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Hamas IS Gazans, "Palestinians", Muslims, Arabs

Submitted by "Ly Eryk" a  Haifa resident for 35 years"

Hamas does not stand for the Palestinian people’s right to dignity and self-determination" - US President Biden

"Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people," nor Arabs or Muslims" - Canadian PM Trudeau

"We cannot confuse Hamas, which is in the list of EU’s terrorist groups, with the Palestinian population, or the Palestinian Authority or the United Nation’s organisations on the ground” - Spanish Acting Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Albares

"Hamas’s policies and actions do not represent the Palestinian people, and the Palestine Liberation Organization is the only legitimate representative of the Palestinian people" - PLO/PA Chief Mahmood Abbas

"Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people or the future they want" - Britain PM Rishi Sunak


World leaders scramble to separate Gazans from the monstrous slaughter and destruction of Jews and those who had the temerity be in the same location with Jews perpetrated by  Hamas, terror thugs whom 60% of Gazans voted for in the last what passed for "elections" held in Gaza in 2006.  One leader raises the ludicrous nonsense bar even higher by claiming that Hamas doesn't represent the people who voted for it, Arabs or Muslims, conveniently ignoring that not only does Hamas indeed represent all three, but that Hamas actions and the unspeakable human horrors it perpetrates have been perpetrated by a plethora of "Palestinian"/Arab/Muslim terror thugs from the PLO to DAESH, from the Muslim Brotherhood to Hezbullah, from Boko Haram to Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab, Darul Islam, and the Riyad-us Saliheen Brigade all over Europe, the Near East, Asia, and Africa.

Under the flags of jihad and goals of Judenrein, the Palestine Liberation Organization  (PLO), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command (PFLP-GC), the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, the Abu Nidal Organization, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad slaughtered Jews in Israel and Europe, hijacked planes and ships and murdered Jews who were passengers, blew men, women and children to bits in bus and train bombings, murdered thousands and left thousands more with nails and bolts permanently in their bodies (maximize the maim/kill factor) from suicide bombs. And when they could no longer butcher Jews with bombs, they used drive-by murders and cars and trucks, vehicular terror, to turn Jews into road kill.  None of which particularly bothered the world, who looked on the terrorizing and slaughter of Jews as something "regrettable but understandable, given the political situation" (oft-repeated by Britain's then Tory Foreign Affairs Secretary Douglas Hurd) and still repeated in one form or another to this day).

The PLO  was politically foisted on "Palestinians" by the Arab League and the UN, consolidating and strengthening power for Yasser Arafat (who had wrested power/control of the  PLO from Ahmad Shukeiri in 1967). Any PLO elections held were restricted to those candidates who were part of the PLO/PA and/or posed no threat to PLO control/oppression of the masses.  Billions of dollars in international aid were dedicated to "Palestine/Palestinians", making Arafat, his cronies and their bank accounts very wealthy.  Several days ago, Abu Abbas issued a statement reported by WAFA ("Palestine" News and Information Agency)  condemning the Hamas massacre (keep those hundreds of millions in US aid coming), which was then quickly scrubbed/deleted (keep those "Palestinians"/Muslims/Arabs on side).

Gazans voted for Hamas because they were tired of PLO embezzlement, extortion, exploitation,  and its efete inaction against the "Zionists enemy". They were also uncomfortable with the PLO's lack of Muslim discipline, which Hamas, as Muslim Shi'a, and proxy of Iran, has returned to them.   Much like the mullahs returned Islam to an Iranian population appalled by the Shah's increasing adoption of Western decadence.

In his belief that "slaughtering Jews" is not "the future "Palestinians" want",  Britain PM Sunak conveniently ignores that since its founding in 1964, PLO stands for Palestine Liberation Organization, the liberation of all of "mandated Palestine" and the elimination of Israel. That its chief thug Arafat wore military uniform and a side-arm for decades as public reinforcement of PLO goals. Since 2007, Hamas goals are identical to the PLO; an Islamic state in all of "Israel, the West Bank and Gaza". That's "the future Palestinians want" according to the stated goals of both terror groups that represent them.  

The Simchat Torah Massacre has increased support immensely for Hamas in the "Palestinian"/Muslim/Arab world both for its murder/ethnic cleansing of Jews and its display of superior power, actions that have returned great honor for and respect to "Palestinians" and the larger Muslim ummah.  Hamas can expect huge increases in financial and materiel support from Iran, Qatar, Western anti-Israel groups and wealthy Muslims, which will further weaken Abu Abbas, as brute force is greatly feared/respected all over the "Palestinian"/Muslim/Arab world.

President Biden joins other world leaders in turning a blind eye to the daily reality of the lives of Gazans and 1.7 billion Muslims with the nonsensical notions of "the right to dignity and self-determination".  Khaled Mashal and Ismail Haniyeh, both former chief Hamas thugs born in Gaza, enjoyed the dignity  to attend university, raise a family and the self-determination to challenge the PLO, the reigning power in Gaza, boot that lot of terrorists out to become the latest terrorist reigning power.  And of course get their hands on all those billions of international aid, kick-backs from smuggling tunnels, extortion of local businesses and weak families/clans, and exploitation/total control of the local population, UNRWA, NGOs, media, etc.  There isn't a Muslim country whose population possesses, let alone enjoys, anything within light years of "dignity" and "self-determination" and certainly no freedom/choice.  All are under the controlling, brutalizing and exploiting thumb of the ruling despot, whether it be Gaza, the West Bank, Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Syria, Jordan, or Egypt. "Freedom" and "choice" are Western concepts, politically expedient sound bites, but anathemas both to Muslim rigid social structure and Islam itself.

And in more of that turning a blind eye to daily reality, Biden has gone so far as to accuse Hamas  "of using Palestinian civilians in Gaza as human shields".  Both Hamas and the PLO have used people in Gaza and the West Bank as human shields for decades.  It is shamefully disingenuous to  publicly mention it only now.

And of course various world leaders/international organizations repeatedly stating that "Israel has the right to defend itself". As if Jews must be perpetually at the mercy of those who persecute and slaughter them, unless permission otherwise is granted.

In the final analysis, it won't matter one iota whether or not Hamas is completely eradicated by the IDF in this current war. Because the IDF and anyone with a modicum of knowledge about the history of the region and Islam realizes that it's only a matter of time until the next bunch of terror thugs take over the oppression and exploitation of the local population.  When the reigning power is considered weak and ripe for challenge, challenge it for the opportunity to obtain absolute power/control (and the wealth that goes with it).  The raison d'etre of Hamas/Gazans/"Palestinians"/ Muslims in one sentence.

עם ישראל חי!!

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Hamas IS Gazans, "Palestinians", Muslims, Arabs


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