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Damsels and Dungeons [v1.18.2 Final + v1.2.1 Remastered] [Amaraine] Free Download

Damsels and Dungeons [v1.18.2 Final + v1.2.1 Remastered] [Amaraine]
Free Download

In Damsels and Dragons you play a man who is managing a group of female adventurers — 4 at first, but more as time goes on — forming parties, sending them on adventures, getting them magic items, etc. Over time you will gain the affection of your adventurers, learn to cast spells, and engage in acts of lust and perversion.

Thread Updated: 2023-10-22
Release Date: 2023-09-27
Developer: Amaraine Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 1.18.2 Final + 1.2.1 Remastered
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

3DCG, Male Protagonist, Oral Sex, Romance, Seduction, Vaginal Sex, Combat, Cosplay, Fantasy, Rpg, Adventure, Group sex, Handjob, Harem, Pregnancy, Spanking


1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “executable_name.exe” to start playing.


v1.2.1 Remastered



-added more text variety
-added full screen Blowjob renders
-a new render that displays after completing each kind of mission
-a new scene featuring Shamira and Khoraja.
-little improvements and bug fixes.


New Content:
  • Anal Sex renders for the girls who did not have full screen renders have been replaced with full screen versions
  • There is a new scene with Shamira.

UI Improvements:

  • There are more tool tips.
  • “Adventure” and “Mission” are now separated out on the main screen, so you can go directly to sending your girls on an Adventure without visiting the mission screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Some dialog that caused a bug has been fixed.
  • Putting a girl in bondage now shows the appropriate picture and text.

Functionality Changes:

  • Named characters no longer are available for recruiting if they are dead.
  • There is now a setting screen where you can choose the level of scaling you want to have exist in the game, whether you want the default state of recruits to be fertile, etc.


New Content:
  • A significant amount of text has been added to various sexual actions. Many actions will give you different text in different circumstances, and the system is set up for more variation in the future.
  • Added a scene with Shamira involving the Masocishm fetish.

UI Improvements:

  • Many text buttons have been replaced with something graphically more attractive, with tool tips. The old tutorial text has, in most cases, been replaced by the tool tips, which will be available throughout the game.
  • You now click a button to send the girls on a mission, rather than them automatically going when the mission is full.
  • When a girl is speaking, her name will be listed as the speaker.
  • In addition to Gold, Mana, and remaining Attention, the information that appears when interacting with girls for sexy times now includes how many girls have yet to be checked for whether they want sexy times or not, allowing you to make more informed decisions about how to spend your attention.

Bug Fixes:

  • If you exit the mission screen after assigning some girls to a mission, but not enough, the game now removes them from the mission, rather than leaving them on with the date to complete the mission not set.

Functionality Changes:

  • Blowjobs and Handjobs use less attention, as does Kissing. Many actions, however, can be segued into from other actions — kissing can lead to making out, which can lead to a blow job, with cumulative attention costs.
  • Because most of the “lesser” actions can be gotten to by starting with kissing, the “take it easier” menu no longer exists.
  • Sex now gives a greater amount of affection. It was nerfed in an earlier version, and this puts it at somewhere between the original amount and the nerfed version.
  • Many sex actions give slightly different rewards or give those rewards under slightly different conditions, or they cost different attention in different circumstances.
  • There is now a chance of Pregnancy for Amazons, Paladins, and Barbarians having foursomes.
  • It is no longer possible to get a duplicate character in the Hills by defeating the Reaver Camp, nor is it possible to get a character of the class of one of the 4 existing scripted characters.
  • The degree by which Monsters get more difficult over time has been reduced, with lower caps on how much stronger they can get.
  • Monster experience and gold now scales up with the Monsters getting harder.

This one is short, because 1.13 is mostly new content and each entry covers a fair amount of stuff. Bugs were mostly handled in 1.12.1.
New Content:

  • Hilda is now a scripted character, with several unique events related to her, including one which involves an interaction with Amora. If you recruited a valkyrie in 1.12 or later, it should already be named Hilda and will have all the scripted options available.
  • Khoraja, the sorceress, is now a scripted character, with a few unique events related to her, one of which involves an interaction with Felicity. You can recruit her at the Domina Chateau.
  • Rogues recruited in 1.13 will be a scripted character, “Shamira.” There are no scenes for her yet, but that will be coming in a future release

To have access to these characters, you must not have a Character of their class in your roster.

New Content:

  • Some new sex dialog and text.
  • Three new random encounters, one in the Plains, one in the Black Forest, and one at the bottom of the catacombs.
  • Two new sex scenes with girls from the random encounters.

UI Improvements:

  • Affection and Lust are now displayed to the right of each character, without labelling.

Bug Fixes:

  • The ritual of Ishtar no longer returns an error message when trying to display the initial picture of the sacred whore.
  • It is no longer possible to reduce one’s roster below 4 by using the brothel (thus causing you to lose the game.)
  • Space Bar now properly works on Brothel Screen.

Functionality Changes:

  • Additional options now branch off of some of the existing sex choices. “Have Sex” is now one menu option, and various types of sex branch off that.
  • In general, there are more options available for sexual activity, but they may only work well if the girl has the appropriate fetishes and desire.
  • Anal Sex now requires lubricating oil.
  • Coming on someone is now a continuation from a Handjob or a Blowjob. Handjob is available, at reduced effectiveness, at lower desire levels than previously.
  • It is now possible to get a girl to have sex outside of her fetishes — it just won’t produce very good results (and sometimes negative results.)
  • Monsters now scale up in difficulty as the game goes on.
  • Brothel rep no longer goes below -50.

New Content:

Pregnant models for all the character types.
Entirely new brothel mechanics involve a fluctuating brothel reputation depending on how well your customers are served.
UI Improvements:
There is now a separate screen to check in on the brothel and get a detailed report of what’s going on there.
Bug Fixes:
Game should no longer crash on the birth of a child.
Functionality Changes:
Mothers of children are now willing to Adventure and leave their children behind.
Magically, it now only takes 90 days to birth a child.
Girls working in the brothel no longer count against your roster limit (and no longer count toward completion of goals, either.) They can be brought back into your band of adventurers as long as you have room. Since they are not on your roster, many of the things that happen to girls that are on your roster do not happen to them (such as the daily lust increase, coming to you for sex, and collecting a salary.)
Girls returning to adventuring from Prostitution require 7 rest days, same as girls coming back from an Adventure.
The brothel manager no longer turns tricks herself, but she can teach the girls the Dominant, Greedy, and Promiscuous traits, and the Bisexual fetish, if she has them, all of which make them better or more content at their new job.
If a game is loaded from a previous save, all girls who are on the roster *and* are in the brothel will be removed from the brothel, since characters will no longer be able to do both. Similarly, Brothel managers will be removed from the list of working girls.
The three whores in Orech now cost different amounts, based on the sort of services they provide. They are generally cheaper.
The brothel no longer provides mana, only money.
Pregnant girls will no longer work in the brothel.
Women no longer get the “Mother” trait multiple times.
Women who get pregnant lose the “Fertile” trait.
You can now use girls in the brothel by paying them. If you do something they are only willing to do because they are getting paid, the benefits will be less, but it is still a way to convert money into mana.
The Sanctuary event causing an increase in Sexuality will occur somewhat more often, and more girls will be eligible, *if* the sanctuary has a manager (and even more so if that manager has a sexuality of 16 or greater.

New Content:

  • The goal of fathering a new generation is now available.
  • New trait, “Fertile” allows some girls to become pregnant — so be careful. Pregnant girls will refuse to Adventure once they are sure they are pregnant.
  • Potions are now available that allow girls to become fertile.

UI Improvements:

  • “Stat Traits” help has now been broken down into the types, since this was confusing for many people. The help is in pairs, e.g., “Agile/Slow” rather than a separate entry for “Slow.”

Bug Fixes:

  • Starting your first Adventure in the plains no longer has a chance of causing an exception.
  • The Valkyrie led foursome will now properly be available and meet the other qualifications. The Huntress will no longer have the foursome option, and therefore will no longer show the Valkyrie-Heretic-Druid foursome. The Huntress continues to be available for four way action from the Harbinger menu, with the Drow.
  • Giving a character a new name now works again.
  • “Adventure” no longer displays if there aren’t 4 girls available (for any reason, not just rest)
  • Everyone dying no longer prevents “Adventure” from showing up.

New Content:

  • The Conquest goal is now available, and it is possible to conquer both Coita and Orech.
  • There are now encounters that yield magic items in the Black Forest. Naturally, these encounters are a little bit tougher.
  • Carly has a reward for a conquering hero.

UI Improvements:

  • You can use the number keys to selection actions in Combat now instead of using the mouse, if you wish.
  • The number of Love and Revitalizing potions you have is now displayed on the main and Adventure screens.
  • Some traits (not stat traits) will display along with the fetish information given in the item selection screen.
  • The Space Bar can now be used for the “Next Day” function. The “A” button gets you to the Adventure screen.

Bug Fixes:

  • Making out when it’s one of the “lesser” options will no longer turn affection into a floating point number.
  • The correct image will now display when Carly “cures” someone.
  • The correct girls stats are now displayed in a variety of situations.
  • Spell Points now display properly for all characters in the information given in the item selection screen.
  • Fixed several situations where the game would jump you to a fight immediately after a special encounter, without asking if you wanted to continue.
  • Girl’s already bitten by Lucretia no longer receive lust bonuses when bitten again, nor do they gain the “Bitten” attribute multiple times.

Functionality Changes:

  • Recruiting characters in Coita or Orech no longer costs money if you have conquered them.
  • Ordering girls to take their clothes off no longer requires you to have attention left. Conquerors may tell even non Exhibitionist girls to walk around undressed, at a significant cost of affection.
  • The “Permanently Ignore” option is gone. Instead, there is a process whereby non-magical girls leave the game occasionally on their own. Non-magical girls whose affection you’ve built up significantly will stay.
  • If Felicity is ordered to be a pain toy, she no longer gives a bonus to all Sadists, with her happiness decreasing based on the number of Sadists you have — instead, she randomly plays with one sadist, who gets a larger effect, and her happiness decreases if that girl is not bisexual.


  • The difficulty of the pacification triggered fights in the Plains and Western Woods have been boosted slightly.

Fixed potions were not being consumed when used, and high lust, negative affection characters could cause a crash.

New Content:
  • Bard class has been added. Class quest not yet included, because I’d like to hear feedback about balance first.

UI Improvements:

  • Girls now display a different image when they are dead.
  • “Enlightened” now has a help entry.
  • The number of healing potions and mana potions remaining is now displayed on the Combat screen.
  • Advance and Retreat buttons now appear below a character, rather than above, so one can always see their face.

Bug Fixes:

  • Stealthed characters are now harder to hit again.
  • Lilith doesn’t cause the game to bug.
  • Having sex with Lucretia now uses attention as was intended.
  • Affection should now remain an integer after kissing.
  • Heretic quest should no longer cause images to display after the quest is finished.
  • The Druid quest will no longer add the outdated “Retreat” option to Druid characters.
  • Characters should no longer become “Enlightened” when they already are.

Functionality Changes:

  • Mob regeneration now happens after the effects of mobs being poisoned.
  • Status effects no longer stack. It has always been the case that having more than one “Regeneration,” for instance, would still cause only one regenerative effect per round, and now that will be accurately reflected in the fact that characters will not gain the status twice or more times. This affects Poisoned, Webbed, Charmed, Frozen, Thawed, Parrying, etc.
  • Lucretia may only feed once every four days, and cannot feed off of girls in Orech.
  • The formula for eligibility for various sexual actions now weighs lust more heavily relative to affection.
  • Participants in the ritual of Enlil now lose lust according to the standard lust loss from orgasming, rather than losing a flat 20. As a result, they will no longer go below 0.
  • One can now find Bards and Harbingers at the village sometimes.
New Content:
  • Daggers, Staves, Maces, and even Shuriken can now be found in the world.
  • Healing and Mana Potions are now in the game. You start with a few, and the merchant will sell more.

UI Improvements:

  • The Temple that you build is now called the “Sanctuary” to avoid confusion with the temple at the edge of the plains.
  • Adventurers can now Advance and Retreat, respectively, to a specific place in the party order. In addition, the acting character is graphically indicated by the lack of an advance/retreat icon on her. The Advance/Retreat option has now been removed from the list at the bottom, creating an extra place that can be used in the future.
  • Players are no longer required to select a target for targeted attacks (Hunter’s Mark, etc.) when only one valid target exists.
  • Added “Support on Patreon” link on the main screen

Bug Fixes:

  • Game no longer returns an error when you wait too long to bury or resurrect a dead girl.
  • Screen should no longer display woods background at some inappropriate times.
  • Girls should be superimposed on each other less.
  • Nimble and Stealth now properly effect Poison attacks
  • Score now properly gives bonuses for girls with Queen, Concubine, or Slave status
  • Lazy girls returning from Orech no longer take the old 1 day penalty from laziness.
  • Message now displays properly if a girl is left in the care of the Dungeon Mistress.
  • Many of the games unique objects are now a level higher than “Fabled”, to stop the game from breaking or not assigning them when a player has Fabled items for all characters.
  • Lesbian encounters will now display both girls even if they are of the same class.
  • Deciding against hiring a whore in Orech no longer removes the option to do further things in town.
  • Fixed a bug that caused heavy armor wearers to be ineligible for magic items.
  • The command you have given Felicity no longer has effect after she leaves your employ.
  • One no longer ends up at the temple after random encounters in the plains.
  • Foursomes now cost attention, as intended.
  • Changing your mind when buying a bracelet of insatiability no longer produces an error.
  • Buried characters can no longer be slaves, concubines, etc.
  • Inappropriate options have been removed from dead characters.
  • Dead whores no longer continue to provide benefits.

Functionality Changes:

  • Saves from previous games no longer work in 1.03. This will pave the way for new functionality in future versions of the game.
  • Rogues and Ninja now use Daggers as melee weapons.
  • Stealth no longer modifies dodge rating, but rather opposing to hit ,which should function the same in most circumstances
  • Stealth no longer carries over from fight to fight
  • Girls who only enjoy sex with other girls will no longer become your Queen, Slave, or Concubine.
  • Auto Combat is no longer enabled on the last encounter of a trip, which if often a tougher encounter.
  • Crystals gain from fabled items modified slightly
  • It is no longer possible to donate girls who are your concubine, queen, or Slave to the Temple.
  • The party is now only partially healed at the turnaround point.
  • The merchant appears more frequently now that she has cheaper items to sell.
  • Damage now has a “type” associated with it, and some beings may be resistant or vulnerable to particular types of damage. Furthermore, armor does not affect some types (Fire, for instance) and has a different effect on piercing damage (which is more likely to bounce off and do no damage at all, but does full damage if it finds a space in the armor) than it has on other damage (where it reduces the damage)
  • The to hit bonus of high level characters and Monsters is somewhat lessened when facing high level opponents.
  • Barbarians can now get Bella’s Ring.
  • Adventurers assigned as whores now make you money based on their ability to do the job. Low lust characters without the promiscuous traits and without any fetishes may make you nothing. High lust characters with lots of fetishes and the promiscuous trait might make you as much as 9 gold and 3 mana a day.
  • It is now only possible to choose “Enjoy your ” once per day. This fixes an exploit where it was possible to use zero attention actions on a girl an infinite number of times.


  • Damage typing produces some balance quirks here and there. Wands in general get a buff, since they mostly ignore armor, and they often have damage types that mobs are vulnerable to. Arrows and Daggers and Rapiers will hit a little less often, but do more damage when they do.
  • The Pirate now has a normal “Shoot” option in addition to her grapeshot attack.
  • Girls in general lose affection somewhat faster.
New Content:
  • Harbinger class added.
  • Foursome scenes available if you can get high desire on all characters in particular class combinations.
  • A wandering merchant comes to sell items — at the moment she has just one, a Bracelet of Insatiability.

UI Improvements:

  • Azielle now correctly tells you that she doesn’t see any *new* girls walking around naked when you check on quest progress.
  • Raphelle now tells you that you’ve enabled the Building of the temple at the end of her quest.

Bug Fixes:

  • Spell point bar now accurately displays the ratio of spell points.
  • Vampire bites and similar things no longer have to penetrate armor twice to have a healing effect, and their healing effect is no longer reduced by armor except in that armor reduces the damage done.
  • Monster AoE attacks now properly break charm.
  • Girls who say they resign their position as head girl due to embracing submission now actually do so.

Functionality Changes:

  • Characters who have been assigned to manage buildings are now available as potential partners for girls who are looking for Lesbian encounters. Girls in Orech are no longer available long distance.
  • Similarly, managerial girls can get turned on by watching other girls have sex, but girls in Orech cannot.
  • Sadism gains are now related to damage actually caused in the case of area of effect attacks. It no longer benefits from damage in excess of the hit points of the creature being attacked.
  • Charmed characters who hit their friends now produce a small gain in lust for all sadistic enchantresses in the party.
  • Spanking can now lead to sex if it makes the spankee horny enough.
  • Generous girls no longer get less upset if they aren’t paid — they just require less salary.


  • Enchantress’ odds of successfully charming are now increased as she gains level.
New Content:
  • If you’ve already rescued Carly, it’s possible she needs rescuing again and may join your camp if you do so. Carly will try to teach some of your girls with less desirable traits better habits and outlooks.

UI Improvements:

  • Town Screen and Party Selection screens now display estimated net income, exclusive of adventuring gains. Gold, Mana, and Crystals are color coded to make them easier to see at a glance.
  • Town Screen and Party Selection screens now display current faction levels, and messages to highlight certain ongoing events.
  • Characters and Monsters now are highlighted in some fashion when the mouse is over them, showing more clearly what character you are selecting by clicking.

Bug Fixes:

  • Game no longer produces an error when there is a Madam at the brothel and non-promiscuous adventurers are working there.

Functionality Changes:

  • “Lazy” girls no longer simply take one more rest day than everyone else. Instead, they need to be cajoled out of bed to go on an Adventure — either by bribing them or by Spanking them. Of course, some girls might like being spanked.
  • The affection affects on “Jealous” girls is reduced. However, a girl who suffers a strong jealous reaction (Jealous or Proud girls who are ignored, or Jealous Exhibitionists who observe public sex) will demand your attention first thing the next day (before you’ve had a chance to give your attention to others). If you ignore her at that point, there will be a significant negative effect.


  • Damage done in hand to hand Combat has been reduced slightly, to partially offset a positive effect introduced a few versions ago.
  • Stats for several named or unique opponents have been increased.
New Content:

New Class, the Paladin. Provides front rank power, especially against demons and the undead. Has a little healing, and can help your party replenish mana. There’s a quest for the Paladin to, but it is only unlocked once she has a couple of fetishes.

A new random encounter leads to a new NPC.

Lesbian encounters now show a graphic containing the two girls, if they are not of the same class.

UI Improvements:

Talking to Azielle will now give you an update on what you still need to do for her quest.

Girls on quests can remind you of what they need to do, when you talk to them.

Initial set up now has a graphical user interface rather than just a set of Ren’py menus.

Rested girls who have a quest to do now have a “*Q*” after their level on the town and party selection screens.

Girls who can both level up and are rested now have the “Level Up” text in Green (same as the Rested text) rather than Blue.

Girls who cannot level up, are not rested, and are not whoring, in Orech, etc., but who have negative affection, now display “Unhappy” in red, instead of their number of rest days.

Character who are Stealthed, Tanking, in Bear Form, enjoying the Nimble bonus, or Parrying now display a different picture in Combat.

Bug Fixes:

“Riposte” now correctly identifies the Pirate as the parrying person.

Functionality Changes:

Starting with day 20, the game will now charge you a small tax in gold each day. This effect is very minor compared to character salaries.

Your choice of Mage, Aristocrat, or Womanizer at the beginning will now have an effect throughout the game, providing either a point of mana every other day, one gold per day , or 2 points of lust (distributed through your entire roster, so less per girl if you have a larger roster) per day. The net effect of these two changes should be to make the game easier in the beginning, and harder in the end. If anyone has a save from before this was a choice at the beginning, they will be considered an “Aristocrat.”

New trait “Generous” is roughly the opposite of “Greedy” — Generous characters take less salary and worry less if they don’t get something.

Girls now lose affection when you let a day pass without levelling them up. — essentially, they feel they deserve a raise and aren’t getting it.

Girls now gain affection when leveled up.

New Content:

Druid character is now available.

UI Improvements:

Combat screen has been greatly reworked, with buttons for the Combat actions and other improvements — this is largely the work of Seven Deadlies, who loved the game enough to work on making it look better. Thank you Seven Deadlies!

Bug Fixes:

You no longer encounter the Dragon after you’ve killed her.

Functionality Changes:

Pirate now has a “Pass” option at range, in case you are worried about her grapeshot breaking Charm or similar effects.

Your Queen, Concubines, and Slaves may be appointed to run your Temple, Brothel, Dungeon, or School, provided they meet the qualifications and are not already busy being Head Girl. This will retire them from active adventuring, making slots available for other characters, but you can still interact with them from the Building menu.

Many sex actions now produce better results when the girl is really horny, and somewhat lesser results when she doesn’t. The girl’s lust and a random factor are both involved. Kinky sex actions are less affected because they already speak to the girl’s fetishes. The likelihood girls with a Humiliation fetish come from being taken in public is also affected by a random element.

New Content:

Added the Lich King’s tomb, and a fight with the Lich King, for those who have defeated the Witch Queen and have gained the blessing of Ishtar.

New scenes with Azielle and Raphaelle, unlocked by defeating the lich king.

New renders for girls based on whether they have become your queen, your concubine, or your Slave.

“Lesbian” added to the list of traits.

Added Harpies, a Monster found in the Desert and Hills.

UI Improvements:

Changed the intro to hint at the new content and to be somewhat more appealing, using existing graphics.

Public sex with all characters now displays a full screen render.

Bug Fixes:

Stats are no longer displayed after leaving recruitment in Orech.

Recruits in Orech are now properly 2nd level. No longer does merely opening the recruitment page cause an existing character to gain 3 levels.

Parties no longer end up going around the Plains forever.

Functionality Changes:

It is now possible to make girls your slaves or concubines at high levels of affection. It is substantially easier to do this once you have defeated the lich king.

It is possible to make one girl your queen once you have defeated the lich king.

Score no longer includes gold and mana, and it includes a cap on gain from affection. It now includes a bonus for girls who are your Slave, concubine, or queen.

Defeating the lich king will change the way many regions in the game work as the areas become less hospitable to Monsters without the lich king’s support.

Score needed to get Blessing of Ishtar decreased from 75 to 60.

The effect of some interactions with the girls, such as kissing, is now more variable, with a small random element. Different text messages display depending on how well the girl responds to your attentions.

Sexual actions that were unavailable due to lust and affection being too high are now available, but have reduced (in some cases sharply) positive effect, due to the fact that the girls would rather go further.


Making a girl kneel requires 3 attention, rather than 6.

Auto Combat improvements: Drow now will cast Faerie Fire if she’s full on spell points. Rogue will now go into Stealth if she’s not stealthed, and in the front row. Enchantresses will now use Charm on the third creature in parties that have three or more creatures. Hunter’s Mark is now the first option for Huntresses (although this won’t effect characters from old saves), and will automatically target that first target when in Auto Combat mode, to take advantage of the armor reducing effects of the Hunter’s Mark quest.

New Content:

Added class quests for Heretic, Pirate, Ninja, and Enchantress.

Added content to the desert, including bonus encounters, one special encounter, oases, and mirages.

Alexandra the smith will now make custom magic items for you for a cost in Mana, Crystals, and Gold.

UI Improvements:

The number of crystals you have now displays on the main screen.

Bug Fixes:

Ninja now displays properly when she takes her clothes off

Ninja now appears in the Help

Amazon no longer gets smaller in Combat when she takes her clothes off

Using Auto Combat in the Catacombs no longer allows you to skip unlocking the levels, nor does it let you continue deeper than the bottom.

You should have all 12 girls as an option if your roster is full at the temple.

Lots of typos and other text mistakes pointed out by Rake! Thank you Rake!

Functionality Changes:

No more than one character per day will approach you to let you know she has a quest

Magic items which no girl in the party wants no longer drop.

Crystals are now obtainable outside treasure chests.

New Content:
New Character Class — The Ninja. The Ninja gains dodge, to hit, and damage bonuses if she is in constant motion, moving from the front of the party to the back and vice-versa.

New area to explore — the Desert. The desert uses a different mechanic, letting you make the choice when to head for home as the desert slowly weakens your characters. The Desert is not yet as fully developed as the other areas, but is included as a venue for the Priestess quest.

Priestess, Barbarian, Valkyrie, and Drow quests are now available, with rewards for each girl.

UI Improvements:

It is now possible to sort your roster based on a variety of factors, and the display of information about each character has been improved. (thanks, Sef Tarbell)

A notification is now displayed on the main screen if the girl is working in the brothel.

Added Humiliation to the “help”.

Bug Fixes:

Firebolt now correctly targets the chosen target (thanks, Sef Tarbell)

Fireball now correctly uses up spell points again.

Firebolt now correctly uses up spell points.

Retreating characters no longer get an extra action.

Parties leaving the chateau now should continue back home, rather than wandering the plains aimlessly.

Functionality Changes:

The Auto Combat option has been implemented for all areas, except for a few boss fights and some initial fights. It is available after you have played through the first 30 days of the game.

The entry requirement for the Black Forest and the Hills have been decreased from an average party level of 3 to an average level of 2.5, to make it easier to attempt some quests. The entry requirements for the Tomb and Witches’ Lair have been reduced similarly. The difficulty level of these areas has not changed.

The lowest a character’s lust can go to after an orgasm is now zero.


Degradees with very high lust scores now orgasm when having sex in public, dropping lust and increasing affection.

Characters with very high lust will generally refuse to do sexy activities that won’t give them an orgasm.

New Content:

Class quests are now available for Amazons and Rogues of level 2 or better.

Humiliation Fetish has been added. Girls with the Humiliation fetish experience some things differently. In general, humiliating girls with the fetish increases their lust substantially, but doesn’t improve their affection. There are new graphics.

Bathing scenes are now available with each girl.

Treasure Chests now crop up occasionally in the dungeon, which can be opened by rogues who have completed the class quests.

Added new treasure type, Crystals, in preparation for future content.

UI Improvements:

The menu for giving a girl to the temple now displays the class and level as well as the name

Bug Fixes:

Class quests no longer bug out the second time you try to do one.

Seducing a girl at the Chateau now properly shows the right girl’s stats, and stops showing them when you leave.

Passing the Barbarian by no longer keeps displaying her.

Functionality Changes:

Some sex actions will create the possibility that a girl will want to do more immediately, usually for less attention than that action usually requires.

It is no longer possible to complete quests for two characters of the same class at the same time.

Characters with very high lust and very low affection no longer lose quite as much lust when they orgasm.

Most characters will not give you a Blowjob if you haven’t cleaned after having sex with someone that day, but they will bathe with you instead. Submissive girls with high desire and girls into Humiliation may offer other services.

New Content:

Raphaelle now has a quest for you if you’ve completed her temple quest

Azielle now has a quest chain for you

New buildings, the Temple of Love and the School of Perversion, available after you’ve completed the respective quests for Raphaelle and Azielle

Class quests are now available for Sorceresses and Huntresses of level 2 or better.

UI Improvements:

Bug Fixes:

Spanking a Valkyrie no longer produces an error

If you get magic leather armor or chain armor, you can no longer buy leather or chain armor for the same character just to get the affection bonus.

Adventuring in Auto Combat mode in the hills no longer causes you to do handle special encounters in auto Combat, or run the risk of auto Combat being “stuck” on.

Functionality Changes:

New traits “Skillful”, “Perverse” and “Corrupted”. Skillful makes some fetishistic actions more effective. Perverse makes a girl willing, sometimes, to do activities she would not otherwise consider. Corrupted makes a girl impossible to cure of fetishes, and less interested in vanilla activities, but also allows them to pick up new fetishes through experimentation. All three traits are progressively learned at the School of Perversion.


Sorceresses and Huntresses will be more powerful after completing their class quests.

The amount of lust lost from satisfying a girl (i.e., having sex or going down on her) is now greater if her affection was significantly lower than her lust going into the encounter, and girls who have greater than 100 lust may also lose more lust than previously.

New Content:

New Magic Item Types: Robes, Shields, Leather and Chain Armor are available and usable by appropriate characters.

New Character Class: The Heretic. The Heretic does some non-targeted healing through her damaging “Life Drain” spell, but also has the ability to Summon a Demon to replace a party member (including the heretic herself) for the duration of a Combat.

Interactions with the worshippers of the snake cult of Seth are now scattered around the game, leading up to attacks on the Temple and the Decadent Camp.

UI Improvements:

All Classes now have Class help available from the Class help menu.

Trait Help is now divided into two sections, and is now in alphabetical order.

Auto Combat is now available in the hills, and in the plains after day 30, allowing you to speed through easy combats. In auto Combat all characters choose the first ability listed, which means for the most part that front row people hit things and back row people shoot things.

The scrolling list of Combat activity now clears after a selection is made, making the information less of a wall of text.

Bug Fixes:

Fountain now properly lets you continue when your entire party has affection of 100 or greater.

Characters can no longer be asked to go in the brothel when they are already there.

Bypassing the Temple or Reaver Camp no longer allows one to circumvent the limit on Adventure length.

Functionality Changes:

The likelihood of a particular type of magic item dropping is now linked to the number of classes that could use it, e.g. shields, usable only by two character classes, are less likely to drop than rings, which are usable by all but Barbarians.

Girls may now be asked to stop working in the brothel, although Promiscuous characters will resent it.

Energize no longer works on characters with more than 6 Restdays.

You can no longer pay a retention bonus to girls who are currently working in the brothel.


It is expected that the Heretic’s summon ability will be of primary benefit to other classes that have survivability issues.

New Content:

New Fetish: Bondage. Girls into bondage can be tied up for either short or long periods of time, with lust increasing effects. The first requires less attention than most actions; the second continues for potentially multiple days until you decide to release her with no attention cost. There is also the opportunity for bondage sex (which for the moment, uses the same renders as rough sex). Characters in long term bondage are not available for adventuring or other interactions until released.

UI Improvements:

Menu spacing has been reduced, stopping choices from scrolling off the page in some circumstances.

Added trait help for traits introduced in 0.7

Characters that have been commanded to walk around topless or naked now appear topless or naked in Combat as well.

Bug Fixes:

Characters no longer get 4 traits sometimes.

Parties in the plains no longer sometimes proceed despite having fewer than 4 party members.

Having Anal or Rough sex with a Valkyrie no longer causes an error.

Clicking on help for the Studious Trait no longer causes a floating point error.

The Collar of Slavery no longer appends the fetish “None” to the characters fetishes, which produced errors in other parts of the code.

Submissive girls in roster now properly lose affection if you serve the Domina mistress, rather than causing an error.

Stats are no longer displayed after you finish burying a character.

Functionality Changes:

Characters no longer keep Leather Armor once they have Chainmail.


Characters of level 4 and above now get a higher daily wage than before.

New Content:

New Class, Valkyrie — a resilient front line fighter, who heals the party some when she deals killing blows.

A new area to Adventure in, the Lair of the Witch Queen. This area can only be completed once and yields a special magic item, and is available to adventurers that have completed the Tomb (in 0.7, alas, saved games will have to do the tomb once more) and where the average level in the party is 3 or more.

A new area to explore, the Black Forest, which leads to an expedition to the city of Orech. The trip to the city is long enough that characters will need to undertake a second expedition to get back, but there are many new things available in Orech that make the journey worthwhile. And there is a sexy stop by a sacred circle on the way, as well as an additional chance encounter.


You can build a brothel to put your girls in, allowing you to use them to generate mana without paying attention to them, although they slowly lose affection and lust and will quit if lust gets too low.

You can build a dungeon, which will decrease the rest days you cause by whipping a girl, make whipping available at a greater range of desire, gives a small amount of affection from whipping, as well as change the background art. There will be other effects in future versions, but I didn’t think that was a reason not to make these small effects available now.

UI Improvements:

The Dungeon has been renamed “Catacombs” for consistency with Raphaelle’s and Azielle’s dialog, and to avoid confusion with the dungeon you build for yourself.

Monsters now have any status effects (Poisoned, Charmed, etc.) displayed under their HP.

Bug Fixes:

Fabled items now properly cost the wielder the same bonuses when they are surrendered as they applied when they were received.

Bash and Freeze no longer sometimes result in undocumented damage to party members.

Faerie Fire no longer crashes the game if it kills someone.

Choosing not to go into the temple of Inanna no longer enables a potentially infinitely long Adventure.

Wild Barbarians no longer offer to join the party even if they lose.

Being knocked out by a wild Barbarian no longer adds rest days.

Functionality Changes:

Added “Sanguine” trait. Sanguine characters are only slightly affected by being ignored or sent to find other partners when none are available.

Added “Promiscuous” trait. Promiscuous characters do not lose lust in the brothel.

“Greedy” characters do not lose affection in the brothel.

Added “Monogamous” trait. Monogamous characters will not go in the brothel at all.

Added the ability to customize your main character at the beginning, causing him to start with more money, or more mana, or with more affection and lust on the girls.

The traits “Distant” (which gradually reduces affection) and “Enlightened” (which improves a girl’s ability to accept not getting everything she wants) are available through a chance encounter.


Reduced the effect of “Lazy” to one extra day, rather than three.

Priestess heals have been increased by 1, but are now *decreased* by the target’s armor. The net effect is that they will be slightly less effective when healing Amazons and Valkyries, and *more* effective when healing unarmored characters. For Rogues and Huntresses and other leather armor wearers, the healing will be unchanged.

Masochism has been improved by the introduction of the dungeon.

New Content:

New character, the Drow. She’s got a little healing, she’s not bad at range, she’s decent in melee, and she has a Faerie Fire spell that debuffs opponents.

The decadent camp provides a few benefits for those who find it and are on good terms with the decadents.

The Chateau of Dominion provides benefits for those on good terms with the Domina Faction.

The Tomb is now available to players who have slain Bella Morte, containing tougher fights and a greater magical reward than the regular dungeon.

The Rocky Hills are now explorable by parties whose average level is 2 or greater, and includes a Reaver Camp as well as an NPC who has things to offer.

UI Improvements:

Some areas of the Combat screen have been made darker to improve visibility.

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