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The Vampire’s Curse MZ [v1.0] [Thriller12345] Free Download

The Vampire’s Curse MZ [v1.0] [Thriller12345]
Free Download

On a cool spring morning, Samuel decided to explore a small cave near his village.
Inside this cave, he found a…coffin? And inside the coffin, he found…a necklace!
He foolishly put it on…​

Thread Updated: 2023-10-11
Release Date: 2023-08-16
Developer: Thriller12345 TF Games –
Censored: No
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D gam,e 2DCG, Adventure, Big Ass, Big Tits, Fantasy, Female domination, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, Monster, Monster Girl, Vaginal Sex


1. Extract and run.


V 1.0:
The primary thing it introduces is New Game Plus.
If any of you are familiar with “Star Knightess Aura”, I took inspiration from that.
Essentially, at the end of a successful playthrough, either in “Cure” mode or “Evil” mode,
you will be given a score based on the combined levels of all LIVING/UNDEAD allies, and yourself of course.
Various multipliers will be applied, and finally extra points added for bosses beaten.

At that point, you will be taken to a special room, where you can spend these points on various bonuses.
These range from extra HP and Mana, to free Blood Potions and single use books that can teach spells or weapons.
Once you are ready, you can then start a new game with these bonuses applied!

Also, once in a New Game Plus, extra difficulty will be applied, mostly in the form of more numerous enemies.
Goblins in particular are buffed quite a lot, to keep them at least slightly difficult for a buffed player.
I did extensive playtesting for this mode, and am 99% sure I ironed out all the bugs.

Saves from V 0.9 are MOSTLY compatible, but you may have some issues depending on where exactly you saved.
Personally, I recommend starting a fresh game.

Here’s a list of the rest of the changes:
-Buffed health potions used by guards
-Added animation effects for armor and ward spells
-Added Teleportation spells to Drusa’s shop
-Added optional mini-boss “Axe Man”, located in the mountains

Well, that’s it then! Vampire’s Curse MZ, by far my most extensive project to date, is completed!
Of course, there may be one tiny update or two, just for bug fixes.

V 1.0:
-Initial release

V 1.1:
–Corruption system overhaul, now signifigantly slower on lower difficulties.
-Drinking healing potions no longer permanantly poisons the player, instead, the player must walk 100 tiles for it to wear off.
-Reduced the TP cost of “Vampire Bite” to 10.
-Removed “Hex” in crypt, was only there for playtesting^^
-Fixed bug in quest “Crypt 3”, now displays the right instructions.
-Added a bed to the abandoned house.
-Resting until night will now restore party’s Magic, and party members HP somewhat.

V 1.5:
-Added “Vampire” questline to game.
-Added ability to turn Katrina into a vampire.
-Added ability to turn Nicholas into a *female* vampire.
-Due to 3 possible vampires, re-did blood potion system. Blood potions no longer help with thirst, they just restore HP.
-Fixed “walkthrough” walls in Wimborne^^
-Made it more clear that the Blood Ring protects against the sun.
-Added the ability to disable sun damage alerts.
-Fixed collision error in Pub.
-Made the thieves on Stratham Road less common.
-Buffed the “Skeleton” enemies slightly.
-Added new “Blood Skeleton” enemy to crypt.

V 2.01:
-Added 5 mages to the mage college.
-Added the ability to spend “Essence” to create undead minions, potions, and enchanted rings.
-Minor bug fixes.

Additional updates:
-Made it possible to walk “under” trees.
-Fixed small Alchemy bug.
-Fixed HP bug when certain stages of TF happen.

Developer Notes:

Samuel (Player)
Katrina: A dark mage obsessed with vampires
Nicholas: Samuels best friend, and a decent mage
Hector: A wandering sellsword – Can be found in the Pub
And various NPCs

-thank you for the share scrimblobimblo9


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The Vampire’s Curse MZ [v1.0] [Thriller12345] Free Download


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