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ELECTION 2016 - Closing Posts

ELECTION 2016 - Closing Posts

"What makes the 2016 Election unique in history" PBS NewsHour 11/8/2016


SUMMARY:  Has there ever been an election like 2016?  What would the founding fathers think of the candidates?  Judy Woodruff and Hari Sreenivasan speak with presidential historian Michael Beschloss to get some historical perspective.

JUDY WOODRUFF (NewsHour):  Right now, though, we want to step back and get some historical perspective on this Election Day.

And joining us is NewsHour regular Michael Beschloss.

It's so good to have you back with us again, Michael.

MICHAEL BESCHLOSS, Presidential Historian:  Thank you so much, Judy.

JUDY WOODRUFF:  Well, there is so much to think about on this Election Day, after what the country has been through.

Is there any election, Michael, you can compare this to?



MICHAEL BESCHLOSS:  And I spend my whole life looking for parallels, and usually I can find at least a contrived one.

But you cannot think of a campaign that's been this personal and this negative.  And debates — these have been the nastiest debates.  And the difference is, you know, oftentimes, people will say, well, didn't John Adams and Thomas Jefferson dis each other?

Yes, they did, but they usually didn't do it personally, and they sure didn't do it on TV.

HARI SREENIVASAN (NewsHour):  What about the divisiveness of the country?  That seems to have translated directly from the campaigns on to how vitriolic people are against the other candidate?  Has that happened before?

MICHAEL BESCHLOSS:  Oh, I think — not to this disagree.

And if we were living in a perfect world, if this were the election in American history where there were the biggest policy differences, you might expect this, 1860, when we were about on the verge of the Civil War over slavery, or 1940, when we were fighting over whether we should get involved in a war against Adolf Hitler.

There are huge issue differences this year, but nothing like that.

"World leaders react to Trump victory with apprehension and applause" PBS NewsHour 11/9/2016


SUMMARY:  How are world leaders responding to the election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. President?  Russian President Vladimir Putin was among the first to congratulate the winner.  But the election left NATO allies nervous, and on Wednesday, alliance leaders made clear they are looking to Trump to maintain a tough line with Putin.  Chief foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Warner reports.

"What America is thinking the day after the election" PBS NewsHour 11/9/2016


SUMMARY:  For insight into what led to Tuesday night’s election outcome, Judy Woodruff and Hari Sreenivasan speak with J.D. Vance author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” Ellen Fitzpatrick author of “The Highest Glass Ceiling,” Matt Schlapp chair of the American Conservative Union, Stefanie Brown James CEO of Vestige Strategies, Elizabeth McCaughey economic advisor to the Trump campaign, and Ali Noorani executive director of the National Immigration Forum.

"What a Trump administration could accomplish in its first 100 days" PBS NewsHour 11/10/2016


SUMMARY:  What will President-elect Donald Trump tackle first once he gets to the White House?  Mr. Trump has made promises about what he plans to accomplish during his first 100 days -- in particular, dismantling parts of the Obama legacy -- but what can he realistically carry out?  Hari Sreenivasan speaks with Julie Rovner of Kaiser Health News, Alan Gomez of USA Today, and NPR's Scott Horsley.

"What veterans are expecting from President Trump" PBS NewsHour 11/11/2016


SUMMARY:  In Tuesday's presidential contest, veterans preferred Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton at a rate of nearly 2 to 1, according to exit poll data.  So on this Veterans Day, what are former military service members expecting from the new president?  Judy Woodruff interviews Paul Rieckhoff, Executive Director of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, about hopes for the new administration.

It will be very obvious to my readers that I am NOT a Trump supporter.  He IS an obnoxious bully, and still not qualified to be President.

Trump, a man (adolescent boy in sheep's clothing) that does not know that treating women a sexual objects is wrong at 14 and wrong at 60.

As far as 'coming together' I am sorry to say NO!  Bullies, raciest, anti-gay, white supremacists, DO NOT HAVE VALID ARGUMENTS.  They need to be opposed at every opportunity, period.

I am very sad that so many voters bought in to this sleazy salesman and did not realize he does NOT tell the truth.  He will sell out America to big money, that is what he does, just look at how he does in his own businesses.

Trump is #NotMyPresident and never will be.

DEMOCRATS:  I am not a Democrat (I'm a non-affiliated voter) I tend to vote Democrat if no viable option is offered.

But the Democratic Party for over a decade has made the mistake of effectively ignoring the segment of America that voted for Trump.  Hence they fell for his rhetoric. Especially the idea that '60s style labor intensive industry (and the jobs) could come back.  Sorry folks, this is the high-tech world and high-tech means not labor intensive, doing more with less workers/jobs.  The '60s industry/jobs are dead or dying.

If we had a crystal ball during the primaries, and had seen that Trump would likely be the Republican candidate, that would have made Bernie Sanders the better Democratic candidate to go against Trump.  He would have won.

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ELECTION 2016 - Closing Posts


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