps, re-education camps, and concentration camps will appear, and slaughter of unfavored citizens will occur. The very concepts of freedom and justice will be lost.

Remember, socialism and communism are virtually the same thing, and present-day socialists and communists in America work closely together, support each other, and control the Democratic Party.

It is no exaggeration to say that a vote for a Democrat is a vote for socialism-communism, and against American liberty and sovereignty. There could hardly be two more different scenarios depending on the outcome of this election. Prosperity and freedom -- or poverty and ultimate slavery!
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Capitalism Is Freedom. Socialism Is Slavery. Choose Wisely.


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